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  1. So I was a apple I lost a lot weight now I look more like a rectangle. So I do I dress up with having a heavy chest?

  2. Great suggestions. I hadn’t thought of asymmetric, but immediately can see how it would work well. So true about jeans. The problem I have with clothes is height. I’m 5’9” with long arms & legs. Moderately priced clothing is often just a little too short, and the lines are off. It requires a lot of shopping and trying on to find pieces that look good. Ugh!

  3. It's not that easy, I'm retangle, petite and with generous breasts. It's only easy if you actually do have model body (tall and skinny) :/

  4. Hi Justine, the video is very interesting for me. I have measurements: 97cm/78cm/100cm , so I don’t have a small waist, but I also don’t feel like an “apple”. Is it possible to be a rectangle with a bigger size? And in that case would you change the fashion tips or are they exactly the same as according to the models?

  5. I had the hardest time figuring out which body shape I am. I have finally decided that I am a rectangle. The reason I had trouble deciding is because so many of the descriptions online for a rectangle didn't fit me. Things like, small bone structure, short, etc. I have an extremely thick, large bone structure. And I am quite tall. I recently lost weight, and so I honestly didn't know what my waist would look like, I didn't know I didn't have much of a waist. I don't really look like a model because I am so thick, so proportionally, I don't look like so many of the pictures of models. I have quit comparing myself to models, if I ever did. They just don't help at all. I don't relate at all. So I have developed my own style that works for my lifestyle. I am a farm girl, in this horrible humid heat. I can't wear fancy clothes, not practical. So whenever I make a run to town, usually the feed store, grocery store or thrift store, I throw on a dress I made. I make them from cotton tshirts or women's stretchy shirts. I make the hem line flare. It makes a comfortable dress, simple, monochromatic. Then I make a very long scarf that I wear as a long vest. It fits my style perfectly. It narrows the waist visually, and I can throw one on easily, and they are super easy to make. And they are light weight, which is much more bearable in this heat. It also helps to look put together. They are vertical in the front and horizontal in the back at the neck and hips. Basically a big loop. I've had several people stop me and ask where I got that cardigan.

  6. Hi Justine, I have a rectangle body shape and I am small. I find it hard to find clothes for casual style. I have watched mostly all of your videos but I haven't found a style that match my style yet. Do you have any advice?

  7. Since only a small percentage have a model like body, how about showing what the majority look like such as long torso, and short legs of the H shape?

  8. Im a rectangle but with a little belly not a tiny waist but a little visible one big breast and big hips and booty. I am tall 1m75 so i am not an apple body type, not really a rectangle not an houreglass and i dont know really what to wear sometimes houreglass clothes fit me sometimes i just look like a box. This is hell ? (sorry for my english i am french too j'adore tes vidéos justine ?)

  9. As a teen, I thought I was a stick with no curves until I accidentally discovered fitted shorts, shirts and body hugging dresses. I had no idea I had any shape. Regular shirts hung off of me like I'm a walking hanger. Clothing that hugs or is at least slightly fitted, give my body shape. I have more shape now that I'm a mom, but I still wear fitted clothing. I also find low rise pants are the most flattering because they emphasize the hips.

  10. Former Inverted Triangle, then with slightly wider hips morphing into a rectangle, but with the added issue of being slightly shortwaisted. Am I now an Apple?? Would love to hear your take on shortwaisted. Love your energy!

  11. I was told once by a man I was dating that I had no curves at all. I had never really taken a look at my body shape at all until he pointed this out to me especially the negative manner in which he said it. This made my self esteem shoot down so much along with the fact that he was always comparing me to other girls that did have big breasts and big hips. He would always say that he wished he could swap out my hips for another girl's hips which he would see on the street. I was rather young and dumb and wanted so much to be in a successful relationship that I accepted this treatment from him. Since then it has shaped the way that I looked at my body 🙁 That was 9 years ago and I've carried this with me ever since.

    You really changed my perspective and brought my self esteem up so much. You wouldn't even be able to fathom how beautiful you made me feel. I feel worthy for once and I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing choice of words. You are gorgeous, yourself, inside and out. Please keep doing what you do. Much love from Texas. <3

  12. can you make a tutorial on jeans. what jeans will go on which body type. i am rectangle body shape and want to know what kind of jeans will flatter my body shape. yes i heard you talking that skinny jeans will not flatter rectangle body shape but straight jeans will. However a little more knowledge will be beneficial.

