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  1. i need stretchy fabric, because for example size M fits my stomach, but I can’t breath. size L is great for my breasts but I tend to look pregnant:D my favorite combo are slim fit jeans with midigh rise, looser top and I partially put it in my jeans, just casually and usually on my left side (i don’t have big tummy but i still don’t like it). oh and top ideally showing some cleavage so i take attention from tummy away lol. and it works, my friends usually say omg girl you’re skinny with perfect body – no i’m not, i just know how to balance it show/hide 🙂

  2. Heya hourglasses.
    I’m finding it difficult to find a brand is ethical and will also cater to this shape (also petite 165cm)
    Would greatly appreciate suggestions.

    I usually wear short/fitted tops/shirts, knits and blazers with mid-high waisted pants or skirts maximum knee length that are tight fitting. And tighter dresses on the upper body with a looser fit below for everyday (so I can eat a big lunch) usually a tighter fit when I have an event.
    Thank you merci dankeschön

  3. I find high waisted fitted jeans work for me, fitted in general, anything that sinches in at the waist, square necked outfits, tight tops, jumpsuits and pinafores with waist ties. Baggy tops that go to the hips, I love but they create the illusion i'm as big as my bum the whole way up.

  4. but wouldn't all the alternative styles make you look fat? because if you are wearing, for example, a straight top, the relatively bigger breasts will make you look like a square, right? I am talking about larger hourglass shapes, ie in my case i have all the "right curves" but i am a bit bigger in size (10 to 12 Euro) so it's be very easy to look boxy if not wearing something fitting at the waist…
    Another thing is, I do tend to cover myself quite a lot in the way I dress (that suits my personality better, ie i am probably the opposite of the vamp-bimbo) but i still don't want to look fat… I'd like to go for a more elegant-streamlined-timeless style… can you give any tips on that? i realise this vid is not so new but i'm into a style trip atm 😀 thank you so much, your content is awesome 🙂

  5. Dresses with the cut under the boob and flows (empire waist) – accentuates everything but feels comfy!

  6. I'm a modest hourglass figure (pretty much 90-60-90 and is not that bold) and the ultimate secret for me is men's top (t-shirts, jackets etc) and medium waisted jeans.
    If for any reason I'm buying tops for the female's section or even dresses, I don't buy them my size, I buy them one size or two sizes bigger.

    Another good trick is to wear masculine clothes, the contrast btw my curves and the shape of male clothes is everything.

    If you're not really into buying male clothing it's ok, you just need to try fabrics that allow yourself to move and to breath. Not everything too tight but not too loose and you'll be fine

  7. I wear cropped tops and high waisted jeans most days, I also go for the baggy urban look w/ layers of clothing, it can make you look sort of manly though… but I don’t mind. It’s mostly tight fitted everything for our shape which is rubbish and I never wear jogging bottoms that’s a big no no for me! Makes my hips look huge and my bum big but baggy… I also feel like no matter what jeans I buy they just aren’t comfortable to sit or wear and the jeans are always too tight or too loose… it’s such a faff to get tailored though is it worth it? X

  8. finding jeans is literally a hunt. it either is too big at the waist, or too tight at the hips. it's honestly such a pain finding the perfect jeans.

  9. I have a really skinny hourglass/pear body figure. I am closer to hourglass. I am not curvy, at all. I just have a really skinny waist. I have a really small bust and butt. What should I do?

  10. I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and am now an extreme hourglass (28-33cm of difference between my 75cm waist and bust/hip measurements).

    I’ve mostly been sticking to high quality stretchy items (lower quality stretches so much it becomes see-through) and wrap dresses but I️ miss form fitting dresses and pants. I️ would have to have everything tailored to fit.

