Hi, and welcome to that video. I’m going
to explain how to optimize your facial rejuvenation acupressure exercises (program, routine). The skin
on the face, and around the eyes in particular, is fragile and delicate so it’s important to
follow a couple of guidelines. Here they are. First of all, get prepared. Before you start
your exercises, wash your hands with lukewarm water and wash your face. At the very least
don’t wear any makeup, especially around the eyes. Hopefully you will use an organic lotion and a lotion with no
soap. Second recommendation: avoid pulling the skin. When you change location during the
exercises, you will work on a point and then you
will work on another point. In between those points, do not stretch the skin when you relocate to reposition your fingers. What you do is after you are done pressing on the point, you
release your fingers and then you relocate them. That’s very important. When it’s possible to massage in the
point (which is not possible for all the points) – I explain that in my book it’s all detailed -, in some points you can actually massage you don’t have to because acupressure works very well when you stay still, as long as
you press on the point. But it’s possible to massage some points just to work a little bit deeper. When I say massage don’t think about Swedish massage, with big movements, deep tissue, that kind of movement. We are talking about the face, and in particular the eyes, so the circle, the movement is really, really small, and the movement is very slow. For instance on that point, you can press
still and you can massage.. See how small it is and how slow you can massage like
that. It’s really just a little bit During the whole program breathe deeply. It’s very important you concentrate
on breathing slowly and deeply. Before you start your routine you can
actually start with a couple of deep and long breaths. The facial
muscles will respond better to slow movements. Deep breathing actually helps regulate
your metabolism and it enhances the benefits of acupressure. If at the beginning you find it a little bit difficult to find some points, you can use a mirror. It’s very convenient because you’re
working on your face so you can really be in front of the mirror. You can have
the exercise explanations on the side and you can search for the point. When you search, again, avoid pulling
the skin. So you search for the points but each time you remove your fingers, all right? Usually you don’t actually need to practice long, but
for some people, in some cases, some points are a bit difficult to find because for instance the indentation is shallow, so in that case try to use a
mirror, and after a couple of days you will be
able to practice without any help. And finally deep relaxation is very important. So when you’re ready
to practice your facial rejuvenation acupressure exercises find a time slot. For instance for the daily programme it takes about 10 minutes. So find 10
minutes in a place that is quiet, when you are calm. Nobody should disturb you, there shouldn’t be any noise, music, animals, whatsoever. Try to find the spot and the slot that are appropriate for deep relaxation. All right so you know everything to
optimize your Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure Programme. As you can see it’s very simple, it’s even pleasant. Don’t hesitate to ask me your questions in the comments below that video. You can also try the
acupressure exercise to refresh tired and aging eyes [ndlr: this video is not public anymore] You can visit and join me on Facebook, I have a page that’s called FacialRejuvenationAcupressure in which I share many tips. And you can visit me on my official Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure website: www.facialacupressure.com. Thank you for watching and talk to you soon. Bye!

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  1. Some important guidelines and recommendations before you start your Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure exercises • Bring out your natural youthful glow with acupressure… and Keep blooming!
    Anne Cossé

  2. just a question about clockwise and counterclock massage. is clockwise usually the direction to go with facial massage, and if so, is it my clockwise? so left to right movement? thanks!  

  3. Thanks for this tutorial. I have question regarding the forehead lines, eleven lines and across the forehead lines, what is the right way to massage the acupressure points, is it making circle massages to the inside or to the outside and any other way ?

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