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Hey Besties! For today’s craft tutorial we’re going to
do some needle felting! I’m actually really sick today, I have a cold
or a flue or something really gross but I didn’t want to ruin my schedule of uploading
things so today we’re going to do something really easy: a needle felted pom pom string.
This string is really easy todo, completely adorable and can be used for many things including
a cute necklace, various other jewellery things or as a decoration around the house. I’ve
tied this one to the back of James’ computer. Needle felting is a really fun craft and it’s
really easy to do once you know the basics as long as you have the right supplies.
It is however one of those crafts that you need to buy the right supplies. Trust me on
this one, I tried to make my own needle and it didn’t go so well.
You can pick up any of the supplies you need at just about any craft store these days for
a couple of dollars so it’s not a huge investment to get started.
Today we’re going to be making the most easy thing in the world: a ball.
This is a good project if you’re just starting out as you can practice the basic techniques.
I would probably point out that this one isn’t for kids as the needles you use are very sharp
and you are basically just stabbing around near your fingers so it isn’t going to be
one for kids. You’re going to need some wool roving which
comes in little balls like this. When you untangle them they are long bits of wool like
this. You can use acrylic if you want to but wool
is just nicer. I’m using 3 colours today, purple, green and
pink, they go really nicely together. You’ll need something to do the needle felting
on, you can buy these purpose built brushes or you can just use a scrubbing brush. Or
you can do what I did before I got these supplies which was just use some old foam, like squishy
sound proofing foam. That works real well too.
Anything that the needle can easily pass through without getting caught.
And most importantly you’ll need a needle! These come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and
whatevers, I’m using a fine one today. The difference between a needle felting needle
and a regular needle is that when you run your finger along here you’ll be able to feel
tiny little barbs which are little cut outs along the edge of the needle.
So what these do is when you stab through the wool, they grab the little fibres and
push them deeper into the other fibres and it matts them together to basically create
felt. The more you know.
So I’ve got two kinds of needles, this one has one needle and it’s my favourite because
it’s wooden and comfortable to hold, quite ergonomic.
and this one which holds 3, at the moment it’s only got 2 in there but it does hold
3. It’s from Clover which is a Japanese brand that sells all kinds of needle felting supplies.
So if you guys need supplies definitely check them out. I think this is also Clover, yep!
Lastly, to string all of our pom poms together you’ll need yarn and a regular needle.
Ok, before my nose starts running everywhere again, let’s get started.
First thing to do is pull some wool off the end. Decided roughly how big you want the
finished ball to be and keep in mind that once we start felting it will get a lot smaller
as everything mashes together . We’re going to use about this much.
Pull apart all of the strands so it’s really messy.
And then shape it into a ball with your bands. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just approximately
a ball. Again, please be careful that you don’t stab
yourself, these needles are really sharp! Now place it on top of whatever you’re doing
your needle felting on. I’m using the brush.
Now stab it a few times and you’ll notice that it takes shape and keeps the shape that
you put it in. Continue shaping it with your fingers and
stabbing it to keep it in place. This is another one of those crafts that you
can get out some of that internal rage. It’s stress relief.
Continue turning and stabbing and turning and stabbing until you get it into a proper
ball shape. You can see on this side it’s all nice and
smooth and on this side it’s all fluffy because it’s the side I’ve been holding on to.
So now what we need to do is turn it over and start poking the puffy side.
There you have it, it’s a ball! Yay a ball!
You ca see there’s still stringy bits all over the side. You can either snip these off
with scissors or if you want to get a bit more technical you place your needle next
to the ball so it grabs the hairs and then stab them through at an angle.
What this does is poke all of those little edges back through into the centre of the
ball. Keep in mind that the more stabbing you do,
the tighter the fibres will matt together and then the harder and tighter the ball will
be and more felt-like rather than just being a ball of wool.
Another thing you can do to hold all of the fibres on the outside down is get a little
bit of water on your hands and roll the ball around them like this.
That will stick everything down and you’ll have a nice smooth ball.
Repeat this about a billion times and then you’ll have enough for a string.
Now all you need to do is string them together. Thread your needle and stab it through the
middle of the ball, all the way through. You want to go right through the very middle
and add it a long. Taadaa!
You can tie a knot between each of them to make sure they are perfectly spaced but it’s
not really necessary in my opinion. And there you have it, you have a pom pom
string. I actually saw these for sale in Myer as Christmas
decorations and they wanted like $30 for them. It’s much cheaper to do them yourselves and
it’s quite relaxing. I think it makes a pretty good necklace too.
Once you’ve mastered these you can do more complicated shapes like hearts or stars or
all kinds of cute things. Maybe we’ll do one of those next time.
If you want to see a tutorial on those kinds of shapes just let me know if the comments
and I’ll see what I can do. So I hope you guys enjoyed this craft tutorial.
Let me know if you give it a try and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!
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There’s even a super cute puppy! Ugh my nose is running everywhere now. Of
course it is. So once you’ve mastered balls… hahaha! So
you once you’ve mastered doing little balls… not much better hahaha!

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