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Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We are the most famous
physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – Today, we’re gonna talk about how to massage your foot pain away. A simple self massage. There’s three simple techniques. – Right. – Why make things complicated? – Exactly, Bob. – If you’re new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain free and we upload everyday. Also, you’ll wanna go to our social media channels ’cause we’re always giving something away, Brad, always. – Always. – You can go to Facebook,
it’s always pinned at the top of the page, Bob and Brad. Or you can go to our
website, bobandbrad.com and go to the giveaway section. We’re giving away this right now. We’re giving away the pelvic rocker. This is a great abdominal
strengthening one. This is also good for and curing pelvic tilt and all those things. – Yeah, we’ve got a couple videos on it. I’m impressed with it, Bob. – All right so, let’s
go to the massage, Brad. Quit wasting time here. So, three simple ones to do. You know, this is great
for plantar fasciitis. If you hit a section that’s really tender, work around that section. – Mgm, yep. – Don’t hit it right away. The first one I like, Brad, is to actually do circles. Now, you can do circles using one finger on top of another. – Yep. – Or you can actually take your knuckle and use that to make circles. But that really helps break things up. If you have some scar tissue in there, or if you have some, you know, micro tears that are healing, this can actually work things out. – Muscles that are tight, those little muscles that are in your foot that kind of hold things in. The other thing is, a lot of times, your fingers get tired, if you’re using your fingers and you
switch a new technique just so that you give
your fingers a break. – That’s a very good point, Brad, ’cause actually it’s
hard on your joints even, of the fingers, especially if you have arthritis or anything like that. It makes it more difficult. So, you can do some circles and you can go all the way through
in to the heel, even. – Yep. – And all up to these pads up here, too. All right, the next one is what we call a splaying massage. S, P, L, A, Y, I, N, G. And this is really good
for plantar fasciitis. – [Brad] Did you find it
important to spell it? – [Bob] Well, I thought they maybe couldn’t understand me. – [Brad] Well, that’s a good point. – [Brad] All right, this
is a nice technique. – [Bob] Yeah, this is a nice technique. So, what we’re doing is, we’re taking our thumbs, we start in the middle and you pull it apart like this. And again, if it’s too tender to do it, work around it. Hit the areas that you can tolerate. Generally, with plantar fasciitis, you can have pain right here. So, I might start right up here and work on it. Now, you can also use your palms. – I’ve got a thumb injury, so I’m forced to use my palms and it’s working out well. – Using the fat pads of
your thumbs, basically. – [Brad] Is that the hypothenar eminence? – [Bob] Yeah, I think that’s the thenar eminence. (laughs) – [Brad] Hypo is the other side. – [Bob] Well, it’d be both, right? – [Brad] Well no, it’s both the thenar. – [Bob] We’re in discussion
here, it’s solved. And the last one, again, trying to keep things real simple. You’re just gonna do what we call longitudinal massage. You’re going along with the fibers of the tissues. And again, you can use
finger on top of finger or you can use the whole hand here. You can also use the palm there. – You know, you do this right before you go to bed, Brad, and you’re gonna sleep like a baby. – Oh yeah, I mean it’s good. – Your feet are gonna feel great. – Well, it really gets the circulation. If you’re a person that
always has cold feet, this is definitely gonna help increase the circulation and
hopefully warm them up. – I would say even organotherapy, I’d give it a try. – Sure. – Because, the more you give blood flow to an area, generally the better it is for the nerves. So now, there’s many of you out there I’m sure, Brad, that don’t want to massage their own feet. – My wife has done it for me. – No kidding. – Not very often. – This is when you were dating? – Even post-marriage. – Really?
– Yeah. – Wow. – I’ve got to admit, she’s a wonderful wife, I love her to death. – That’s shocking to me. – But it doesn’t happen a lot, so, this is one where I depend upon. – Right, we’ve mentioned a unit like this in the past and this one, actually, they sent it to us and this one actually is better than
the one we had before. This is the Renpho, R, E, N, P, H, O. Is it all right if I say that? – Go ahead, spell it out, Bob. – You can put the
spelling up there, Marcus. Shiatsu foot massager. – No. – This one is less expensive and I think it works better. – Shiatsu? – Yeah, and we have it in our Amazon description down below
on our Amazon foot price. But these things are awesome. I mean, anybody we have try it, I mean, I wanna do a video, Brad, where we just show people who are trying this. – Sure. – Seriously, have people try it and get their first reaction. – Whatever you say, Bob. – I think you’re probably limited to a size 12, that’s what Liz was saying, our camera woman. – Don’t you have size 12? – I have 12. – I should put my sock back on. – Yeah, put your sock back on, Oh My God. – I just broke the quarantine on it. – Yeah, no kidding. By the way, you can take
out the inner lining and wash it and sterilize
it if you need to. – Make sure you take it
off before you wash it. – So, it’s got a timer
on there, so you can set the timer for, you know, fifteen, thirty minutes, okay. Liz knows more about it than I do. And it’s got a needing intensity, low, medium and high. And it’s got an air intensity, where it kind of squeezes your foot. – Right. – So, what I like about this one is it gets the whole foot. It’s not just part of it. It’s upper foot, lower foot. – Right, the compression completely capitulates it and I like it because you can very, independently, leak air compression versus
the mechanical massage. – Right, and what you can do with this, I would recommend by the way, is start on the lowest setting,
see how you tolerate it, if that’s not enough, go to the medium, but don’t jump into the high one because, for some of us, it’s a little bit aggressive. And that’s what I wanted to see because I’ve got old feet and it’s gotta be young feet that saying, Hey, I wanna have as much as
you can give me here. – You got old everything, Bob, head to toe. – That’s true, I’m not gonna deny it. I’m on the elder side of life. – Well, I’m not far behind, I gotta admit and there is also a heat setting, which again on this one, it looks very- – No offense, but I just, on any of these, I just don’t feel much heat. – Well, they’re just on a tall base with a skinny cord. You can’t develop much heat with that. – Sure. – But, you’re not buying
this for the heat, you’re buying this thing ’cause this thing gives a great massage and I like the price because the older one we had off there was like 150 bucks, this is 105.99 but they have a 10 dollar off coupon. – There you go. – 95. You could pay someone, you would be able to pay someone to give you massages like this every night. And when you’re feet are
sore, I’ll sit there, I’ll run it through like five times. – Really? – Yeah, yeah. It just, I’ll watch TV shows and just let it go. Any other comments, Brad? – No, no, I’m just experimenting with the low, medium, high on both, and like you said, the high is pretty aggressive but it’s nice
that you can vary it. – I can tolerate it. – You’re just saying
that ’cause you’re a guy. – Yeah, that’s right, I’m tough as nails. (laughs) – All right, remember, Brad and I can fix just about anything. – Except for – A broken heart. – There you go. – Did you see that? Thanks for watching. (upbeat tune)

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