This is a short video showing you one
way of how to avoid stretch stitches when joining your knitting on the round
on double pointed needles. I’m starting to work on mittens that need 48 stitches
so that’s 12 stitches on each of the four needles. Here I’m starting again
from the beginning. What you simply do is you cast on one extra stitch so instead
of 48 stitches I have cast on 49. There are 13 stitches on the last needle on my
right hand. Then you knit the first one and the last one together. After
knitting it I pass the other stitch over and put it back on the left-hand needle.
So now they all have 12 stitches again and then I just continue knitting round
normally. So now I have knitted a few rows and the
start is tidy and it was easy to make.

6 thoughts on “How to join stitches after casting on on double pointed needles”

  1. Thank you! This was the technique I was looking for. I had to watch five videos to find this one! Thanks very much :).

  2. Thank you, thank you for this video! I am beginning my first pair of socks using DPNs for the first time, and I was flummoxed on how to join the round. I followed your video yesterday, and now have 1 inch of ribbing done!!! Yeah!!!!

  3. So after joining you count that first stitch as already worked and as a purl stitch. Is that correct?

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