The main point we’re going to want to focus
on is the colon reflex. With the colon reflex, it’s going to be starting
with the ileocecal valve, which will be right down here. We’re going to travel up the ascending colon,
transverse colon, cut across to the other foot. Course down, and this will be the descending
colon, the sigmoid colon, and then out to the rectum reflex. In addition, we’ll focus on some other points
as well that will help. But let’s begin there. We’ll be using thumb walking. You’re going to start with the ileocecal valve. You’re going to thumb walk in, and you’re
just going to come out a little bit, and press down again. So you’re going to walk up that. You don’t want to go beyond your joint point,
or you can start to get a little bit of your nail into their foot, and that will hurt. Just do little bites all the way up. Then right about mid foot, you have the bend
in the colon reflex and you’re going to transverse across here. Then you’re going to come across. If somebody is experiencing constipation,
I think it’s advantageous to actually do it in this direction. You could do one foot entirely first, and
then go to the other foot, but it’s actually nice to follow the whole colon all the way
through. So I just thumb walked down the descending
colon. Then we’re going inward to the center of the
heel, which is the sigmoid colon. Then we’re going to go back out.

15 thoughts on “How to Relieve Constipation | Reflexology”

  1. I tried this and oh boy does it work.

    Now i just need to find the howcast on how to clean up messes.

  2. You guys mock this because you were raised in a society that doesn't understand the real solutions and how the body really works.

  3. I'm actually taking sessions with reflexology its amazing, pricey but worth for people who sick inside like heart lungs kidney depression. I'm gonna keep at least once a month.

  4. Great to know but most people will be doing for themselves, so It's different. Good to know reflexology and you showing from what I have seen in books.

  5. why do you keep focusing out when the feet are the topic here I can't tell what your doing u get a C- 😠

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