My name is Brashaad and the reason I
shave is pretty basic. I like to be smooth and clean-cut There’s a lot of myths
about shaving sometimes they say if you shave the hair’s gonna grow back extra
thick but that’s not true. It’s really because the way you shave, the hair grows back a little different so it could seem a little rough. I shave often so I don’t generally have to use a trimmer but you might find this useful. With the Gillette STYLER whenever I do use it probably about once a month or so I use it I go
start from the outside I always start from the outside everything I do and be
sure whenever you shave or use a trimmer avoid irritable areas such as the
nipple if you have any moles or pimples or anything along those lines definitely
go around those. After getting in the shower and starting to wet my chest a little bit and getting ready to shave it’s definitely important to get some
type of shave gel. The hair generally without putting anything on it it’s like
copper wire so it’s really hard to cut and then sometimes it will stick a little
bit and I don’t want that I want a nice, clean smooth shave. So the first step
that I like to do I take about a nickel to dime-sized amount of shaving gel start from the middle and lather out both sides of my chest. Now when shaving I
like to kind of raise my chest up a little bit And start from the bottom of
my chest It’s really important not to shave over your nipples so that’s why I kind of raise the chest a little bit higher and I go underneath and I covered my nipple I think that’s important so I keep from cutting myself. In between shaving it’s also great to
rinse off the blade and something important to me is the middle of my
chest. Whenever I shave the middle of my chest
I hold one pec over to the side and start from the middle and slowly go to the
outside. It’s important to apply a little bit of pressure
but not too much pressure. When I shave if it ever starts to feel like it’s tugging I like to
switch out the blade. When I finish shaving it’s definitely important to moisturize because it calms and comforts my skin a lot So to recap, Step 1, trim if necessary. Step 2, wet your hair, do it in the shower Step 3, apply the shave gel. Step 4, shave with a razor designed for your
body and leave the sensitive areas for last. And Step 5, apply moisturizer. You have your steps this is
exactly how you shave your chest. So if you’re thinking about doing it,
why not do it? It’s definitely worth a try if
you’re thinking about shaving.

86 thoughts on “How To Shave Your Chest | Body Grooming | Gillette Manscaping”

  1. How to shave your chest in one simple step: don't. Men are supposed to have chest hair. Unless you're a competitive swimmer or bodybuilder, all you're doing is caving to this modern pre-pubescent aesthetic. Be a man. Be proud of your pelt.

  2. damn, I watched this video like 9 times. I didnt even pay attention to what he was saying, but his body was speaking for itself! he's sexy!

  3. Seriously…if you are going to show guys how to shave their chest hair get someone who has chest hair and not peach fuzz….

  4. Using a razor can be a lot of work – how much depends on how hairy you are. Body trimmers are more practical because you can remove the hair much quicker and avoid skin irritation associated with razor shaving.

  5. Yes, chest hair is natural (on most men) as are pubes. Manscaping isn't only for aesthetic purposes though — some guys do it to cut down on excess sweat so they feel and are cleaner. For guys who shave the nethers, using a good moisturizer designed for the skin down there like Man1 Man Oil is a good idea.

  6. This is how Real men shave their chest.

    The fact is: They don't shave it off like women.

  7. I don't want to shave it all but I do want to trim it, Is there more cream you guys recommend pre and after(sensitive skin) because I don't want to be uncomfortable the whole day

  8. Shwww, probably took at least 3 razors to get through that forest. Gillette still probably recommended you change the blade after this the greedy sons of b****. Now I know every company needs to make a profit but the big razor companies have been gouging us for years. I hope all these little mom and pop companies that are coming out of the woodwork put them out of business.

  9. Gillette is fighting a losing battle. More and more men are putting down the razors, and letting their body hair grow. I love it!

  10. next time have someone demonstrate. who actually has a hairy chest. the guy that demos the armpit shave would be perfect.
    Gillette I think the advertiser screwed the pooch on this one

  11. suddenly this video became really awkward while he didnt talk and camera was zoomed in on his nipples

  12. suggestion for black men: use essential oil of lavender after shaving to prevent razor bumps, razor burns or any razor hazards, well could use it as preshave also.

  13. I'm a man, real men just trim the chest hair with an electric razor. Face shaving with either a Gillette Wilkinson Sword or a Feather razor blade.

  14. Gillette please help me out! One time I shaved my chest and i had an ingrown hair that was like 1 inche long growing in my body because it was an ingrown hair. How do I avoid this happening again?

  15. I’m a black man and I get more body hair within half of day than he does when he’s about to shave in this video

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