13 thoughts on “How to Do a Flat Right Angle Weave – Single Needle”

  1. @kikib1974 Unfortunately those earrings are manufactured. You can try to get the same look by purchasing large, wavy hoops and adhering Swarovski flatbacks to them.

  2. i wish u didn't speed through the second half. i watched a someone else's video to do the 2 bead part correctly. Mostly good though. ty

  3. I did not like the speedup at the end.  I am having troubles with my second row all the time, I need to figure it out.

  4. The 2nd row is where problems begin. Speeding through it wasn't a good idea. Can you repost a video going through 2-3 rows at regular speed and then redact this one?

  5. Please repost this video going slower on the second half where you sped up. I was very disappointed at this video because I couldn't tell what you're doing.

  6. Any tutorial video shouldn't have a speed up on the actual process it makes the "tutorial" pointless.

    Please reconsider. . . The speeding up of the steps. I understand if there's items being sold but it's about the steps to help potential customers understand how to use the various products to recreate or in this case learn how to do a particular technique.

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