Because of the dramatic change of climate The temperature difference between morning and noon is very large. People can’t adjust their internal bodies to cope with today’s climate change. So it produces a series of symptoms. What if you have a cough? If it’s the simplest cough caused by cold We can use ginger, brown sugar and two onions. It can be used when you have a runny nose sneeze or a slight cough. If the cough gets worse the cough is more obvious. Then add a little mulberry or loquat leaves at this time. Especially mulberry leaves are very effective. Add some lotus root and cook together. Both cold and hot Dietary treatment for cough If the cough has just started it can also be treated with acupoints on our body. This acupoint for the treatment of lung is called Taiyin Lung Meridian Cold affects the lungs First of all, there is an acupoint called Shaoshang in this position beside the thumb. From Shaoshang Point to Yujian Point and Taiyuan Point This thread is Wushu Point. The acupoints of the lung meridian of the hand-taiyin such as the Shaoshang acupoint, are very sensitive. Next to your nails, Shaoshang is here. If it’s the initial stage of cough you can find the acupoint. You can cut your nails lightly. If the cough is very serious even spasmodic cough, tight breath need not cut your nails lightly. When you’re under heavy pressure. There’s a feeling of soreness, numbness and pain Even spastic cough can be relieved by pressing this place. Shaoshang acupoint can promote lung expectorate, relieve cough Zhenjin and release prohibition A very good acupoint It’s okay to press your nails first then point them with our fingertips and then rub them. Our Thenar point is between our black and white flesh. The highest point is called thenar. Shaoshang cave and thenar point are on the same line And then after we come back to Taiyuan Point this position Follow this line, push this line. This is the way I often teach patients in outpatient clinics. This is the legacy of our ancestors. It’s not mysterious. It’s the acupoint of Taiyin Lung Meridian of the hand. We might as well push it seven, seven, forty-nine times. Can play a role of lung, cough, expectoration, Qi This is a very good acupoint. This thread must be pushed carefully. It’s worth noting that if a child coughs we have another way. There are two very important meridians on the hand. One is the Taiyin Lung Meridian of the Hand from Shaoshang Point, Yujian Point to Taiyuan Point. Next to it is a meridian called Hand Yangming Large Intestine Meridian. There is an acupoint called Shangyang This is the line at Erjian, Sanjian and Hegu points. Let’s push this thread. Because the lung and the large intestine are superficial there is a very big relationship between them. Especially those who often have constipation or diarrhea can massage this meridian. Our Shangyang, Erjian, Sanjian to Hegu This thread can be pushed up forty-nine times. It’s very good for regulating our lungs and large intestines and our respiratory system. It’s very simple. You can try it. What if you have a cough in clinic? God has arranged us with very good things. The first is the lotus root which is empty in the middle. It is very similar to the trachea of our lungs so in traditional Chinese medicine believed that lotus root can clear heat, disperse lung, relieve cough cool blood, stop bleeding moisten dryness, and stimulate body fluid. It’s a very good natural food. Plus radish it can play the role of widening the chest and opening diaphragm expelling phlegm and expelling lung. A Lotus Root A green radish Add one or two maltose and boil them into drinks. Adults and children can drink it. It can be used as either therapy or adjuvant therapy. Some people drink like that for a few days without taking any medicine, and the cold will be all right.

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