you recommended you either wear a sweater you move you could do both well yeah but you don’t need it be sure to him even if you do do either yeah it’s not like you just go home you know this period hoping that your environment whenever you travel wherever you go anywhere I’ve done it quite a bit where it’s just it gets to the point where there’s no circulation in my extremities I’m not pumping maybe it’s on be hydrated I don’t know but it’s like freezing my hands are so cold they’re not functioning yeah and so the solution is beyond me you’re something goes isn’t cutting the solution is what you’re doing right now it’s not about dehydration it’s about garbage in your bloodstream that closes off the smallest blood Guster’s get your body clean and it ceases to be an issue I inherited Raynaud’s syndrome which is what you’re talking about is typically carried genetically my mother has it still suffers from it she lives in Houston she’s not too much of an issue because it’s about a hundred and fifty degrees all the time you’re not really it’s kind of warm but growing up in Washington DC where it’s not super cold doesn’t have to be they can go from 60 to 40 and my fingers were turned white didn’t happen until I turned 18 and it happened I know I’m sorry 25 it happened every winter until I turned 30 you know one half of I turned 30 two things fasting and correct got my body clean and I stopped eating cooked food okay it’s never happened since so in fact I was telling somebody maybe the group recently I might even one more person here but my little sister lives in Boston and for years I’ve been nine years here in the tropics now more than nine years and for years I never went and he plays cold ever I mean why would I I’m here in the tropics do I like the tropics you know I’m not going to Boston where she lives in the wintertime well a couple years ago I was invited to a conference in january/february in Connecticut and I thought about it but I wound up going it was four degrees Fahrenheit that’s considerably below zero Celsius for those of you Celsius here I did not I have a winter jacket a nice jacket it works pretty well but it was in Patamon storage I had no chance to go get I have a 30 year old blue jean jacket which is about as thin as his Kleenex and I had a pullover that’s like a sweatshirt with a hooded sweatshirt and I got there I bought a pair of gloves and a muffler and a hat and I was fine I went to visit my sister in Boston afterwards with a little warmer to fall in a week she’s lived there for 35 years you think she might be accustomed to the weather she’s wearing these knee-high boots you know padded boots warm stuff I don’t know how many layers of clothing this long down jet coat gloves and hat and everything we brought together she’s free I’m gonna pair blue jeans and a pair tennis shoes and she’s freezing and I’m perfectly fine okay what’s the difference she’s accustomed to the cold I’m accustomed to the tropics your blood vessels move closer to the surface when you live in the tropics – you live in warm weather which means you theoretically would have a harder side with cold weather but I tolerate the cold much better than she did although she’s lived there for 35 years why is that good circulation circulation okay that’s what it comes down to it it’s all circulation when I was at the Air Force Academy one of my best friends was a surfer from Long Beach California he was a crazy man he was like 6-3 200 pounds he wore shorts and flip-flops every single day now we had to be in uniform to go to class as a sofa we were off-duty he was and I’m talking about you know we’re in Colorado up in the mountains in Colorado at 7,500 feet mile and a half elevation it’s cold there we got snow on the ground he’s walking around in flow closed circulation must been pretty good most of his warrant would have been comfortable doing that but he was perfectly fine okay there are people that can do that it’s all about circulation we improve our circulation even Idaho’s it withstand a ball for a human being okay I mean clearly you know it gets awfully cold there I’m very very x right they’re gonna do much better if your circulation works that’s what goes on for most people that’s why people’s hands and feet get cold first it’s because it’s where the smallest blood vessels are I mean so they’re also perhaps more exposed but even even with with the right Footwear on or just as many layers on your feet as on your legs and arms your feet are gonna be much colder it’s because small blood vessels so clean out your circulation that will likely cease to be an issue can you guys hear me over there yeah okay well yes and no I mean exercise helps to an extent but strengthening the heart and there are some other benefits to exercise in terms of your cardiovascular system clearly but it doesn’t clear out the garbage in your bloodstream okay and again you know it’s I talked recently recently is a video I think you guys might have been here when I put this up about the difference between health and fitness it’s something a lot of people confuse now people look at people that are fit and think god that must be healthy maybe you’ve thought the same thing you you see somebody who has a great physique and they’re physically fit you think that their purse is healthy well how do you know you can’t tell from their body from looking at their body you want to be physically fit you can do it here’s all you have to do exercise a lot anybody can accomplish that I think I told you guys recently about the nationally ranked tennis player that faster with me a few years ago favorite cuisine McDonald’s lots of athletes eat poorly and they think they can get away with it because they exercise so much does this work you remember Jim Fixx who wasn’t he was a famous distance runner who wrote books on running he wrote the Bibles on distance running back in these 70s in 1660 70s remember what happened to him died of a heart attack while he was running okay it happens a lot she locks it absolutely expand heart attacks they’re not healthy they’re just fit they’re two different things it’s the garbage in their bloodstream that’s causing the heart attack okay some of you may recall who may have heard about most of you want to live yet in 1976 I think 72 or 76 the Winter Olympics were in Germany and the Palestine Liberation Organization came in and assassinated 14 members of the Israeli Olympic team and these athletes I mean these are all people from I think 14 was the youngest once something like that included some trainers who might have been 40s but mostly people were in trying to physically fit condition Olympic athletes right some of the best in the world every one of them had plaque in their arteries they were autopsy okay so fitness and health are two different things having a good strong heart will not protect you not necessarily you need to get the garbage out of your system that’s no different imagine you’ve had a good strong motor in your car but a whole bunch of garbage in the in a few lines or the oil pan a bunch of garbage is circulating around it’s not gonna work you

