Your community is our community. You can
help prevent crime in your neighborhood with this tip. Welcome my name is Deputy
Scott Sickafoose with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office and today we’re
gonna discuss how to safely dispose of your sharps and needles. If you do have
used sharps and needles you need to make sure that you store them properly and
safely in an FDA cleared medical container. Those containers can be
purchased at local pharmacies or online. If you don’t have an FDA approved
container you can certainly make one at home using a detergent bottle such as
thick plastic and has a secure lid to it. So when using a thick plastic
container such as a detergent bottle make sure you put the needle–if you have
the lid put it on the needle–drop it into the container, secure the lid
tightly, and if you have some duct tape make sure you tape up the lid to prevent
the needles coming out. Then make sure you write on the container itself
that it’s containing sharps and needles. Lastly do not throw this into the
garbage. There are disposal services available,
for more information click on the link below. If you have a question you’d like
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