    I️ love my body but shopping for it can be frustrating…

  11. I am a hourglass figure, and someone told me once that I must be very careful when choosing clothing because thanks to my curves I can make a simple and elegant outfit look vulgar on me, I was upset with that advise at first then I understood what she meant and yes, I am very careful when buying clothes, I love Michael Kors long dresses on me I am 5'2" and his dresses make my body look longer and very feminine without being vulgar, so far his brand is the only brand I found who cares for full D breast and J-Lo butt.

  12. To hide/ take a break from being an hourglass, I wear wide legged pants and jeans. The wide leg gives me " weight " so that I appear stronger/ more serious.. this can be especially important in situations where overt sensuality is not appropriate like the office. Also every hourglass I know avoids jeans with a high amount of stretch. The extra stretch is too much in many cases as the waist are rarely tailored and an hourglass will end up with pants the ride down all day from the stretch.

  13. I'm a pregnant hourglass (8 months) and have experienced maternity clothes and non maternity clothes. The loose fitting tops make me look obese, or at least fat, rather than pregnant. At first I loved my maternity jeans (until sometime in the second tri) because the upper part fit just perfect for my waist and hips. I think that I'll continue to wear them postpregnancy because they fit so well. Only downside with them is they're pretty safe and boring, as far as style is concerned. Now I'm bigger than the stretchy band and I want loose fits on my legs for circulation, and it's hard to bend over to get dressed anyway. Flares and chiffon wide leg trousers in a very soft flowy fabric (with an elastic waistband) fit best now, but they absolutely need paired with a stretchy top. My trousers now are not maternity, just normal elastic waist trousers in my pre-pregnancy size. I lost a stone in first trimester and my belly has gained it back again, so I haven't changed sizes.
    I guess I'm surprised most by how much my normal style has*not* changed due to pregnancy. I still favour skinny jeggings or leggings or flares or floor length wide legs, all with some stretch. I still don't wear more than one item of loose clothes. I have given up crop tops and even normal length tops, because there's not enough fabric to cover my belly or the crop top rolls up. I still like the idea of dresses, just not really the feeling of wearing them–though before long that might be the only thing that can accommodate my belly.
    I've recently discovered bralettes with a decorative upper that adds a bit to tops that like to go a bit too low in the cleavage. Bralettes and sports bras are my go-to. Even though I have a hefty bustline, the way the tissue falls is kind of in my armpits and flat to my body, so the vast majority of bras just do nothing for me. Nobody believes I'm over a C cup unless they see the measurements. Oddly my bra size hasn't changed with pregnancy either, though I have killer cleavage, but I am much more sensitive to any constricting elastic.

  14. I am a plus size hourglass I can't find jeans or skirts to fit properly. Have you any ideas to help me?

  15. Hi Justine,
    I Love what you do! It’s always very interesting and instructive!

    But I’m going to continue in French as I am way more comfortable! 🙄😅

    Voilà, je suis couturière de formation, mais n’ai pas ou que très peu pratiqué, et j’aurai une question:
    J’ai des mensurations en sablier (plutôt épaules large poitrine moyenne à forte, petite taille et hanche visuellement à la même largeur que les épaules), j’ai aussi d’une part le « problème » ou la situation d’être trop vite remarquée avec des habits qui suivent le corps, et celui de trouver des habits ajustés correctement.
    Ma diference de proportion hanches/taille est de environ 24 à 30 cm et je me demandais, si je fait des pinces sur un pantalon (jeans) sans stretch (que j’adore), pinces avant, arrière et un peu dans les coutures de côté, est-ce que tu crois que j’arriverai encore à entrer dans le pantalon ? Ou bien est que je suis obligatoirement utiliser um tissus stretch pour arriver à ce résultat ?

    Un grand merci d’avance!

