Hi, I’m Dr. Bindu Sthalkar Dermatologist and Cosmetologist and I’m here today to tell you everything about Pigmentation. You’ll have heard this sentence Prevention is better than Cure this is very true where Pigmentation is concerned. You can prevent pigmentation from forming or from coming on but treatment once it has come on takes a very very long time. So, how do you prevent pigmentation? Is sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. You have to use a broad spectrum sunscreen UVA plus UVB blocking. You should apply one teaspoon of it all over your face. You should apply fifteen minutes before you step out, allow it to settle in. Many people ask me SPF what is it, it is Sun Protection Factor and an SPF of 30 is good enough if you go to Essel World, if you go to a Water world then you need an SPF of 50 or 70 and it should be water proof and you must reapply every 2-3 hours if you want adequate protection. This is all about prevention, now once you have the pigmentation, when the tanning comes up and you have a uniform darkness of the face it can be removed with treatments the treatments which I’m going to tell you but once patchy pigmentation has come up either lentigines or melasma or PIH that is Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation well then you are going to be doing this treatment at least for 3-6 months. Now, we have creams which you can apply, they are the ones which contain hydroquinone, kojic acid, arbutin, tretinoin, glycolic acid. These have to be used under a doctors supervision and they help in decreasing your pigmentation and they should be used for a prolong period of time, 3-6 months. I would like to add over here, even Vitamin C creams or Vitamin E creams they are antioxidant creams and you know when we are out in the sun our body forms a lot of free radicals which go and damage your melanocytes, they go and damage your skin and they produce a lot of toxins. So, you’ll must have heard a lot about antioxidants. Well Vitamin C cream application as well as Vitamin C orally helps to mop up all these free radicals and prevent damage to your skin and to your DNA and to your pigment producing cells. Now, if you come to me with pigmentation how do I makeup your schedule for treatment? We have in clinic treatment and at home treatment. Now at the clinic treatment will be personalised or will be individualised as per your needs. Freckles and lentigines they need at the clinic treatment like chemical peels and lasers. Now, many people they come to me and say we have just been to Alibaug and we have got tanned, yes the tan can be easily removed you’ll can use creams the pigment reducing creams. Now, how to use what? Hydroquinone creams, Kojic acid creams can be used at night or creams containing tretinoin, glycolic acid should be used at night and the Vitamic C creams can be used in the morning but sunscreen is a must! Never, never, never, never step out without a sunscreen. At the clinic we will individualise the treatment according to your needs. So, lasers and chemical peels will be used. Now, lasers as I said are very, very effective in treating the freckles, the sun spots and these lasers also help in removing the tan which you have acquired when you’re lying down under the sun. This will help to lighten the tan and help you to come back to your original colour. Okay now, one other thing I’d like to talk here is that there are some people who say doctor I don’t want to do any treatments I just want creams because they feel they will get a lot of darkness, lot of pigmentation but here I’d like to tell you all these treatments that is chemical peels and lasers if they are done under a dermatologists supervision they will help in lightening your pigmentation and they will not give you any long term pigmentation at all. One is freckles, sun spots nothing but lasers and chemical peels will work. Tanning, yes chemical peels, lasers and creams will work only application of creams for tanning will take a long time. So, if you want to get detanned quicker then you have to do peels and lasers and the lasers now are very safe. If you do certain lasers which were there in the past they would just exfoliate your skin yes they would sensitize your skin to sunlight more but not these lasers. These lasers only target the pigment and they do not affect your skin at all. So, this is very, very important and do not hesitate to use chemical peels or lasers if done under a dermatologists supervision. If you have any doubts write them in the comments below and Stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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  2. Mame how can i contact with you …i have to consult with you …plz mame give me your email or ph no…with lots of respect

  3. I'm 22 and on a tight budget… I need skin brightening and getting rid of pores & fine lines!😰😦
    Please suggest a trustworthy, effective & affordable
    1)Vitamin C Serum
    2)Lightening lotion/moisturiser
    3)Glutathaione & other Supplements
    4)Eye Cream targeting dark circles & wrinkles


  4. Hi h r u I have melasma like pegmantation issue last 7years sai I used a lot of creams plus home tips but not permanent finished plz suggest me some treatment for permanent finished this issue

  5. Hello dr!I m been using demelan cream for about 3 days n my skin is left with uneven rough texture n has become dry n a lot of fine n small zits have arise all round the face.Plzzz help

  6. What is the point of entitling the video as " Treatments and Home remedies" when the video is all about treatments. facepalm

  7. Does microdermabrasion helps in removing full arm tanning? And how many sittings will it take to remove tanning completely.

  8. I have used lotus spf 100 sunscreen, next day i got allergies all over my face. What sunscreen will i use? Cz im a Civil engineer, i get exposed to sun all day long. I cover my face, monthly i do anti tan facials but nothing is stopping my skin frm having tan. My skin got 2tones darker n from last 7months m trying so hard but cant get to my original color despite all sun protection. Isnt there any remedy at all to not have tan? Please help

  9. hello mam person with white skin tone who once remove suntan with treatments like chemical peels and laser can get tan again or not u r saying long term means how many period 6 month or one year

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  11. Hi i have use all of these treatment derma roller and laser gold facial as well . I have been using since 5 years there is no improvments .more of this pigmentation is incresasing day by day.i prefer home remedy so dont waste ur money

  12. one thing i wanted to share with u guys because everyone are asking about sunscreen, those who gets fungus on their forehead cheeks or where ever on the face do not use the sun screen called nivea suncream

  13. Hi mam this is priya my face color is too daker than compared to my body color my dermatoligist said its hyperpigmentation so she is suggest me mometosone 0.01% mix with melano tx cream i used to this cream 1 year my pigmentation waa gone but she said applying this cream alternative days then stopped.then stopped this cream my face get dark plzzzzzzz suggest me good solution mam how to maintain good color plzzz help me

  14. In my skin pigmentation is occur in nose side, cheeks and upper lip parts…. How to use please tell me treatment .

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  17. I’m told that I should never do laser for my skin type as I have brown skin as it activates the melatonin and bring out more Melasma. I never have Melasma/hyperpigmentation it ever since that laser treatment, I now have it on my face.

  18. My pigmentation gone which I had almost for 15 years on my face hand and feet exposed to sun using rice flour wheat flour multani mitti curs and turmeric

  19. Just use 2 tablespoons of lemon, 1 tablespoon of organic honey and 1 teaspoon of rose water every evening for two – three months. On weekends, apply a tablespoon of avocado to your face and neck. I swear by this and it works so well. No need for these laser treatments and chemical peels that eventually end up making your skin age faster.

    My skin tans quickly and this has always been my go to remedy. The sunscreen part though, is true. Don’t go out without it! Even in the winter!

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