  13. It would help if there was also advice for normal people, not just skeletally thin ones. Rectangle shape is very common in general population, but when one has this body shape and extra weight, it's not always clear how to style one's clothes.

  14. Thank you soo much i was complaining about my body shape , but now I'm too much better , j'aime mon style maintenant et c'est grace a vous❤️❤️❤️

  15. Hi, just watched ur video and decided to ask what is my body tyspe, my measuremnts r 32-26-34. Honestly I always have doubt n myself thinking of wearing fit dresses bcoz it seems that my body doesn't hav much curve, so i choose not to wear fit dresses. I thnk i have a rectangular body shape but not sure bout it.

  16. Hi' Justine, i love and enjoy your videos. i want to ask a favor. can u make a style tips fro petite rectangle shape body please.

  17. Your videos are amazing! Thank you for celebrating every body shape! My measurements are 97cm, 80cm, 97cm so I am guessing I am a rectangle shape and what you have explained in this video really makes sense and now when I shop I am going to make sure I keep these tips in mind!!

  18. It's actually very convenient to be a rectangle. I just buy stuff online without trying it on and it usually fits just fine))

  19. Am confused whether am a inverted triangle or a rectangle.i have a small waist,my hips are small,my shoulders aren't broad but I have a large burst.Someone help

  20. I’ve been upset with my body shape really. I have 39 inches hip, 30 waistline, and bust of 36 inches because I feel like I don’t have a curves ???
    I find it hard to style on my end as I am petite (5’2”)

  21. A black & white combo, while commonly & inaccurately described as monochrome – is not monochromatic at all, it is achromatic if anything. Mono means one, Chroma means colour, therefore monochrome is when only 1 colour is used (e.g all blues). It can be a single pure hue (e.g cobalt), or it may include tints, shades & tones of that colour (mixed with black white or grey) but it does not include black, white or grey separately, because they are not colours by definition. I'm this is just a language thing, as I feel sure you already know this from college – that's where I learned it, too. I love your work, but there is enough misinformation online without us educated professionals reinforcing falsehoods & making it harder for ordinary, inexperienced people to learn. Best wishes.

  22. Justine.. Thank u for the enlightenment! I was never comfortable with my body shape, especially because i confused mine between pear or rectangle. People tell me i have big hips, but some also comment that i have no feminine sides because my silhouette is similar to man's body! So, i just wear something loose. Never pay attention more on my body. I promise i'll dress myself better ?

  23. I am a rectangle with quite a long, straight torso but very short legs and with big thighs and a big butt and i never really knew what to do, all your videos are pushing my understanding of fashion and my self esteem so extremely! Thank you!

  24. Thank you for this video. I am a true rectangle and I've only just found out ! I am 50 and really interested in looking good. I have never had trouble fitting hips or boobs into things but I always hated boxy clothes on me and now I know why! Thanks xx. Jo.

  25. Thank goodness I found your video! I felt kind of weird in my shoes lately. After I started to run to lose my belly fat, I lost all my bum and my hips. However, the belly fat didn't leave… How could I "fake" an hourglass shape without taking the attention to my tummy? THX 🙂

  26. If your shoulders are 108 cm and hips 104 cm are you rectangle or inverted triangle? (and non-existing waist:) Shoulders: 108, bust: 103, waist: 87, hips: 104. Thanks!

  27. Does this apply to plus size rectangle body types too? I am rectangular but by no means a "model type".

  28. You know what's really hard to dress, an owerweighted rectangle, and that's me..
    Please, can you make a video for owerweighted body shapes

  29. I feel more confident of my body, because you said having rectangle body can be freely dressed. I'm so happy, because the ideal body shape is hourglass

  30. Thank-you for your vídeos. Ok, so I am 1, 55m tall -Shoulders 99cm, Bust 96 cm (36D cup), Waist 77 cm, Hips 98 cm. Would that mean I am a short, busty rectangle?

  31. The thing with my body is that, I am very petite and tiny, my shoulders are small, I don't have a defined waist, have a little bit of belly fat, zero hips but I do have a chest. My shoulders, waist and hips are in one straight line but I am not skinny thin but normal. I don't know what body type am I. Or am I a mixture of two body types? Is that possible?

  32. I am confused, I look rectangle because everything is straight but with boobs. Is it possible or does it means I am an inverted triangle ?

  33. Hello!!!! Thank you so much for this post!!! I was wondering if you had any posts related to dressing a rectangle shape with a short neck. If not, can you direct me to some posts that might help????? Thank you again!

