So here we have a
case of a fairly young woman who has had headaches since she was 13 years old. And severe migraine headaches. And last month
she’s had two severe bouts. It looks like there’s a bit of a problem if
we look at this side here. There’s more space here. Which means that
on the right hand side it’s tilting down and back actually a little bit in her case. Over the years it’s already caused some change
of the bone. This needs to be opened up. And work on the splenius capitis and cervicis
muscles here that are contracted going up into your neck. And what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna contract
those muscles by turning your head to the right and tilting back. You’re gonna try to do that movement. I’m
not gonna let you do it. You’re gonna be moving and breathing in specific
ways and we’re gonna be using instruments and my hands. Go. (exhales) Hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. Hard.
The harder you go the less it’ll hurt. Go hard. That means that bone at the base of the brain
which also accommodates the blood vessels that go up and through-go right up into the
brain right here. Those nerves get compressed. The blood vessels
get compressed. Then anytime that there’s a little more of an exessive pull on the muscles
in that direction that causes more compression immediately that’ll cause an irritation, compression
of the nerves which in turn will cause some constriction of the blood vessels. Keep going. Keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t
stop. More, more, more, more, more. And turn again the same way but tilt back
and look up. The manipulation is going to be shocking to
you. You’re gonna hear a loud noise inside your head.
It’s going to be quite a shock but it’s going to be over very, very quickly so there really
won’t be pain associated with that. It’s going to be with the Trigenics special
procedures for migraines that it’s going to be painful. Ok. Push into me. Push into me. Breathing. Push. Push. In these areas we can see that there’s some
arthitic changes starting in the mid and lower cervical disks.
The right side has dipped down a little bit compared to the left. I can move the top bone under the base of
the brain. When I examined her I found that it was also shifted a little bit to the right. I’m going to have to try and move that bone
over without myself causing any compression to the blood vessels which would be very dangerous
for her and requires years of study and skill to be able to do. Which is why one would only
want to have such a procedure done by somebody that’s highly proficient and highly skilled.
And fortunately I can deliver on that. That’s good. Relax and let it drop. So we’re going to be using some non-surgical
spinal disk decompression, set the computer settings–every time that you come in we’re
going to change it a little bit and gradually we’re going to actually literally pull the
head back in this direction and open up the spacing here as well as in this area here
where it’s degenerating. Because the head is like a bowling ball and
when it’s carried this far forward it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the lower
neck which I know you’re feeling. Give this another 10 years and that will be
completely disintegrated otherwise. This is the movement: Turn this way and come
back. Turn your head to the right. Oh, holy crap! (laughs) Beautiful. The whole entire operation is designed to
eradicate the migraines. If not eradicate them, eliminate them by 80% or 90% at least.
That’s what this is all about. Now relax totally. Mmm-hmm. That’s good. All
of that’s good in that. Beautiful. Now it was feeling difficult to put your head
back before. (Yes.) What will normally happen is that you’ll normally,
immediately see better. It sounds strange but a lot of people will suddenly feel like
they see more clearly. It feels much lighter, right? You don’t feel
that heavy feeling anymore. (It’s like) nothing I have ever had before.
It’s very strange. Nothing you’ve ever had before? It’ll feel like you’re head is much lighter.
It’s not heavy anymore which is what a lot of people experience with migraines. It’s like you were living your regular life
and then you are born again in a way. It’s so strange. It’s exactly what happened because you’ve
suddenly got blood going to your brain which you didn’t have before. Bring your chin down this way. I can move my head. I can my neck. I can move
my head, shoulders… I’m just afraid that if I move a little bit more it’ll go away. Really? No, it won’t. But for the next few
days don’t any crazy dancing. We’re gonna start with some of the decompression
and then I’ll see you next month. And then you should be a lot better. The manipulation that I just did there–I’m
not thinking you’re going to need that again. You’re going to sleep like a baby and you’re
going to feel a lot better when you wake up. It’s going to be a whole different experience.
You’re going to have a very deep sleep tonight. You’ll sleep like you’re never going
to wake up tomorrow. It’s not going to be the same anymore. Like a baby!

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