hi welcome to chinese beauty secrets today we are talking about how to deep blow your face but first of all we’re going to eat some tongue yen at chinese glutinous rice balls the sesame inside actually helps to promote hair growth and make sure hair more shiny the glutinous on the outside is actually full of protein which is obviously needed in our daily intake but what’s best is these spoons now let me show you what you can do with these today i am going to show you how to deep load your face with Chinese spoons now start with your forehead you want to scoop your brows up might look funny but it’s fine and you want to work to your left back to the middle and then work to your right so you can do that for about five minutes and then scoop down to your temples and pose next thing is at your eyebrows so you want to make sure you turn your spoon to the side and you’re pretty much scooping your eyebrows you can go as hard as you like this can be really relaxing sometimes I fall asleep doing this and again holes are the temples now this part is funny make sure you have the same spoon but in my case is not it’s fine there is actually a little bit of gap right between your eyebrows and your nose like little soft bone here just gently push it up and actually helps to relax your face muscles which means it helps to drain your toxins a lot faster okay once you’ve done that you can do the one next to your nose this is actually good for home loans so if you have any acne problems which I do you could do this as well okay so once that’s done down to your face so this part make sure you have it on have it on angle again and you actually scooping your cheeks up this way I’ll recommend doing this 20 times but if you do have much time ten times it’s fine and then one to do that using the back of the spoon you push just that hollows of your cheeks there’s a pressure point here this is my favorite part which is to help minimize the double chin so see that angle here just between your spoon here make sure you get that right underneath your chin and make sure you get a right behind your ears and I can do this for like 50 times and then once you’ve done that all your toxins are actually built right behind your ears and this is your arm one of your lymph nodes here so it helps to drain the toxins now you change or you turn your spoon this way and you actually scoop it down your neck and your skin will start to turn red so when that happens you know what’s working once you’ve done it down you and echo Lodge make sure you actually drain it straight down so scooping that to the middle and you can see it’s going really red but it’s fine and then the last step scoop it down make sure you do this at nighttime because it does cause redness so thank you for watching Chinese video secrets and remember keep in mind that the Chinese food is not the only way to deep blow your face you also need to consider your diet and as well as drinking heaps of water to dilute any sodium in your system on top of that you could also elevate your pillow at nighttime so the blood doesn’t go flow to your head make sure I stay tuned for next week as will have more beauty secrets

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  1. Lol this reminds me of traditional coining! But of course that's for sickness and this is super less painful. The good thing about both is you'll feel better afterwards! Well maybe not rght away with coining, but nonetheless, you will! Asians and home remedies. Smartness lol!

  2. She said "thank you for watching Chinese Beauty Secrets" when her channel is actually Asian Beauty Secrets. MAKE UP YOUR MINDO! Lolol

  3. this is basically doing a lymphatic massage on your face..draining fluids or pushing it away from the face..make sure to continue it all the way down to the neck to ensure drainage…this helps make the face look less puffy or swollen because of water retention..look it up

  4. Hi There, Like your videos a lot. Please let me know this spoon massage we suppose to do everyday or once in a week? Thanks.

  5. Can you please show us with one of those stone facial tools? Which shape you prefer, and which side to use for what? Thank you!

  6. you can also use your fingers 🙂 i think it's much easier because you have more control. you should try it

  7. I'm doing various massages of my lymph nodes as part of my treatment for CFS/ME.  Using Chinese spoons to do my head and neck as shown here has been super helpful, thanks Mia!  I asked about this illness a year or so ago on OTGW and you guys mentioned its very rare in Asia.  Now I've discovered it has a lot to do with a blocked lymphatic system and it makes me wonder if better/more holistic awareness of lymph in Chinese medicine is the reason the disease is not such a big deal in Asia.  Very interesting as it is a really serious thing if you get it, I've been very ill for several years!  Anyway, thanks again Mia & team for this classic video 🙂

  8. If i do this will i get the bruises on the sides of my neck like she has?? I wanna do this but those dark bruises scare me

  9. i did this and the redness stayed over night… is it nothing,should i be worried, or did i just do something wrong?  just a little scared here

  10. I saw it before but u explain it better. I apply body cream before doing it and use my finger instead, it works perfectly and u have control of the presure

  11. If you only have one Chinese spoon, is it okay to do it non-simultaneously? Thank you for the tips! I already feel more relaxed so I'm waiting for doing the real treatment 😀

    Ps. Is this normal ancient routine on every Chinese household, or something new not every Chinese person does? Btw, I tried it, so very nice! Especially because of the spoon feels cold and smooth at the same time 🙂

  12. Can someone tell me (By watching my videos) if i have chubby cheeks. It's hard for me to be the judge of that, you know.

  13. Hello there! I want to know if there's any massage routine using Chinese spoons to reduce under eye bags.
    Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany!

  14. Seriously, in the past Chinese bullshit like this was backed up by guessed effects that modern Science disproved, it still disproves this kind of thing but now they're using Scientific flash-words to make it more credible, you're just rubbing your face with a utensil.

  15. omg does this really work?

    wow i lov this foreign/ chinese stuff.. these are so unique and interesting and i wanna know alllllll of these ancient chinese stuff , almost seems like i visited ancient china and learned the secrets from there lol

  16. I have the exact same spoon but it's the usual kitchen material plasti type. Will be able to work too even if it's of a different material?

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  19. My only problem with this video is that I have to keep pressing the pause button. Please, please, please consider making future videos in real time. Don't tell us to do something 30 times, 50 times, or whatever, when you keep going so quickly and we have to keep hitting pause. Please slow down and do something more thorough. This could have been have a fabulous video if it wasn't for that.

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  21. I for real thought someone choked her out on the last bit– the sides of her neck were SO red! Will definitely try this and see how red my skin gets.

  22. I have ceramic spoons in my house but are they equally effective as ceramic tools designed for the gua sha facial massage? Debating on whether I should buy it or not, though it is quite expensive…

  23. At first this looked weird, but then when I thought about it, I'm always massaging my face.

  24. I have been doing this from may 15 2016 everyday if possible some times 2 times a day…. I really had broad face 😔😭😭. I took pic every week And made a collage just to see difference and yes yes yess I have seeeeen so so so much of difference in face… and my jawline is visible 😎😎 hell yeah.! it takes time to see actual difference.. yeah on 1st day itself you will see difference but if do it for every day for weeks I guess you will surely see difference… thank you so much.

    if anyone anyone want to try out.. i assure anyone can try.. good luck who ever is trying
    ( sorry for grammatical mistakes i am writing this late night..so sleepy can't check anything) 😝

  25. Asian beauty secrets, should i start detoxing my body, I have acne all over my face, it's not extreme my doctor says it mild but I want to have NO acne, and I have been washing my face with a cleanser for 2 minutes and leaving it on there for a little bit then rinsing and splashing with cold water and they're still not going away. I know I'm 15 and its puberty but I'm just wondering if I should detox.

  26. Has anyone ever considered that without the massage her double chin would be much worse? It could have been much more dramatic and now it's smaller which means progress can/will happen but it's not going to be 100 flawless and give you a perfectly chiseled jaw line.

  27. This face massage thing really helps! I used to have swelling and bags under my eyes and this completely got rid of the swelling! This info on your channel is so helpful!

  28. ah.. something that i have i my house without running to the store to get it. good to be asian sometimes… lmao already have a BUUUNCH of those spoons

  29. I went all the way to the very first video of this whole channel, wow, it’s amazing to see how you group in 5years! Nice work, Mia, Felicia and all the cofounders and hosts! Love you all.

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