    Bisous de Suisse

  16. I don't want to look too sexy or vulgar, so I usually don't accentuate my breasts or my hips. But love to accentuate my waist e.g. with waist belts! <3

  17. Hi , I'm a hourglass figure but I'm a big tomboy , I was wondering what would be the best clothes I could wear while mantaining my tomboy style

  18. I'm 16 and have an hourglass body shape. I want to flatter it (which is why I'm watching this) but at the same time I hate it. I get a lot of unwanted attention from men 35-60. My parents are actually signing me up for self-defense classes because I've been followed around by these older guys. It's not relevant to the video, but I see a lot of women in the comments section saying that people think they're "too sexy" and I just want to say that we need to be safe. Look out for yourselves, everybody 💛

  19. I have an hourglass with pretty small breasts (80cm while my bum is 95, waist is 62cm) but my shoulders are broad (which is the way how you check an hourglass, if the shoulders and the hips are the same, not the breasts). Flare jeans are really good and look good, especially if you want to slim your thighs a little bit. Anything that can tie on the waist is really good. If you want to relax a little bit, wide shorts or buttons up

  20. I’m extremely petite (height and size) AND have an hourglass. It’s the most difficult size to buy for. Everything is either too big and makes me look frumpy or too tight on the curves (especially on the bust)

  21. I'm an hourglass, but I also have an issue with my neck and shoulders because I workout. So stretchy fabrics is ALL i wear. Besides they are the most flattering in my opinion. And I adore Razorbacks, comfortable and shows of the back in a very flattering way.

  22. I’m an obese hourglass ( i’m definitely trying to lose weight 😩) and I have to make sure my curves show or else I look like a beach ball 😂🙈! I miss being small 😩! Thank you for this video btw!

  23. I'm really confused about what my shape is. I took a shape generator and it said I'm pear but my shoulders and hip(butt circumference) are the same, my chest is the same as my hip(hip bone area) and my waist is the smallest. I think I'm hourglass but my boobies are small.

  24. I do not have big hips or a big bust but because I have a tiny waist I still would consider myself an hourglass. Do hourglass figures have to have big hips and bust?

  25. i love wearing fitted jeans and a flowy tank top, paired with a cropped jacket that hits at my waist— it shows off the tapered waist while being easy to wear and pretty casual

  26. I am an hourglass, but I’m tiny in height at just 4ft 9”.
    Finding something that compliments my figure can be quite the challenge. I hate how I look in jumpers/sweaters as they seem to hang from my bust 12F and I look like a walking tent on its side.
    I have found that empire waistlines can be flattering. The cut comes just under the bust but doesn’t hug the waist, so not accentuating the hourglass figure quite so much.
    High waisted jeans are my best friend too and when paired with an empire style top make me feel both sexy but not over the top “pornstar”, however the neckline has to be sort of sweetheart style otherwise it can look a little dowdy.
    Anyway that’s just my go to.

  27. I’m an hour glass and the only work pants that don’t x rated on me are high waisted wide leg pants. Love your videos but wish you had more examples and work related outfits since hourglass struggle to look work appropriate given our bodies

  28. I'm an hourglass but I have a big persistant belly due du multiple pregnancies. So I can't show my body so much anymore because I can't show my waist and hips, and hide my belly at the same time!!! Dilemmas Dilemmas!!! Plus I'm small, so I learned to play with proportions with long tops and shirts! So it's a mix of all your advices that I learned to practice along the years! I tend to go baggy at the top and slim on the legs usually during the day, but it's hard to find a dress that show the waist and hide the belly all at once! Any advice on this one? Thanks

  29. I'm an hourglass but I also have a prominent hip dip so the best thing for me is 50s dresses. And yes it's so hard to find clothing that fits 😭

  30. Waist is tooo small. I litterly have no pants that fit without a belt. (45-33-45) Visually I like my look. I always get compliments for my style and body shape, even tho I‘m clearly overweight (see measurements). But finding cloths is a challenge.

