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yoga method. http://faceyogamethod.com Learn how to do the puffer fish face. In this video
Fumiko teaches how to get rid of nasolabial fold lines that are also called smiling lines
and laughing lines. These lines get longer and deeper as we age and can eventually reach
the bottom of your face. You need to know the right facial exercises to get rid of these
folds. Step 1 – Fill up your mouth with air and close
your mouth tight and push the air towards your lips
Step 2 – Move the air to the right Step 3 – Move the air to the left
Step 4 – Move the air to the upper mouth Step 5 – Move the air to the lower mouth
During each step hold the air for 5 seconds. You should feel the resistance on the cheeks,
upper mouth and lower mouth.
When practiced consistently and with correct form these facial exercises will change the
way your face look. The nasolabial folds diminisher isn’t the only facial exercise that we have
to work on your face. You can also work on the eye area, the neck and jawline, the mouth
area, the forehead and the lips with facial exercises.
I have seen a dramatic transformation of many
of my students who practice these facial exercises on a regular basis. I would love for you to
visit my blog and look at the before after pictures and hopefully you can become my next
success story.
In the http:faceyogamethod.com/webinar I will teach you how to do some more facial exercises.
This is an interactive webinar that will teach several facial exercises. This webinar will
also introduce you to the Face Yoga Method Membership site which is an online membership
site that has over 60 videos that teach the face yoga method. It is organized and designed
in modules for each separate area of the face }

100 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Nasolabial Folds Lines”

  1. THIS WORKS FOR ME WTF😭 i was doing this for 2 days (everytime I have spare time) and im seeing the result, i have a chubby cheek that makes me have lines on both of the my mouth side, and i’m seeing it starts do disappear😭 im not lying guys, this is honest testimony!

  2. Plz help me I’m 25 and I’m noticing these little lines, I’m too young to be getting this, I been losing weight and that’s when I have first started noticing it’s not too bad but scared it will get worse is there something I can use in terms of skincare to try getting rid of this? I also smile a lot so going to stop doing this 😣😫😫

  3. i don't have laugh lines in the sense of wrinkles forming, but i have shadows forming that are getting longer. will this help with that?

  4. I have a question. Can this exercise be for guys too. And is it going to make my face fluffier? Because I don't want to have a fluffy face.

  5. My Dear Fumika , I'm very glad that you have replied to my requested question earlier .

    I have one big concern now i can see difference in my face like my lower face/// around mouth area looking THIN am getting scard seeing it (after started doing laughing line yoga),can you please help me with your answer!! waiting for your answer.

  6. This is so interesting. When I read the comments on almost all these facial exercise videos there are teens mentioning their faces are starting to sag etc. I'm 42 and I am just now starting to have these problems. You guys need to Google smartphone sag. It is a real thing.

  7. This is such an interesting concept…just subscribed…looking forward to trying more of these technics, going to be 42 in August, so need all the help I can get plus I love natural methods..ty =)

  8. Mam I'm also a 20 , and I have a double chine plz tel me something what we have eat or do anything😥😥

  9. I m just 19 yr old bt I have one line depper on one side of chin little bit.one side it is normal.pls help me how 2 get rid of this

  10. I figured i got these from sleeping on my stomach and having my face pressed against the pillow. I’m sure sleeping 8 hours on your face isn’t good. I’ve tried to sleep on my back but it’s not possible. I’ll try these but everytime I pull my skin back I’m just reminded how much nicer it would be to have half an inch face lift to really get rid of them. I don’t want to look like Gene Simmons as the years go on 🙄

  11. Im 23 and i legit have this after years of depression n some weight loss struggling with obesity it makes me afraid if im getting old too quick or if i killed off my good cells..idk…but i made a promise to eat better and live better to be happier so i dont have to keep focusing on it

  12. Tenho que fazer esses exercícios. Tenho apenas 30 anos e povo fica me chamando de senhora rsrsrs. Sai para lá 😂😂😂

  13. Well I have to thank you. Few years ago I searched for how to get rid of these horrible laugh lines that would just not disappear no matter what I did. I ended up getting rid of them doing this exercise, plus drinking lots of water, learning to sleep on my back and patience. It took little over a year to reduce them. Honestly to anyone that reads this. Start now before you get them. There a pain in the ass to fix

  14. how many times do I need to repeat the sequence of the exercises? Also, once or twice per day? this info is always missing in thevideos even though it is crucial.

  15. Hii Fumiko! Can you please share a facial exercise to get rid of mid cheek lines? I’m in my early 30s and already have them 🙁

  16. Hi, I've been following you and getting into the face yoga method lately as definitely this seems to me like the real way to slow down aging (I am also a fitness freak for my body so it fits me real nice). Thanks so much for sharing with you your knowledge ! But while I do the exercises I see I create wrinkles, for example blowing the air in one cheek my mouth goes into the other direction wrinkling the skin. Also , stretching a sheet of paper for example, releasing it you would notice it has more folds. Doesn't it work the same way for the skin or my general question and worry is : how come do we not create even more wrinkles folding and stretching the skin ? Thanks a lot !

  17. Can you isolate the muscles? upper-mouth muscles and lower muscles are super tough! Has anyone got it?

  18. i have these and im only 15. i hate how my face looks and this is really annoying. i look so old. will this actually help???

  19. how many times do I need to repeat the steps and how many times per day? I didn't find any information related to sets, repetitions and timing.

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