Sketch out your design on the fabric so this is your punch. take your threader and you put it through the needle tip down to the hollow handle and out you take your thread put that in the threader and then you’re going to pull your thread out the needle tip and you’re
going to remove your threader from that now I use again anchor pearl cotton balls Let me show you how It’s done Taking the needle into the fabric and out Make a really pretty decorative dashed Line with their ordinary running stitch

36 thoughts on “How to Punch Needle: Easy Punch Embroidery Design by DIY Stitching”

  1. Thank you Mam .Long back I puchased this type of needle because of my ignorense I didn't use the needle now I think I will be able to use it .With regards.💗

  2. So the section at the top is actually the back of the work? I've tried using this needle but the stitches keep coming back out. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Will keep trying. Thanks for sharing.

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