  31. When low cut jeans were in style in the late '90s and early 2000s, I learned the hard way that they look terrible on me (now I'm all about those mid-rise and high-waisted jeans/shorts/skirts!). I am definitely 90% hourglass and maybe 10% Inverted triangle, and it's funny that no matter what I wear my husband always finds it attractive (or sexy, even when I'm wearing baggy/comfy lounge clothes, a little annoying, lol). I purposely wear plainer/baggier clothes to my bookstore job to keep away any men (I love my husband, he treats me better than many men I've met, despite my figure). It helps that I can scare them away with my super niceness and smarts, lol (hurray Master's degree!). I do find that I struggle with straight-lined dresses and clothes though, they make me look chunkier than I really am… Very unflattering. I'd love to wear them, and they always look great on the models, but sighs and shrugs

  32. I feel like my breasts are too big, compared to the rest of my body. I like to play up my hips and hide my breasts. But I feel like my only real choice is to wear form-fitting tops, because that way my waist is accentuated. But obviously the form-fitting top makes my breasts stand out more.
    Whenever I wear loose fitting tops, it makes my entire body look shapeless and takes away definition from my hips and waist.
    Any advice?

  33. My biggest problem is finding tops that fit my bust and waist at the same time. If it fits the bust it‘s mostly loose at the waist and if it fits my waist, my boobs either spill out or are pancake-flatted.
    So i pretty much always buy strechy tops.
    Also built in bras are annoying. I always have to buy a larger size so it fits my boobs but then sew it tighter at the waist.
    Also loose shirts make me look like a tent. It takes away the shape and makes me look way heavier than I am.

  34. Whilst I am an hourglass, I have a narrow ribcage and slim hips. I'm also quite tall. I find proportion makes all the difference in whether clothes work for me or not. I hate how short most ready to wear clothes have been over the last ten years or so. I rarely buy much in the way of modern clothes, because I find the whole process so painful!
    I wear a lot of vintage clothing from the 1930s and 1940s, as I find the fit and shapes work for my body, and I like the individual nature of the pieces. I also sew, but mainly vintage patterns from the same eras which need minimal adjustment for my figure. If I could get hold of good fabric easier, I think I would make more modern clothes for myself. I'm very particular about fibres and prints, so prefer not to shop on-line for such things.

  35. I always buy clothes that are the size of my waist with super stretchy material to fit my boobs and hips. Or separates. I’m also 6ft with all the height in my torso.

  36. I am a very overweight (130 kg) but tall (175 cm) hourglass, so here is my style:
    Upper Body: I like to wear long shirts which both make my waist stand out but are just lose enough to make my hips seem a little slimmer. For neckline I usually choose either v-neck or shoulderless. I only go sleeveless if it is so hot I sweat naked. In the summer I like to combine a long tanktop with a light bellyfree-shirt with shoulderfree neckline. This combination looks great and it takes the focus of my big behind.
    Lower Body: I prefer bootcut pants, because I have very thick thighs and with them being tight on those thighs and wide around the feet they give my legs a nice curve. Slimmer cuts make my legs look like deformed carrots and with wider cuts my hips look even bigger. I also like to wear skirts and dresses at about knee length, but since my spine is deformed (hyperlordosis, hypokyphosis) I have to always adjust the lenght because the fabric is pulled up at the back and lowerd up front.

    I might me oberweight, but I like to show of my figure because I stil have one and there is absolut no need to hide behind tentish clothes. That's why I like to shift peoples focus with my style and it works (Most people guess my weight at around 100 – 110 kg).

  37. As an hourglass figure, I agree with others who commented that certain styles make me look….like a whore. It sucks. My friend, who is pear shaped, and I can try the same top on and I'm busting out of the top. Or we try the same skirt on and it's too short in the back. Its frustrating.

  38. I know some Gordman's got shut down but if you have one near you I've found many pairs of jeans that curve with your body kinda sorta. (I only know abt skinny jeans because thats all I wear.) The jeans have more room for the butt, thigh, and caf. And they are tighter at the knee, ankle, and kinda at the waist. (but I still need belts to keep them up). The jeans I get the most are WAM brand (i forgot what the acronym is for but they have a kissy lip as their symbol)
    Looks i like: High waisted skinny jeans with crop tops. Skater style dresses. High waisted (more fitting?) joggers with a t-shirt (tanks too) tucked in or a crop top.
    Also, other hourglass shaped people have problems finding pants that are tight enough on the waist so they don't start falling but can fit around your thighs + butt right?

