I am Cindy. I will help you find Large Intestine 11 and Large Intestine 10. The first thing to notice is how my arm is being held. My thumb is facing up. If your palm is up or if your palm is down it messes things up. Make sure your hand is this way, which is technically “neutral.” First we find Large Intestine 11. Here is the elbow crease – that’s what we’re looking for. You want to find the outer, or lateral tip, of the elbow crease. The point is right here. d I would push straight into the point in order to activate that point. Gently pressure only. Large Intestine 11 is used as a reference point to find Large Intestine 10. It is 2 thumb widths, called cun “tsoon” 2 thumb widths towards the hand from Large Intestine 11. It looks like this – here is Large Intestine 11. Count-1 thumb width, 2 thumb width. You need to be up on top of this ridge here. It’s not here you want to be up here to find Large Intestine 10. The reason is that the Large Intestine meridian is travels from Large Intestine 11 straight line down here to this little area which is called the “snuff box.” That’s another point. The Large Intestine meridian officially begins here, on the first finger, and it comes straight this way. Straight up on the upper part of this part of my arm. It goes right over Large Intestine 11. Large Intestine 11. One thumb width, two width, making sure I am on the meridian. That is Large Intestine 10 which can be tender, so just go gently take your time. These two points are really great for relieving elbow pain. Thanks!

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