today I’m going to show you how to dress
for your body type and we’re going to focus in on sleeves so whether you’ve
got fat arms short arms long arms wrinkly arms or creepy skin on your arms
I had the perfect solution for you hi I’m Schellea and welcome to Fabulous 50’s
I’d like to say a huge hi to all of my beautiful subscribers you’re amazing
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lifestyle for women over 50 because all these videos will relate to you you may
not realize this but choosing the right sleeve on an outfit can be one of the
first things you do to make your body type look superb
I mean slimmer more feminine and more put together we often think of body type
in terms of the shape of our torso our legs our hips but choosing the sleeve to
go on an outfit can make a huge difference when you’re dressing for your
body type and I’m going to show you today a whole lot of different examples
my aim is to give you as many examples as possible so that you can get a true
understanding of these style principles in fact I want you to understand it’s so
well that you can go out and teach others all the images today that I’m
showing you represent the average size of a woman over 50 which is around size
16 to 18 so if you’re larger or smaller than that size the same principles will
apply it to you so don’t try to be too perfect with this all you need to do is
take the elements that apply to your body type and the ones that resonate
with you and then go from there and I think you’re going to be very surprised
with how good you can look with the right sleeve so let’s get started the
first body type that we’re going to talk about today is the pear shape and the
pear shape represents a small shoulder kind of a longish waist and wider hips
first image I’m going to show you is the image of a
pear-shape dressed wrong and I’m just going to show you how you can make these
small tweaks to look amazing so we’re going to go to the screen now and have a
look at a pear shape okay so this lady here has got smaller shoulders than she
does have hips what you’ll notice about this here is that this area is looking
large which is where her hips are and this area is looking very undefined and
she’s just looking that shit and I know she’s got a beautiful little waist in
there but you can’t see it right now and this beautiful model is the same she’s
smaller up top then she is down the bottom and when you dress this way
you’re going to be out of proportion now just have a look down here her sleeve is
ending there and she’s got all of this fabric and what it’s doing it’s bringing
all the attention to the widest part of her body and there’s nothing happening
up here so these sleeves are actually overwhelming this outfit because there’s
just too much going on and I’m going to show you in some different images if we
kind of bring the shoulders out to beat we’re the same way the hips are bring
the shoulders out and then she’ll have a smaller waist will define the waist and
then we’ll take the sleeves up so they’re not so bulky around where her
hips are because this is her widest area so we’re going to minimize the hips and
we’re going to bring out the shoulders and this as well is doing nothing at all
for her figure so let’s move to an image of what’s right and I’m going to show
you how the sleeves make a huge forints okay this model has the same
body type and she is dressed beautifully this is her sleeve and see how it’s
slightly capped here at the shoulder which is making her her arms look wider
and if you have a smaller bust area a high neck or detail around the neck area
is so flattering on you every single time and what she’s done here you can
see she’s bought her top in at the waist and it gently cascades over her tummy
so this outfit here these sleeves it’s giving her width here to join the width
of her hips this model has small shoulders then she
does have hips and this top here is gently making her arms her shoulders
look a little bit bigger and this beautiful drape on the sleeve is
softening her arms so this is kind of perfect
again there’s detail and a high neck which is going to make up for her
smaller bust and this is sort of softly flowing around her tummy so if you do
have a pear shape think about what you can do and the tops that you can buy
that give you a little cap or a puff sleeve or something that’s gently
flowing it makes such a beautiful difference compared to the images we saw
before and this one here is so beautiful because if you have a pear shape you’ll
you’re going to have a waist a beautiful waist so make sure that you don’t make
yourself look square with the image that we showed at the beginning and utilize
your waist pull it in make it narrow so when we add a design element to our
waist it looks small I’ve got a soft cascade on the sleeves and look how soft
this is so everything about this top is going to
work if you have a pair and the slaves also fall softly around
here which is giving detail to the smallest part of your body all the
images I’m using today are in the links below so you can check them out and look
for things similar when you’re out shopping it makes a huge difference and
you’re gonna love it okay this is super important if you’re a
pair your sleeves being this long is going to wash you out I promise you it’s
going to make you look like so out of proportion when you’re not your
beautiful body is being hidden see how the shoulders
are small and the hips are wide so you look at the proportion here to down here
but this is what’s happening with the sleeves the sleeves are sitting where