  39. I am a slight hourglass and I like tight dresses and high waisted jeans! But do you have tips for skirts? Because of my hips and consequently my thighs I always feel like skirts make me look shorter. I can’t find a good length!

  40. Dear Justine! I would be most glad if you could make video about post pregnancy changes to body type ( of course if you had such experience with your clients). Pre pregnancy I was rocking my hourglass body shape (96-70-97) but post pregnancy it grew everywhere a few cm ((100-80-100)ah my poor waist) at 6 months postpartum. I could use some advices since clothes fall at different angles now .

  41. the hourglass high waist jeans issue-
    its either too small on the hips that you cant put it on or its perfect on the hips but huge on the waist

  42. Hey,I can relate to it so much as an Indian girl with hour glass figure,I like my figure so much. But, in India we have penchant for slim(curvy is acceptable) white girls and in abroad it is other way round.I experimented lot over the years and found colors that suits me but, everytime whenever it is fitting of clothes ,it just gives me tough times ,due to all the reason you girls know. Especially,at work place . I end up ditching shirt and started wearing more full-sleeves length shirt that sits on my body look elegant and not-to worry about my boobs poping-out. I am glad to know there were times in my early sophomore days when one of my lecturer pointed at my boobs showing out during one of our session and bashed me for dressing up inappropiately in college later but,she herself was plus size and sad she dint understood my pain.
    Glad,things are changing these days and so many varieties for us. Especially for pants 🙂 -Cheers

  43. As a curvy hourglass, I love to wear crop tips with a high waisted pant. The high waist makes me feel secure, but the crop top ends at my natural waist, emphasizing my shape.

  44. I have an hour glass but I also gain weight around the lower belly area so tight is not always an option. I don’t understand how all these celebs have very full figures but have flat stomaches. I mean it’s like they are an 8 from the front but a b from the side.

  45. Thank you for sharing how Not to look like an hourglass. Sometimes I just want to go to the grocery store without being bothered

  46. how could i wear a t-shirt and leggings? my sister (who is a rectangle) along with the rest of my friend group all look amazing while i look 30 pounds heavier

  47. I have found that finding a talented and reasonably priced tailor makes all the difference. I like brands like Anthropologie, free people, madewell, but they rarely have cuts that don’t make me look like I’m wearing a tent. I now tend to look for these brands at Nordstrom, which often has sales and a good loyalty/points system. Nordstrom offers discounted tailoring on items you buy through them, at the store or online, but they also will tailor items bought elsewhere. I’m in my late 30s now. I used to own more clothes, now I probably spend the same amount on clothing, but I buy better cut and quality, have it altered, and hang it up when I get home and wear house clothes/ workout clothes otherwise to make sure my most flattering/ stylish clothes last.

    I live in a very intellectually minded area and used to feel like people assumed a lot about me bc of my figure, but now i just rock the shit out it and enjoy embracing my figure while I still have it.

  48. I’m so happy I found this video. I know I have a hourglass shape. however I do have prominent hip dips(violin hips) so that is something I do have to take into consideration.

  49. My biggest tip for hourglass is high waisted everything! Nothing looks better on me than a bottom with a high waist and a slightly chopped shirt that stops before the widest part of my hips.

  50. see I’m n between a pear and an hourglass body my hips and shoulder are the same length but my bust isn’t “big” but it isn’t small either I’m a B. I actually hate my hips cuz of my hip dips -_- I prefer not wearing any skinny jeans that elongate my legs so I usually wear skinny jeans that are above ankle length

  51. I have been more and more leaning into 30‘s/40s vintage/retro style, there is my fashion finally, now I feel finally fully comfortable wirh my type of body… 20‘s is unfortunately less for me😅

  52. We petite women need a little help. I think I'm an hourglass, but I have a small bust. I definitely have a well defined waist. I notice when I go to the gym and am in gym clothes that I'm an hourglass, but my cup size is small. I guess in generally, we just need more about the small, I mean really small build. I'm an Ann Taylor size 00.

