hi I’m dr. Kristy Anderson with call
center wellness and I’m here today to help you learn how to do a breast
self-exam you’re going to do this once a month approximately a week after your
period and you’re going to do it in three different positions position
number one is going to be standing in front of mirror hands over your head
leaning forward slightly looking for any masses or dimpling that may be
asymmetrical between the two breasts next is hands on the hips
leaning forward squeezing that chest wall again looking for symmetry and any
lumps bumps or abnormalities between the two breasts next is hand behind the head
of the breasts that you’re examining you’re going to do this both standing
and lying flat on a surface behind the head three fingers start the clavicle
work to the sternum below the breast all the way up the side into the armpit as
you move you’re going to start at the top move in a circular motion all the
way to the middle and squeeze the nipple to be sure that there’s no discharge

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