the widest part of her body is and that’s just making her look even wider
look at that line if she was to wear her sleeves up here it will make a huge
difference and a slight shoulder pad and I’m going to show you what that looks
like on the next image okay this is so much
nicer for a pear shape you can see a soft padding on the sleeves so that’s
bringing her into proportion and here is her beautiful wrist which is the
smallest part on her and that’s what’s showing so if you can show that part of
your arm it is so much more flattering than if your sleeve is covering all the
way down to here because that’s this is the attractive part of your arm so make
sure that you show that whenever you can if you have a pair body shape and you
have a curvy body shape wearing a cape will make you look amazing because your
arms going to come in here excuse my drawing that’s not what an arm looks
like but it’s a softer version of a blazer and for women who are curvy and
sort of smaller on the shoulders a blazer can look really ill fitting so
capes I made for you if you see one out and about try it on and make sure that
it’s not too long in the length here this one’s perfect and this beautiful
very simple top that you can put over any outfit or something you can wear at
night is again going to bring your arms out it’s going to add soft flow stop at
the smallest part of your arm and just add this nice flow when your sleeves
finish here that’s where the attention goes and it just emphasizes a smaller
waist okay now we’re going to move into the Apple body type so apple body type
is more rounded in the center so the weight is carried on the tummy and
there’s not much of a waist quite often a smaller bust but not always and
usually good legs first thing I’m going to do though is show you what a lot of
people can be doing and it doesn’t flatter you at all so when you look at
this you can kind of see the exact body shape underneath there’s nothing hiding
it not that we need to hide ourselves but we can do so much better with this
outfit to enhance this beautiful body and bring it in and flatter it where it
needs all we’re doing here is bringing width to the widest part of the arm and
then a light color makes you look bigger especially when it’s sandwiched between
other colors so this outfit is saying look how big my tummy is and then look
how big this part of me is and if you’re an apple you may resonate with this
picture because this is kind of what we think we need to do is to cover it all
up so we’ve got this happening we just look like square to cover up the
roundness of our midsection and everything on this have a look at
the sleeves where the sleeves end they end right here so this is just
one big line of width and the width of her arms here and the width of her
shoulders and the width of everything here is just making this so we can avoid
that so well and although it’s a beautiful color and you know there’s a
nice flow to this top we can do so much better okay this is a beautiful feminine
option if you’re an apple shape and I’m going to show you a few things about the
sleeves that make this outfit pop first of all there’s a seam here that has this
beautiful flowing element to the sleeve and what that’s doing it’s bringing the
eye to the center of her body and making that look smaller
because it’s kind of pulling it in as if it was a belt the softness of the sheer
fabric here is making her arm look longer and slimmer and this flow here is
taking away that boxy look that we had in the last photo so this is a really
beautiful feminine top that can be worn anywhere and I’m sure if you had
something like this you’re going to feel great and then we’ve got something like
this now look at this sleeve here look what it’s doing to her arm again the
sleeve is stopping around the smallest part of her arm which is her elbow and
it’s close to her waist which is making everything pull in and look smaller so
we’re kind of bringing all the attention the eyes going to the center of her body
and that’s where she’s wearing a belt this fabric here is soft and flowing
over her tummy so it’s going to disguise that and having a V here is going to
lengthen her look and when you feel that your outfits too boxy and
add these elements of flow you just look so good
here’s another beautiful example of an apple body type so the weight is around
here but what is happening here with the detail on the sleeve is that’s where
your attention is going to the softness of the sleeve and see how it’s here on
an angle so that makes a huge difference and there’s a gentle cascade on the
bottom of her top and a beautiful deep V to lengthen her look so soft fabric on
an apple shape is going to be your best friend deep v is going to lengthen you
and just sleeve detail is going to soften you and make you look like a
goddess and this outfit just looks beautiful
this lady has a bigger bust and she’s got this beautiful tie pulling her in at
her waist even though she probably hasn’t got a very defined waist wearing
something like this is giving her that definition and you’ll notice the sleeve
is gathered here at the wrist and the fabric is soft and gentle and flowing
and just gently cascading over her tummy so ah so beautiful when you think if you
put on the big square jacket you can’t see any of this beauty so think about
what you’re wearing and think about are you doing the best you can to enhance
what you’ve gotten here’s another great example of an apple body shape with a
great sleeve this sleeve here she’s leaving her wrists open and that’s a
beautiful small part of her arm so the eye is being drawn to that part of her
