Four points to prevent skin dryness. Did you know that if you take too much bath,
it will harm your skin and will dry your skin? To prevent skin dryness, take a bath or shower
at least once a day, and let’s drink enough water to give the skin moisture from the inside
of the body. Many women are making efforts to obtain beautiful,
vivid and beautiful skin with moisture. Do you have the kind of skin you wanted? Skin is the organ with the largest area in
the body . It has the following functions which are indispensable for living. Protect your body from ultraviolet rays.
Keep body temperature appropriate. Also, when something is no longer normal in
the body, one of the organs that manifests as the first symptom is also the skin . Therefore, to keep your skin healthy and to
keep your moisture is not just a matter of appearance. It is also to keep your health
healthy . To prevent dry skin, keep the following points. 1. Drink plenty of water: One of the things necessary for the lively
and healthy skin , the water will include the fact that enough drink. Many people believe that painting expensive
cream on your face is a way to show your skin the perfect condition. However, cream and
skin care products only add moisture to the surface of the skin. In fact, to improve dry skin, let’s drink
more than 8 cups of water per day . If you increase the amount of water you drink, you
will soon see a change in skin tone and smoothness. Remember that the cream only moisturizes the
first layer of the skin. This is also a good quality cream. On the contrary, water is moisturized
from the inside . It changes the layer of the skin by moisturizing from the inside. And there is a way to moisturize quickly.
That is to use cream and to drink 8 cups of water a day in parallel. 2. Do not bathe too much:
Many people think that it is better to enter a bath or shower slowly for a long time when
the skin is dry . In doing so I think that the body will be supplemented with moisture.
However, this is a myth that the cosmetics industry and the beauty industry are going
to sell bus related products . Actually, if you take too much bathing, the
skin will dry out a lot . This is because bath salts and cosmetics used
during bathing contain many chemical substances. It is certain that using soap and body soap
will remove dirt during the day. But at the same time it takes up to the protective layer
of the skin. This protective layer is also affected when
you take a shower that is too hot. Taking a shower that is too hot will also cause the
skin to dry out. In order not to badly dry your skin by bathing,
be aware of the following. Let’s basically wash your body basically at
least once a day, except when you sweat with exercise .
Let’s not spend a lot of time in the water. Let’s use warm water as much as possible.
When washing the delicate zones of the body , let’s use neutral soap .
When wiping your body, let’s gently wipe it without rubbing it.
When your skin dries, apply moisturizing oil, nourish your skin and close your pores.
3. Handle waste hair properly: By treating unwanted hair with a razor, drying
of the skin will accelerate. It is because when you shave unwanted hair it removes the
necessary sebum . To prevent this condition, we recommend that
you shave unwanted hair after the shower . After showering waste hair is also soft and easy
to shave. Nonetheless, be sure to use shaving cream
or gel when shaving. And in order to avoid buried hair, be sure to shave along the flow
of hair. The razor uses a sharp blade of good quality.
When finished, let’s apply a moisturizing cream . This treatment will improve skin dryness. If you do not have a shaving cream or gel,
there is also a way to use coconut oil instead. Coconut oil has a moisturizing effect, so
it is recommended. When using coconut oil, it is not necessary
to apply moisturizing cream after treating hair. 4. Protect your skin: Ultraviolet rays are also one of the causes
of dry skin, spots and wrinkles . However, you can reduce this damage by applying
Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (SPF 30) which prevents both UVA and UVB throughout the year. There may be people who think that it may
not be necessary for sunscreen etc. in the cold season. In winter, SPF 30 sunscreen may
be replaced with SPF 15 sunscreen. Quick climate change will change our skin.
Let’s wear a thin layer of clothing to keep the body warm, or avoid excessive sweat, as
the temperature rises. In winter, in order to avoid lips dry and
leather turning, it is good to apply SPF 15 lip cream . Let’s wear light and long-sleeved shirts when
summer is under the sun. Let’s wear a wider hat (3.5 cm) and protect your neck, ears and
eyes from ultraviolet rays. Do not forget that the skin protects our body.
However, it is not invincible. I have to do as much as I can to prevent
skin dryness.

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