How to use a punch needle Hey guys! Lately I’ve gotten a lot of questions on how to use a punch needle so I thought I’d do a quick tutorial on how to use one! Here, I’m using the Ultra Punch, punch needle, which I purchased on Amazon and to start using it, go ahead and put your threader through the punch needle and put your thread through the threader once you’re done, go ahead and pull that through. and on the other side, you’re gonna put the threader through the backside of the needle and you want to make sure it’s through the backside so that’s where the tail of your thread falls. Once you’re done, go ahead and leave about an inch of thread. When you start punching, it’s important to go all the way down to the base of the needle so that your loops are consistent on the other side and they’re not different sizes. You want to make sure that you’re not pulling your needle out too far. You want to basically graze the surface of the fabric so that you’re not unraveling the thread – you want it to be consistent all the way throughout. This is the other side! This is actually supposed to be the “right” side but it just all depends on your preference whether you like the back side or the front side, but the whole purpose of the punch needle is to get that “hooked rug” look. If you make a mistake, it’s so easy to undo the thread. Just go ahead and pull it out, and rub your fabric together and it will bunch up your fabric together and basically get rid of all the holes in your fabric and it will be as if it was new!

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  1. I've been doing rug hooking/needle punch for awhile now, but have had a difficult time framing like you have here. I've scoured the internet for more tips on that but can't seem to find much. I have the wood parts, and have the fabric parts. Then I stretched the fabric over the wooden frame and used a staple gun to staple it down. Maybe I just need some more practice at that part. But I prefer this tack look that you have. Do you mind sharing some techniques on that?

  2. Please help if you can. I just purchased this needle and ready to use on a pattern that I purchased. I'm confused on the pattern it calls for small needle , 1 thread set at 4 mm, and size med needle, 3 threads set at 18 mm and 24 mm. I understand the threads (been embroidery long time). My question is – – – do you know what number settings on the needle = cm. Since the needle only goes up to 12 on adjustments thus the reason I'm confused.

  3. Love the project! Do you know what is the difference between the needle you're using and an Oxford punch needle by any chance?

  4. Such a neat project! I am just getting started and would love some tips 🙂 would you use the large needle and all five threads for something like this?

  5. It is necessary to use this fabric only?I used pure cotton fabric but it doesn't work. My needle is also thick, and that's the reason my thread comes out after every punch.

  6. With hand embroidery you knot the beginning stitch and ending stitch. Is that there a way to secure the thread with a punch needle?

  7. Hi! Curious which setting (can’t remember what those numbers are called) you have this on? Thanks and beautiful work!

  8. Thank you. But please tell me. Which is the good side of the embroidery? The front side or the back side? I am confused.

  9. I'm confused, you don't have to knot it or anything at the end? Can't you just pull the back when you're done and the whole thing will unravel?

  10. but once you cut off the loose threads can't u still just easily pull it all out? like is there a way to actually make it secure?

  11. But what anchors it to the fabric? How do the stiches stay In? Wouldn't the slightest touch just push the stitches back out the top?

  12. where can I find patterns for punch or can you just use any hand embroidery pattern? I'm not skilled enough to make threm on my own

  13. I am able to punch with any needle except the Ultra punch!  It does not do the stitching!  Any idea why?

  14. So far out of the videos I have watched on Punch hole embroidery this one has been the most helpful. I use to do embroidery but got away from it & now do a lot of cross stitch, but this may get me back to doing some. Thanks

  15. Very nice video thank you. I used to make this stitch 40 years ago, I would put glue in the back, so it would not unravel unless I would put in a frame. This brought back memories!!! Thank you again.

  16. I bought a similar tool for 1 rupee? when I was in India in 1978. Its still working fine and I have made loads of gorgeous cushion covers etc for everyone 🙂

  17. Thank you for your video. But it's not as you said. I purchased one upgraded punch needle set and it worked though it took me few days to figure out. I don't think it not a worth buying and actually you got some mistakes when you were using this pen. There is a thing called embroidery stabilizer backing which can keep the embroidery stay. Anyway, for people who likes old school carft, it's a worth trying.

  18. The extra neddle that you dont lnow what its for it a neddle for felting or trays the didnt go all the way threw and you dont want to take you pen back over

  19. I can't seem to find weavers cloth anywhere. 🙁 Was it labelled weavers cloth at JoAnn's or does it go by a different name? Thanks!

  20. in another video i saw the person burning the thread ends with a lighter first, then she glued all over the back side (the side facing you while working).. once dried, the design is well fixed in..

  21. A regular rug hooking frame with rug hooking gripper teeth works best for punch needle. Pull it tight, the teeth don't pull the fabric apart, and it's drum tight immediately. I use a small frame by for my punch needle frame although you could easily make one youself with separately purchased supplies. Fun hobby! I love it.

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