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my name is Laura. And you’re ready to sew and you sit down at your sewing machine and you just cannot remember what needle did you have last in your sewing machine? And, let’s face it, that little printing on that needle is awfully small to see. Well, I have something that will help you remember what you put in your machine. So the whole key to this is to mark the spot where the needle came out. And to do that there are a couple of different ways. When you open the container and take your needle out, you need to replace that hole with something. You can take a paper clip and break it in half and it will fit right in that spot. And the case will still close. Or, take an old needle that you’ve painted with a nice bright color of nail polish and it will go right back in to where you took the needle out, and at a very easy glance you will know what needle was in your sewing machine. So it’s a quick and easy way to remind yourself exactly what you have in your machine when you’re sewing. The hardest part is going to be, well, remembering to mark your spot. Thank you for joining me on Tuesday’s Tips. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

18 thoughts on “How to keep track of “What needles are in your sewing machine””

  1. Hi Laura.  You were SO right, when you said that I would like this one.  Thanks for the tip.  I think I'll go with the paperclip method.  I don't think I have a bottle of nail polish anywhere in my house.  But you know, a bright Slick Sharpie would work, and I have those in abundance!

  2. Great one. I wish manufacturers would mark the sizes, as they have done to a few 'types', eg stipple green,.Be good if you could buy green, for stipple, and eg. red 75, blue 80m yellow 95. So a two tone on each needle, green/red,green blue….etc

  3. Yay!!!  You solved this problem.  Omg  , the right needle is so important!  I agree needles should come in colors, to differentiate between them!  Thanks Laura 🙂

  4. Thank you Laura, now that I plan to be more diligent about using the right needle for the job it will help keep me on track.

  5. Tnx again Laura for your Good Tips! Something I might add to this one is: With fine tip permanent marker write the date you took it out EX 7/15 on inside where needle slips in….That just came to me as I was watching ur video ;>)

  6. wonderful idea, I might have painted the head that fits the sewing machine with fingernail polish and then each needle sack would be painted to match the needle installed there. Your idea was better thanks.

  7. Good idea!  I take a piece of Post-It Tape, write the size needle I have just installed in my machine, and stick the tape on my machine, or in another obvious place.  Helps me a lot!   Also, I put my used, broken, bent, needles and pins in an empty Tic Tac breath mint container.  When it's full, I empty it into a container for disposing of syringes.  When that's full, which takes a very long time, I take it to my pharmacy and turn it in, and they all go to where they are incinerated….which environmentally I am not too crazy about.  I am thinking of just emptying the container into our recycling bin with everything else metallic.

  8. Great idea.  By the way, I have that same exact Singer and cabinet that you have in your background and it still sews a perfect straight stitch!

  9. Thank you for the ideas. I was just this morning at my sewing machine thinking….hmmm… Which needle did I use last?! Then I came across this video. Love your tutorials! Thanks!

  10. Question about needles. I have Singer Universal Ball point needles style 2045 size 90/14. I also have an unknown brand ball point size 14 (90). Are these the same needle size just written differently by different manufactures?

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