7 thoughts on “How to: Internal Jugular and Needle Insertion for Vascular Access with Ultrasound”

  1. I question the "ultrasound is much safer for central line placement" statement.  I sense a huge push for ultrasound use and it's being made a "standard" coming from the manufacturers and the physicians who are employed by them.  In experienced hands central line placement is fast and extremely safe, without an ultrasound machine.
          I see a role for U/S perhaps in cases of distorted anatomy or to diagnose thrombosis.

  2. I started to use US-guidance about a half-year ago and I think it's very useful. Now I choose subclavicular vein for hi-emergency situations only, and when I have alittle more time – I take our US-machine. My experience is not so extensive, but I think that all urgent-physicians can use US (for needle navigation, or for IVC/FAST/FOCUS-assessment) to increase patients' benefit.

  3. I am a former burn patient that had a central line put in incorrectly in 1994. The experience was horrific. A resident (who wanted to go home) didn't use any guide and proceeded to stab me in the neck over and over–missing the site each time.

    From what I understand, blood was all over the room and I was foaming at the mouth. A nurse reported the incident. I never saw him again. Hopefully, he never became an MD.

    Thank you for showing the correct procedure.

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