Hey guys today I’m going to show you how to make a paracord needle or Lacing needle or FID needle you make these out of threaded post that you can pick up from Lowes and they are really cheap and easy to make most of these on line are between 5-12 dollars when you get ’em they look like that so the first thing you need to do is cut that end off so were gonna go outside and do that real quick ok to cut the end off I’m just gonna use a Dremel with a small cutting wheel on it you can use a hacksaw if
you don’t have Dremel this just makes a quicker job of it ok now that we got the end off we are ready to start shaping it into the needle ok now to shape the end you need a sanding block and some course sandpaper and you will need some fine stuff when you get it down and you can either do this by hand because this is aluminum and you have to be careful when you’re cutting this or doing anything with this because its really soft and its going to bend or it will bend real easy and mess up your threads on the
inside and thats where your paracord threads into it so you can either do this by hand but what im gonna do is put it in my drill and to do that I’m going to take one of the extensions and put it in my needle and I’m going to put some tape around it and put this into drill and sand it down like that you use the tape on it to try to keep burring up the sides of the needle you don’t want to put a lot of pressure down on your sandpaper because you will wind up bending your needle starting to look pretty good once you get it down like you want it you can slope it to make it more pointy or leave it blunt I’m going to make this one a little ppointy after I get done sanding I’m going to get some 000 Steel Wool and polish it up ok now that I’ve got it the way I want it I’m going to take the steel wool and polish it up you want to do this part by hand this stuff will just catch really hard and just jerk it and wrap it up around the needle and probably bend it if you tried to do it in the drill alright it’s looking pretty good its really smooth and doesn’t have and burrs on it take the tape off and see if we did any damage looks pretty good its gotta couple scuff marks on it but we can polish those right out and that’s all there is to it just get your aluminum post and I’ll put a picture up of these at the end to show you exactly what it is and you can pick these up at Lowes for like a $1.60 or $1.70 something like that and then the one inch extensions make it where you can extend your needles make the needle as long as you need be and is really handy for tying the Manrope knot and I use it
when I do the Diamond knot also now once you make it its threaded inside and you just screw it onto the paracord works really well

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  1. Lowe's or Home Depot does not routinly stock these Aluminum Threaded Post's everyone is posting about , as there not a item that sells…I can order a FID and it's cheaper than the amount of time I've wasted looking for the DIY items

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