So what are some natural ways to speed your
labor along the really important thing to keep in your mind with labor is you need to
be eating, moving and some times crying or making noise or laughing or any kind of release
that’s going to allow your body to relax as much as possible. So if you find that your labor has stalled
or has not progressing as fast as you think that it should be keep in your mind labor
takes time but if or any reason that you need to speed up your labor there are natural ways
that you can do it. Some of the natural ways to speed up your
labor is to use acupuncture or acupressure points movement is key in labor. You really wanna make sure you are walking,
moving, dancing, swaying with the contractions doing anything that you can to use gravity
as your friend help to bring your baby down and also keep in mind that you want to try
to keep your body as relaxed as possible so movement can be really great. Yoga or positions used in yoga can be really
great for speeding along the labor process. So another natural way to progress labor is
actually to have sex or do any thing that will bring you to orgasm. Remember that oxytocin is the love hormone
in your body that’s needed for labor to progress, so you can try nipple stimulation any thing
to bring you to orgasm or have sexual intercourse. Semen is actually made up of prostrate gland
and as well which can allow cervix to soften or thin and speed up the natural labor process. relaxation and visualization are other really
great techniques and natural ways to induce or speed up your labor. So anything that is going to keep up your
mind and body relaxed and allow your selves to open and allow your cervix to open and
bring your baby down is going to help that process. Slow and deep breathing is important and can
be used as a natural method of induction as it helps your body to relax, open up and surrender. It has been suggested to have a glass of wine
to allow your self and your body to just relax and let go and let the process unfold. These are some natural methods of induction
you can use.

10 thoughts on “How to Induce Labor Naturally | Pregnancy”

  1. well i wouldnt agree with the glass of wine the rest sound good tho nothing has really workd for me tho im 5 days overdue:/

  2. What do you mean "enough with all the pregnant stuff please". Its a video of how to induce labor. It was made as a pregnancy video. No one forced you to watch it.

  3. Do you have to already be contacting to try these things? I'm a week away from my due date and i have NO SIGNS of contractions at all ): I don't wanna go past my due date because my doctor is already trying to rush things and I DON'T want to be pressured into induction!!

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