STEP 1 : Take a length of yarn, about 10-12 inches. Be sure to leave enough on the tail of yarn to weave in later. STEP 2 : Make a slip knot, insert needle into loop. Tighten slip knot onto needle, not too tight. STEP 3 : Take second needle and insert tip into the stitch with needle under main needle. Insert at angle so needles cross forming an “X”. STEP 4 : Hold crossed needles together where they intersect with non-dominant hand. STEP 5 : With dominant hand, take yarn connected to ball and wrap around bottom needle. Begin by going under, around, then over needle. STEP 6 : Take bottom needle and bring it back through the stitch pulling the yarn with it. STEP 7 : With yarn still on needle in dominant hand, stretch yarn out in front of main needle and slip tip of main needle through. STEP 8 : Remove needle in dominant hand and tighten yarn onto main needle. Repeat steps 3-8 until you have reached the desired amount of stitches on your needle.

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