28 thoughts on “How to Remedy Cold Hands and Feet”

  1. Perfect video just as I had fitness/health questions after the last one. However, saying that a strong heart will not help only minutes after mentioning the surfer friend does not exactly help the point (admittedly I don't know if he only ate a small variety of uncooked plants, but I doubt it)

  2. gr8 video mr Lockman, thank u! i found that interesting n enjoyed listening to your stories 🙂

  3. Dr John Sarno book the mind body prescription will be a helpful key for this man. All maladies are not only because the food we eat I can assure you .

  4. good video. i have also heard that people also suffer from cold ears and nose. could be the same reason as why the feet and hands remain cold. 

  5. Hi Loren,

    could you please make a video about kidney stones? I had two kidney stones a few months ago, both kidneys had stones and it felt like I went through hell… So much pain, two operations. What can I do to protect myself from kidney stones, so that this never happens again to me? :/


  6. Excellent video ! I have found living up here in Manitoba Canada where it can get to -50 at least in my location … that oxygenating with Dr Bernard Jensens breathing method warms up my hands and feet quickly where as previously it took longer .

  7. Hi Loren,

    Do you find that there is any correlation with fasting and intelligence? It seems like many of the great thinkers and scientists of the past never really gave much though to their diet.Yet they were able to produce great work. What are your thoughts?

  8. i m impressed.
    it s few years that in winter i get freezing hands as much i sometimes i can't move them – it s for real. 
    and imagine this is sydney and it doesn't get that cold. 
    and i m moving to europe and thinking how i survive 

  9. My feet are soo cold! I think it's because I sit most of the day. When I play sports my feet are fine. So how do I improve circulation? I eat pretty healthy and don't eat fried food

  10. Hello, I live in Ireland and my circulation is pretty bad, my hands are always cold most of the day and a purple colour
    My diet is pretty bad and I don't have a choice in what I eat since I'm only 16, I'm 5'11 and 140 pounds btw
    What basic foods would you recommend to improve circulation ?

