how to get migraine relief and headache
relief without pills no one likes getting a headache there’s
never a convenient time to get one and they’re so difficult to treat everyone
has their go-to pain medication but sometimes they are just not enough
whether you’re looking to find options for migraine relief or headache relief
or don’t always want to reach for medicine like Tylenol or Advil you could
always try some alternate methods whether you’re looking for natural
remedies to get rid of pain associated with cluster headaches or tension
headaches or are just looking at ways you can relieve your pain without having
to use medicine you’ve reached the right place now keep watching for migraine
relief and headache relief options without pills or medicine before we
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besties number eight yin tang point also known as the third eye this pressure
point is located in the center of the forehead directly between the eyes many
people experience pain in this spot as we use our mind so much throughout the
day and this area may begin to feel tight in order to relieve the pain you
can use your middle and index finger to squeeze gently for a few moments do this
for up to a minute to help alleviate some of the pain
seven Xan zoo points these spots can be found at the top of your eyebrow bone
just as the top of the nose begins massage here for headache relief you
slow circular motions while applying pressure to these spots this process can
also help with a runny nose and can improve vision ever wonder what your
headache is trying to tell you well keep watching until the very end because
after we tell you the best forms of headache relief without medicine we’ll
fill you in on what your headache could be telling you about your health number
six Yin Zheng points you can find these
points on either side of the nostrils just above the lips they should line up
with the eyes you can also locate them by feeling for a small dimple in the
bottom of your cheekbones massage this area and apply pressure to open the
sinuses reduce headaches and reduce stress level number 510 jube points
these spots are located on the back of the head in the center of the neck you
can massage these points to help with congestion I or ear pain and with severe
migraines or headaches the spot can be massaged to help with insomnia and
stress and will also help with neck pain or stiffness firm and steady strokes
should be used on this spot to see the best results number four
shall goo points this spot is located just above the year approximately two to
three centimeters from the start of the hairline massage this area to alleviate
eye fatigue it can also assist when trying to eliminate addictions and
restore balance to the nervous system to massage this point use your index finger
to apply pressure to the spot and your thumb to apply pressure to the back of
the ear number three keys you points this is probably one of the most well
known pressure points located in the webbing of the skin between the thumb
and the index finger this spot can be squeezed in order to relieve back and
neck pains as well as migraines this spot can also be squeezed to reduce
nausea to get the best access of this spot make sure your fist is balled into
a fist before performing this massage number two sacral points located
directly above the tailbone at the base of the spine
these spots can be massaged to help relieve cramps and other minstrel pains
simply lie down on your back and layer your hands for added pressure massage
both spots above your tailbone for a few minutes each and then repeat as needed
number one pericardium this spot can be located on your wrist about three inches
from the bottom of the palm when massage gently this point can help to relieve
nausea and vomiting whether it be because of pregnancy motion sickness
nerves or just a flu people find themselves nauseous for a variety of
reasons apply pressure to this point using your index and middle finger and
repeat as needed there are actually special bracelets
called see bands designed to put pressure on this spot during boat
travels now that you know the different ways you can rid yourself of headaches
without having to take any medication here are some things about your health
that headaches may signify as well as different types of headaches there are
headaches are very common and are usually harmless and go away on their
own however sometimes these headaches can be a sign of something more serious
here are some things to keep in mind the next time you have a headache that has
these symptoms tension headaches the most common types of headaches are
tension headaches a sinus headache or a migraine people with these headaches
usually experience a dull pain that builds slowly but tends to go away after
some time while the common headache is usually harmless in some cases a
headache can be a sign of a stroke an aneurysm a brain tumor or bleeding in
the brain in very rare cases they can mean that your arteries and veins are
not connected correctly thunderclap headaches they usually are
the most painful after 60 seconds and are often a sign of bleeding in the
brain and can be very serious headaches after exercise if you get a headache
after exercise or any other physical activity it could be a symptom of a
brain tumor or an aneurysm serious headaches can cause slurred speech and
blurred vision they may also cause trouble balancing confusion or memory
loss these are also signs of a stroke if you are experiencing headaches and
you are over the age of 55 talk to your doctor also if you have had
a head injury and get a headache it could lead to concussions or brain
damage if not treated immediately cluster headaches if your headache is
happening around one eye that is called a cluster headache if the eye goes red
it could be a sign of a brain tumor or aneurysm cluster headaches can cause
nausea and vomiting but if you have a fever or a stiff neck
it could be meningitis see a doctor if your headache worsens after 24 hours and
if you have a history of cancer watch out if you experience a new kind of
headache headaches can really affect our day to day lives and if you’ve tried
what seems like everything to get rid of pain and it’s still affecting you it
never hurts to try natural methods whether it’s a massage or other remedies
to get rid of a headache there are several different things you can do and
of course if you find that you have chronic headaches and have never gone to
the doctor to get them treated your first priority should always be visit a
health care professional who can examine you and make sure you do not have any
underlying health issues which may be causing your headaches this should
always be the first step before taking any other form of action to treat your
headaches or any other health related issues there are also quick and
effective natural methods that you can try the body has a series of acupressure
points that when massaged for around 30 seconds can help relieve headaches and
other pains within five to ten minutes whether it be a slight pinching in your
forehead or a full-blown migraine these methods may just help you next time
you’re having a bad pain now that you know the different types of headaches
and how you can potentially relieve them without having to use any pills what are
some ways you relieve your headaches let us know in the comment section below
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  1. Now that you know the different types of headaches and how you can potentially relieve them without having to use any pills, what are some ways you relieve your headaches? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. Who's watching this with a headache? I have a cluster headache and it sucks 🙁 I woke up like that ..

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