body and the eyes also been drawn to her narrow waist so whether she has a narrow
waist or not is completely irrelevant because this tie on her is going to give
the illusion of a narrow waist if your body shape is more rectangle
more square so your shoulders and your hips and your waist is all kind of the
same you have a whole lot of options to soften your look and look amazing this
might be something that you’ll feel comfortable in just a plain straight
shirt so straight straight straight straight there’s no flow in this outfit
at all and it’s just a little bit too structured for a body that’s already
this kind of shape we can’t see any definition of the waist straight lines
so while this might be very very comfortable for you to wear I’m going to
show you how you can soften these beautiful arms at a deep V and bring in
some definition to the waist and you’re just going to feel so much better
here’s one option if your body is very straight and angular an asymmetric top
with a beautiful flowing sleeve is going to change your look completely it’s
going to give you feminine curves and that is going to make you feel good I
promise you this top here is giving enough room here to hide any lumps and
bumps underneath and this slit here is giving length to the arms because it’s
just making your arms look longer and that’s the secret it’s using illusion to
make you look like you’ve got a different shape this top here is perfect
for an outing of any kind I think and you could wear it with black pants for
dressy at night but this is going to look amazing and it’s going to take away
this shape because it’s adding this flow another way to add softness is to wear a
kimono like this this is so beautiful and I’m going to show you the different
elements here we’ve got a gathering in the waist which is bringing the eye to
that smallest part of your body so that’s a very feminine look and have a
look at the sleeves they’re ending again here so when someone’s looking at you
all the attentions going to this beautiful small part that you’ve created
through illusion this we’ve here it’s adding softness and flow
to your beautiful body that you may feel is a little bit too angular another
great thing about this sleeve is the eye is going to this beautiful part of the
arm which is the slimmest part of the arm so everything’s just working here
Plus this is creating a column of white which is extremely slimming white pants
white top with this little kimono you’re going to look a million bucks and it’s
going to be very slimming and that’s what you can include in your wardrobe to
your outfits to give you that flow so you don’t feel so boxy all the time
another perfect example is this I love it we’re adding softness to an angular
frame and the sleeves finish here and they’re very soft it’s a soft fabric and
look we’re looking at the wrists again everything here I’m showing you is
available in plus size this is such a perfect example for a straight body type
because look at all this going on we’ve got a soft flow to the sleeves taking
away from this square look we’ve got this coming in to tighten the tummy and
look at this lengthening of the arms that’s happening so it’s showing a
little bit of skin but it’s very soft it’s very soft and again the sleeves are
finishing on the elbow bringing attention to the waist and you know a
beautiful neck this is such a beautiful top and it will hide a multitude of sins
this is a similar version in the dress look how beautiful this is making her
flow just everything about this the sleeves is making see what happens here
your eyes going down the arm and that’s just enhancing her arms so much more and
a little bit of secret arm up there and this beautiful deep V it’s perfect for
her bustline and you can see here that there’s not really a definition without
this belt so having that there that tie is superb and check
out the back of this dress look at this it’s covering all of the back fat it’s
so good now this is for an evening out for sure or a special event but I just
wanted to show you different ways that you could dress your arms up to look
absolutely gorgeous and if you don’t love your arms at all because they’re
wrinkly or crepey skin or too fat use a kimono as an addition to any outfit so
you can wear a kimono with jeans and a singlet or you can wear it over a
beautiful dress and the kimono is going to smooth out all of your lumps and
bumps so this is just flowing it’s beautiful flowing they’re not expensive
and this is what you look for in a kimono see how the edges taper in that’s
going to soften your body a lot more than if the edges were straight like
this so this will work if you’ve got an angular body but if you’re more curvy
and petite this is going to work a lot better so look for that when you’re out
shopping so yet come owners work superb at our age just to throw on and it just
adds a little bit of spice to your outfit and the elements that you put
underneath you don’t need to spend a lot of money on them because the hero is
going to be this beautiful kimono and you can buy little shrugs like this to
just hide your arms feel good about yourself
this is bringing everything into the center of the waist bringing you right
in it will cover your arms stop at the smallest part of your arm and bring you
in at the waist I really hope you enjoy learning about sleeves and your body
type please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching and share it with your
friends thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful week

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