  11. I relate so much to everything this guy says. I am the perfect example of what he says about a person who looks physically strong on the outside, but was being poisoned on the inside. I was eating this diet back in high school while i was running on the cross country team, and doing zero period weight lifting. I would eat a high amount of sugars, carbs and protein, believing that it would provide my body with the energy/fuel it needed. But oh man, was i wrong. I was eating high sugar and carb with a low amount saturated fat. After i graduated high school and began to learn real education through researching current health studies throughout the world on the health benefits of saturated fats. I learned that my high school diet was the complete opposite of what humans were meant to consume, and especially for people who are very physically active. Those bodies require even more saturated fats to keep the cell membranes and our hormones functioning properly. We can eat things like meat, eggs, coconut oil, organic butter, organic yogurt ect.. Because all these foods are loaded with saturated fats that our cells require. Animal fat is good for us. Man has lived on the palio diet for thousands of years. This high sugar and carb pollution is just a temporary effect to create disease and control population growth. But it is not helping with that. All these processed foods are really doing is giving Americans a lower quality of life. And making our immune system weaker which in turn makes us more likely to die from things that our immune system could normally cure. But the good news is that i turned my diet around and so can you. And i am a typical American who ate burgers, fries and coke like the next. But now for the past 6 months i have limited my sugar and carb intake, and have increased my saturated fat and cholesterol intake. Doing this has made my body feel more balanced and clean than it has ever been. But i have also given up gluten, which is a big deal. As gluten only sticks in the body, making it difficult to impossible (depending on how much you eat) for your body to absorb vitamins and minerals you get from food. A typical breakfast will consist of 1 to 2 free range eggs cooked sunny side up (so i can eat the yolk which contains the essential fatty acids that our bodies require). I cook the eggs in coconut oil, then put the sunny side egg ons some toasted gluten free multigrain brown rice bread. I cover the bread in sweet organic butter. Butter is an amazing source of Vitamin A and E, and also provides a great source for saturated fat. I eat a variety of meats throughout the week, from chicken to beef, to lamb. But i also make sure to eat plenty of greens every day. Spinach and Broccoli are great. This type of diet change has done wonders for my insides. I feel like a whole new person with a whole new energy. Its pretty crazy to see how far i have come in a short time. But i think it has alot to do with the fact that i am still young, and can recover from a life of poor food choices. I know all of you who read this entire thing can definitely do what i did. Hey, you made it this far. Now deciding what enters your mouth is up to you. LOL! Dont be afraid to make a change. Change is how we learn.

  12. Hi, just found your video and am battling a lot of issues. Would love to eat a raw diet but can't right now. Body can't tolerate it and can't have most things that break down to sugar, esp fruit. Are there any suggestions.

  13. I developed raynaud's a few months after going mostly raw. I never had it before that. I have since started eating more cooked foods and the raynaud's has gotten much better.

  14. organic Ashwaghanda.
    hot and cold alternation showers.
    the shower will affect your entire system not just your hands. make sure to get cold water down your spine for 30 secs at least to affect the nervous system and slowly adjust the water don't just go to straight cold water.
    The Ashwaghanda will counter the adrenal fatigue that may be causing the blood flow issues.

    Google and YouTube both of these to know in depth if you wish.
    this helps me 100%.
    best of luck

  15. What was the second things that he did when he turned 30? I couldn't hear the lady who answered him

  16. In past 4 or so years, I've decided to eat much healthier, organic fruits/veg..lost a ton of weight, I'm 6' 160lb. lots of supplements numeric, ginger etc..  and yet my hands and feet are ice all the time. Colder than ever, I do exercise..I can't jog anymore in cold, gloves don't help, my fingers hurt to the bone from cold.  think I lost all the fat that kept me warm. I can't even stand temps under 50 F.

  17. from hearing many sides of this story of cold hands , i assume there is more than one reason to that subject, i start having cold hands after i started taking cold showers , so it could be a respond of my body to this kind of stress , i have tried to put my hands in cold water for a few minutes and it did make a little change i will keep trying and inform …

  18. What are your thoughts on hypothyroidism causing cold hands and feet? I have always heard that is the cause. But then again, I realize the thyroid would be under-functioning due to the root cause being a toxic body.

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