  53. Am hourglass but petite.If I go for a dress, I copy Monica Belucci with slightly longer knees length, with jeans I prefer high waist.Hate dresses, M&S,Ann Klein fits ok but generally dress is a difficult to find prefer jeans

  54. Getting a tailor is a really good tip. *Thumbs up* Finding a good one can be challenging, but worth the effort though

  55. I don't like to wear tight clothes , so I always go for the flare skirts and tennis skirts with a tshirt tucked in for a casual look! The shorter length skirts also make me look taller 🙂

  56. if you wear a jacket don't zip/button it up, this striations/bulks out the waist. i mainly where jackets because i get cooled easily but it does help when the shirt i want to where is to tight and i don't feel comfortable wearing just that t-shirt.

  57. wrap dresses are great for hourglass girls actually able to show off the small waist especially if you are a more curvy shape

  58. I only own jeans from PepeJeans. They’re the only ones that fit well both on the waist and the bum. With other pants I always need to get the waist adjusted bc too loose, but for just 6-8€ it’s worth it!

  59. Could anyone help me please? I beg you. What am I? I check internet calculators. I am an adult, so my body isn't growing anymore. My bust is quite small, it is 2 cm (almost 1 inch) smaller than my hips. My waist is visible well. I am 98 x 77 x 100 cm (38 x 30 x 39 inches). Sometimes my waist is 75cm (29 inches) depending on if I ate etc. I am 171 cm tall (1,7 feet tall). Some say I am rectangle and some I am hourglass. My breast is cup C, I weight about 62kg (136.6 lbs). What to believe?! What to wear?! I have no big bust, but I have curves! I do not look like Natalie Portman, but I do not look like those busty hourglasses neither!
    I think it is safer to wear like hourglass pretending to be rectangle, but then sometimes I do want or have to look more sexy and elegant. And this is my problem…
    My wardrobe is full of so much different clothes and I have no idea how to match them with me 🙁
    What am I?…
    I just started to take care of my hair, face, now I want to take care of how I look since I am not happy with my style (or better to say: lack of it). I live in a country where if you are dressed comfy (smth like gym suit, baggy blouses) you are just ugly and sloggy and probably depressed. You have to look like from the magazine cover, otherwise you get weird looks on the street and nobody is nice to you or taking you seriously (even in the shop!). Just like you are a kid not an adult and I am closer to 30 than 20. I feel so much pressure yet I try to start, but I don't know my body type…

  60. I have an hourglass body with very high hips, so I have violin hips/ hip dips as well (like miss Von Teese). I look for things to accentuate my waist and on the bottoms I try to look for pants and skirts that give of the illusion of guitar hips🤗 I can’t quite figure out how to style myself for wintertime, because I feel like most clothes tend to be very baggy in winter and baggy clothes make me feel fat. Any tips anyone? Btw Justine thanks for al the help and teachings! I LOVE your look in this video.

  61. Thank you, Justine. I am a slender hour glass (US size 2). For a while, I really wanted to wear some of the trendier styles which, in my opinion are not designed for the hour glass, thinking I could get away with it. What I found is that these styles tend to visually put a lot of weight on me. So I've reverted back to cinching my waist or struggling with finding clothes that I don't need to have altered. One of my all time favorites for me: skirts or jeans with a yoke. So flattering on me! I wish these would come back!!!! Perhaps you can design some!!

  62. Petite girl with hourglass mold… usually I balance the tightness of my clothing.
    If I wear something tight up top, I'll go for a looser or baggier style on the bottom. And vice versa. I find it comfortable to work with!

