Go to Beadaholique.com for all of your beading supplies needs! Hey there. In this video I’m going to show you
how to make these beaded beads using right angle weave. So what you’re going to need is some four millimeter beads. I’m
using some Swarovski bicones. They come in packets of fifty. You’re going to need
about thirty of them so it works out great. You’re going to need two needles. I’m using two big
eye needles because and really like the fact that you can string it quite easily. Need some beading thread and I’m using fire
line in the smoke color size B. I’ve got my trusty Thread Zap II. Now this is using right angle weave like I said but
this is using the two needle method. I’m going to cut off about four feet. I’ll zap off four feet. I’m going to thread each end through one of my big eye needles and how you use these I’ve explained this in other
videos but I’m just gonna show you again. Going to open up my big eye needle, insert one end through, pull it down and it’ll stay there. You do the same thing with my other needle on the other end. Now we can begin. With my right needle I’m going to pick up five Swarovski bicones. You can use any other kind of four millimeter bead you’d like. Here I’ve used some czech glass druks. Here you can use fire polish. I’m going to bring those five Swarovski’s down to the center of my thread. I’m going to take the left hand needle now. I’m going to go back going the opposite
direction through that last bead that I added. I’m going to grab both of my needles and make
sure that this loop ends up right in the middle of my thread like so and you’ve created a little circle. One unit if you will. So I’m gonna meet make another adjacent
unit. This bead, were my thread is coming
out of, that is going to be the first bead in that
unit. So I’m only going to need four additional beads. I’m going to pick them up with my right hand needle. One two three, four and once again that last bead that I added
take my left needle go through criss-cross going the other
direction I’m going to pull. Now I have to adjacent units. I’m going to take my left needle I’m going to thread it through the next bead the closest bead to the left. So now as you can see I’m making units of five. This first unit is the central unit. I’m going to
build rows of five or units of five all the way
around that central unit. Now that I have may thread coming out
of this bead and this bead I have two beads in this next unit. So if I want a unit of five I only need to
pick up three more beads. As always take your left needle and criss-cross and pull tight. Once again left needle left bead always on the outside perimeter pull tight and now I only need three more beads. One two, three criss-cross on that last one using your left needle going back the opposite direction. And again going to go through the next bead to the
left with my left needle. You can kind of see a pattern being formed.
That is the central unit and there are so far three units surrounding it. So I’m building the fifth unit by picking up three
additional beads and going back through the opposite
direction with my left needle on the last bead. When you pull tight right now you can kind of see that a half dome shape is appearing. So this is my last unit that I’m adding on the top half of
my sphere. Instead of just going through one and I’m going
through two to the left. So I’m taking my left needle going through the bead directly to the
left and then directly to the left again on the outside perimeter. Now as you can see I have three beads and I want to create one more unit of five so
I need two more beads. One. Two. As always left needle goes back through that last bead and pull tight. Look. You already have half of your sphere done. So now how do we build onto this? Well just like we’ve been doing we’re going to go one bead to the left with your left needle. Pull tight. Since there are two beads there pick up three ’cause we’re making units of five beads. Cross back through with your left needle
on the last bead. Left needle goes through not only the bead directly to the left but the one directly to the left of that
as well. Since we need to build another unit of five this time we already have three
going on we need two more. Criss-cross with the left needle through the last the bead. Left needle goes through one bead to the left and to beads to the left. Once again we have three beads in this unit. Pick up two more with your right. Criss-cross on the last one with the
left. Again go through one bead to the left and a second bead to the left. We have three beads there and we need to
pick up two. Go back through the last one with your left needle pull tight. This is almost done. This is going to be our last round. As you can see we have one, two, three, four beads. So instead of just going one to the left or two this time we’re gonna go three with your
left needle to the beads to the left. All we need since we have four is you guessed it one and that makes five. One last time criss cross back through pull tight Yay! As you noticed this very last round
up here doesn’t have thread around it and your thread is going in two
different directions. You what your thread to meet up so you can
tie a knot and you can tighten your sphere. So I’m going to take my right hand needle I’m going to go through this last
round here until it meets backup with my left thread. If your sphere doesn’t feel too stiff at this point this is the part that will solve that because you’re gonna tie a square knot or a surgeons knot. Tie once. You can feel it right when you do
that first knot that this is turning into a nice solid structure. And I’m going to tie another over hand knot. All you have to do now is weave in the rest of your thread. So as long as you’re going around those
units a five you can go where you want. You can even tie a couple more knots and weave in some more. I think that’s good for right now so I’m
gonna cut my right turned off. Weave the rest of my left thread through and I’m done. Go to Beadaholique.com for all of your beading supplies needs!

81 thoughts on “How to Make a Beaded Bead Using Right Angle Weave Double Needle Method”

  1. Hello, I love this video. I noticed that you have made these with seed beads as well. Do you have a video for that?

  2. @lmckee7 We've shot a video on how to make one (ornate beaded bead using right angle weave double needle method) and will be up by the end of next week.

  3. Thank you for responding. I followed you and used 6mm Bicone Bead (tanzanite) they will make a pretty pair of earrings to go with my suit for church. Will you have a video on how to make a waterfall bib style necklace or how to do the beaded cellini spiral stitch. I like your tutorials.

  4. @dadivajr I'm not too sure what you mean by "waterfall bib", would you be able to link to a pic? I have Cellini spiral in the queue of videos to be made! 🙂

  5. The stitch I want to learn is Chevron Netting Stitch. tsummerlee has a video for the stitch but it is single picture of the stitch, she's talking but I'm not really understanding. She has the picture of the Waterfall Bib style necklace.