  34. my shape. huh!!! I don't think it's great not having curves. but I actually can make myself look hourglass. especially since i have implants

  35. I'm also petite so I have to keep my weight down. this shape doesn't look good with extra weight (well I don't) my waist does go in 9 inches less than my hips it used to be 10 inches smaller. kids changed that. I stay 5 pounds underweight and that is when I look and feel my best. extra weight looks awful on me

  36. My waist is only 4" smaller than my bust and hips 🙁 I have learned that any dresses or shirts with a seam/drawstring at the waist or peblum shirts make me look so wide (due to no waist). Ruching is my friend though. Do you have any tips for a non-model sized rectangle, not petite, just more average weight? Also, where can I get the skirt at 3:50?!? Thx!

  37. Justine, I sooo enjoy your extremely informative and engaging videos.
    Thank you.
    I was hoping for a video on a difficult body type to style…..mine.
    I am an older gamine towards natural woman with a rectangle shape standing at 5 ft. HELP!!
    My body and height seems to be a contradiction in terms of how to style and dress it. I’d like to give myself a curvier shape without making myself look shorter but still dressing in a sophisticated and classy manner related to my age (54).
    I am tan but believe I have a neutral undertone (blue and green veins) and an oval face shape, short hair (wedge) and I weigh 115.
    I am in the process of getting rid of all of my clothing and would like to keep enough for a minimal capsule wardrobe. I would appreciate ANY advice.
    Again, thank you for your time and expertise.

  38. I think I'm a rectangle but with a little white girl bubble butt that pokes out in the back. Closet thing I have to otherwise non existent curves. This video gives me the confidence that I've been on the right track when it comes to the wide range of shapes and styles that I like in clothes, and that I'm not doing it "wrong" by using such a variety of things.

  39. So I am very busty (32E) and have hips, but no waist whatsoever. I am not stick thin or model-like. I look like an hourglass from the side and a brick from the front and nothing seems to work for me. I feel like to take a lot of this advice I have to be that classic stick-like model body.

  40. So even if a woman's body is straight up and down light a ruler she can get curvy with right clothes? They are mistaking men.

  41. I'm sure u won't get a chance to reply to this but I'm so stuck, my measurements are 39" 32" 41"
    I'm 5ft 4 and no idea what shape I am! When I was younger I was a lovley hourglass but 2 kids and a crazy life later I've no idea u thought more pear but the online things are all telling me rectangle please help?

  42. Justine, I need your help. A personal stylist where I used to work told me I am a rectangle. The measurements I took (using your video) also say I am a rectangle, but I definitely look like an apple. What should I do?!

  43. Do you have a video on how to dress for a short rectangular shape and other body tipes? Would love to get tips on how to dress better. ☺️

  44. Still don't know which my body type is, I tried watching a video that guides you how to find your shape and my results were pear. I was so confused since my butt ain't that big at all, then I went to Google and searched Body shape calculator and now it says I'm rectangle. I think it might be right? Since my Waist is 27inch. I'm so confused. ?

  45. I'm a bit late on that one but I've evolved from 8 to rectangle (thanks, puberty and sedentary lifestyle!), yet I'm also quite short and not really lean anymore so I really struggled to find anything flattering on me. Here are the few useful things I've found with time:
    – If you don't like to wear asymetrical shapes or patterns, just try to tuck only one side of your Tee or shirt in your trousers.
    – Like straight trousers, (high heeled) boots that are slightly wider at the ankles tend to flatter more than ankle-fitted ones to balance the figure.
    – heavy, yet fluid clothing is 100x more flattering than regular cotton etc., especially when it come to tops, so I always go for viscose or similar (I don't wear silk) fabrics.
    – dresses with pleating on one side are the best to create a waist that you don't have, and they're so classy anyway 🙂

  46. Hey Justine! Is it possible to be a rectangle with curves? All my body type measurements tell me that I am a rectangle, but I no way have an athletic body. My measurements are 35.5-28.5-36.5. What do you make out of these numbers and how should I dress? Please help!

  47. rectangular body types are only easy to dress if you have balanced proportions. i am very short waisted and often the advice for dressing one contradicts the other (i.e. define the actual waist vs don't). looking at all these models with beautiful long torso makes me feel so bad about myself

  48. I am so confused about my body type. My upper body is pretty rectangle (very flat, very little waist, but aethletic in a way) but my bum is pretty big.

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