Hello Friends, Welcome to G studios, Tamil Beauty Tips I am Your Jessie Evangelin Today we gonna see a tip on pimples.. we use to see most of the tips for the same problem.. but in one night we can get rid from the pimples.. let me tell you the process. Mostly you people use to do apply turmeric on the pimples.. but, not that at first we should use ice cubes.. take an ice cube and place it into the towel..and do massage or spread on all over pimples area Because of doing this.. your body heat level will get reduce.. For second step we can have mint leaves and alovera gel.. i am using white colour.. if you have green colour then no problem you can use Now, i gonna grind this mint leaves with the help of this grind stone.. Take a little amount of alovera gel.. like 1 spoon of alovera gel is enough… Add that grinded mint paste into the bowl.. and mix it well i have mixed very well.. we should apply this paste only by hand don’t use any brush to apply i gonna apply this.. actually i dont have any pimples .. if you have do apply more on pimples .. if you dont like to apply all over face.. then do apply only on pimpels.. After applying this.. just wait for 20 minutes that is enough.. after 20 mins you can wipe it with the help of clean cotton Mint is very good and effective for skins.. when mixing mint and alovera together it will help to reduce your heat.. more over it will remove your pimple and that removed mark as well mainly, dont crush your pimple because it affect your remaining skin area on your face.. even it may get infect inside of your skin… do use this.. you can feel a very great difference.. even you cant find the pimple mark on your face now, i should wait for 20 minutes so, 20 minutes over.. i gonna wipe it out will show you after removing this.. but i dont have pimple so, you can see that how fresh my face will be.. see friends, how fresh my face is… i dont have pimples beacuse, if i feel that pimple will come then i use to use this remedy.. even you can use it in your periods time..it will be very useful friends, it is such easy tip do share this remedy to all your friends and relatives those who are suffering by pimples… do comment that what you feel about my tip If you aware of any beauty tips share with me.. let me try once if it is really gud then i will upload that video you people are asking me for my more videos for that..you should subscribe my channel Subscription process is very easy.. just click on the below red colour subcribe button and click on the bell symbol as well So, that you can see my the videos for lifetime.. whenever i am uploading a new one, you will get a notification dont forget to subscribe my channel not only that make your friends and family members to do subscribe..then only they also will get use of it.. thank you so much for watching my show for so long time. until bye from your jessie .. love you guys

100 thoughts on “How to remove pimples? pimples removal on face at home in Tamil Beauty tips in Tamil”

  1. Sista ..enoda face full ah pimples + athunala vantha holes + oil skin ..and how to remove ?.and enoda face remba perucha aaiduchu ( enku china vaayasu than aaguthu…but ipo periya aalu mathiri irukanu soluranga elarum enku ena panrathunu therila)..neraya doctor pathutan ..ethuvumeye kekala..plz give solution

  2. Akka ye Peru gayu neega alaga erukinga nalla peasuriga tips super yenaku pimple erukku kandipa poguma???

  3. Hi jessie…ur so beautiful…iam watching ur all videos..its really working…thank you for this video..whenever you put tips…you have to apply also…ur great jessie..

  4. hi it's vry useful..but my skin very sensitive..and my skin not takeup on the mint leaves and lemon and aalivera..enku set aagala overa vaandruchu..

    pimple iruntha place la sinna spots spots ah iruku normal sun lite kuda skin romba yaarithu…pls rply panuga..my request

  5. கையில மேல் பகுதியில் வெண்மையாகவும் கீல் பகுதி மற்றும் கலுத்து முதுகு வெயில் படும் இடத்தில் கருப்பு நிறத்தை போக்க டிப்ஸ் குடுங்க

  6. I want your contact number please iam shwetha just send me alone please I have a doubt or else clear my doubt through message

  7. Hi jessie pls answer ma im totally confused……im 29 years old…na idhu varaikum yendha oru cream o foundation o use panadhu kidaiyaadhu….only home remedy thaa try panuven….bt 2 days before na lakme absolute white intense spf25 foundation use panen.. .apo nalaathaan irundhadhu bt nxt day yen face fullaa chinna chinna pimples maari iruku naan yenna seiya….pls rly fast maaaa.

  8. hi sis enakku mudi deily koddikkonde itukku niraya tips panni palanilla mudi valata super oil sollungka plz plz plz

  9. Hai Akka thanks for your replying etha Na use panna ka but antha pimple vanthu romba bright a therithu ka but Munna Vida parava ella ka kammiya aguthu Vera ethavathu eruka ka don't mistake me ka

  10. நான் சவூதி அரேபியா இருக்கன் அலிவெரா ஜெல்லி இல்ல என்ன பன்னுரதுன்னு சொல்லுங்க S please ok

  11. Akka enakku face fulla pimples irukku romba asingama irukku akka adhukku seekirama poga oru Chinna remody sollunga pls

  12. Enaku pimples vanthu seegu vechi pun aguthu apram black aiduthu sis romba pain ha iruku pimples irukumbothu ungala maathiri irukanum face ethana fast results varamaathiri solunga tips sis

  13. pimples poiduchu sisy but andha black mark pogavae matikudhu doctor pimples ellam odachitaru so black ayduchu Adhu poga tips sollunga…

  14. Thank u Akka ena enakku naraiya pimple irundhudhu unga videova paththuttu senji paathen it is really worked again I am thank you akka

  15. Akka enaku overa ah pimples iruku but perusa ilama verkuru mathiri porinchirukum itha try Panna Nalla results kidaikuma

  16. sis Enaku pimples block dots athigama eruku Enna pandra Thu sis Neega sonna remedy try panna but no use sis give me any best tips sis

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