  6. @dadivajr That is certainly a beautiful necklace! While we don't want to make a direct copy of this necklace, I will certainly work on making a video or two on the techniques used. Thanks!"

  7. @laflaka3624 To use the ornate beaded bead in a design, you can either string it onto beading wire along with other beads, or you can insert a headpin up through one of the rounds of seed beads, and make a wrapped loop at the top. If you used this method, you would then just hang the pendant from a chain or a beaded strand.

  8. @dleighdesigns Check out other video How to Make an Ornate Beaded Bead Using Right Angle Weave Double Needle Method where Andrea shows how make that bead.

  9. I have been working on this an hour and it still isn't looking dome shaped. I'm just using seed beads (6mm) to practice. I can get it to the second five attached, but then it just stays flat. Do I need to use crystals? It's lovely and I have lots of ideas, if I can just get it!

  10. Awesome video tutorial as always Andrea..you make it so easy to understand most of the techniques …thanks so much for the both tutorials ..and for your patience in showing step by step how it's done…you are awesome !

  11. @dsmit138 I gave this a try with seed beads and it didn't work right for me either. Seeds beads are generally more cylindrical in shape, and I think this technique needs more of a tapered ball or bicone shape to achieve the right results. Go ahead and practice with one of the types of beads that Andrea suggests in the video. If you don't love the results, you can always take it apart to save your nice beads!

  12. This was such an excellent tutorial. I can't get the technique for the life of me but you explained it really well. I just need to practice. I always get confused with the part where you go back through the beads to the left and how many to go back through each time.

  13. Thank you for this video, the pace is just right. I like the two needle method, it looks easier than using just one. Happy Beading Beadaholique's everywhere.

  14. Understood…. finally understood… I have done two beaded beads following other instructions and it was very difficult, now you make it so easy for me, thank you so much…

  15. If I were to use 4mm rounds, approximately what size bead would I end up with? I'm new to beading and am not very good at judging the size of beads in mm…

  16. I measured a bead that we had here and it is about 15mm. There would be some variation, depending on the beads you use and how tight your weaving is, etc, but it should be somewhere in that ballpark.

  17. Wow. Whatta mess. I nearly gave up. I had to stop and undo half my work and then redo it. I'm finding out that since my eyesight went bad, this is 10x harder than it used to be for me. Here's what messed me up:
    1. "Right/Left" didn't make any sense to me since the thing was constantly in motion and the needles switched places as I worked. I pinned the material to the work surface thru the first 5-bead set to keep it still.
    2. The project only used about 1' of thread, thus waste and tangling.

  18. I'm recovering from surgery and can't wait to start beading again. It is nice to see this video. I have purchased supplies from you in the past and have been very happy with my purchases. I just think it's cool that I'm one of your customers and i ran across your video. Thanks

  19. That bead is SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystals 5301 4mm Mint Alabaster. It's featured in the Mint Julep Necklace – Project N180 – which you can find on Beadaholique . com.

  20. hey there! i really love ur videos n im really new to beadwork and i hav a question about how do i make my bead bigger? rather than choosing bigger beads, i know its is really silly but please let me know cause i wanna make a bigger bead for using it as a pendant 🙂 ur earliest reply will be most appreciated =]

  21. For this particular style of beaded bead the only way to make it larger is to use bigger beads. We do have a video for an ornate beaded bead which is a different pattern and it does create a slightly larger beaded bead.

  22. For instructions on hanging the beaded bead, check out our Mint Julep Necklace or the Callista Earrings, both of which have links in the video description. These will show you two different ways to hang the finished beads.

  23. I have been shown this method but i bead with my left hand and cross with the right …does it make a difference doing with the right side?

  24. It shouldn't matter as long as you are consistent with which needle picks up the beads and which one crosses over.

  25. The Fireline that was used is .006 In. Diameter, 4 Lb. You can get the supplies featured in our videos on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  26. Great tutorial but I need more practice as I got totally lost after my 4th group of 5 beads! I ended up with a long strip instead of a sphere haha! Julie x

  27. Needles are a very important tool for bead weaving. I'm not sure how you could make your own, and it is important to have the right size and flexibility, so I would recommend buying needles specifically made for the purpose of beading.

  28. I have tried several tutorials and I made a mess of things – you cannot imagine the satisfaction, when from the first viewing of your tutorial I made a perfect ball :):):) THANK YOU!!!! You are so sweet and clear! <3

  29. Hola soi Española y me encantaria poder conseguir esas abujas y ya nose donde buscarlas xfavos me encantaria keme mandase 3 docenas decesas abujas si me contesta le doi la direccion y yo lo pago contra rembolso graciaas

  30. If I were to use 11/0 seed beads roughly how many beads would I be using, I've been trying to find a video using just seed beads but haven't found one nor a pattern to follow for them.

  31. Fantastic, but I could never remember all that , I wish cause I think it's absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing. Blessings

  32. I am having difficult time to master the smaller beads ball, I am following your instructions very close, on the other hand I don't have any problems with the larger beads

  33. Excellent instructions! I had lost hope of figuring this one out using a diagram only – you gave a wonderful, precise demonstration – thank you so much!

  34. Hi Andrea, I find ur tutorials easy to follow. This is a newfound interest for me, I guess I'll be hooked to bead projects. I would like to know what kind of needles are u using. I'm from Philippines, I don't know if there's any available needles here like the one you're using in this video.

  35. I've been watching several videos to master making a bead ball. And yours is the first one that actually is slow enough and clear enough to understand how to make one. Thank you so much!!

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