  63. Finally, someone understands that not everyone who has an hourglass body appreciates it! I wish there would be a video on how to hide the curves and pull off an androgynous look.

  64. Hour glass figure here. When I want to show off my hour glass I am all about pencil dresses and pencil skirts so that was spot on! I must be modest about how much skin I show- only legs or only arms or only cleavage at a time- otherwise I look like I'm trying way too hard to be sexy.

    When I want a break from that I just balance my clothes by wearing tight pants if I'm wearing a lose/relaxed shirt or loose pants if I have a tight top or sleeveless top. I can't wear all loose clothes or dresses otherwise I look heavy… the only exception is a relaxed dress or jumpsuit cinched at the waist. Box cut clothes and weightless fabrics are a no go. I must pay attention to darts and tailoring so my figure is flattered as opposed to lost in fabric. I can also wear long, tailored a line skirts and dresses (40s and 50s vintage pieces are the bomb because they used to tailor and dart everything) that are more conservative and make it look very chic instead of matronly because the curves stand out but no skin is showing.

  65. I am hourglass figure but I don’t have a large chest, so many times when I wear this style of clothing it makes my shoulders look big bc my chest is small… plus I’m only 5’2 and it’s harder make hourglass work when you are short…

  66. Loose A line dresses with a high neck that drape well are perfect for feeling covered up, comfortable, but also not looking like you have no shape. It can be good to wear it with a cropped or tied over shirt at the waist level, and a pattern like stripes can help give shape also since the stripes accentuate curve without actually being tight fitted.

  67. Please please make a video for inspiration Skinny Hourglass. Seems all the celebrities and inspired is for hourglass with big curves. I'm 87-60-87 no big ass, no big boobs. Please suggestions for us! 😭

  68. What would you recommend for a bottom-heavy hourglass? For me, it’s my wide shoulders and hips that are balanced while my bust (and slim band) is smaller than both. However, my waist is still noticeably smaller than my bust and very well-defined. I know wearing a push-up bra under the outfits you recommend would work but I don’t want to have to wear a push-up bra ALL THE TIME! But textured shirts that are supposed make your bust look bigger, also make my shoulders look bigger and thus, out of balance with my hips. Any suggestions on dressing for a bottom-heavy hourglass would be greatly appreciated!

  69. great idea to emphasize feminine shape is to wear high-waited straight cut midi skirts with tops tucked in. Flowy materials like silk or satin are great.

  70. I usually can't find pure non-stretch jeans that fit, the exeption being guess jeans so i definitely agree and am now interested in checking out the other brands/fits mentioned! You can also go for stretch jeans my only gripe is that the quality will feel less and they don't seem to last more than 1 or 2 years I've had my guess jeans for 4 years and they fit basically the same as when i fist got them

  71. The biggest struggle i have with dressing is that since my waistline is the only "small /slim" part of me when i wear tight clothes i get a lot of sexual attention and when i wear loose clothes i look like I've put on 15lbs overnight and its not a look i mind but the comments i get make me feel really insecure. One thing i do find helps is wearing a comfortable and supportive structure-less bra like a bralette that really cups each breast or a light sports bra and wearing a shirt that isn't loose and flowy or skin tight but more in the middle. Or a T-shtucked into some highwaisted jeans; Pro tip wear a thing or granny panties and then you can tuck the shirt into your underwear and style it and then do up your jeans overtop, it makes it fit better and will stay in place best.

  72. I’m an hourglass with wide shoulders but small boobs (b size, while my bum is a lot bigger) I find high necks really flattering, and also while my shoulders are really wide and my arms aren’t skinny, jumpsuits with wide arm area and a belt really works. Wrap tops are a must!!!

  73. I suppose… I'm a between hourglass to spoon figure and I don't really go on diet, thus I found whenever I buy new outfit I'll rather alter and modify my new clothes by myself it's just simpler for my life
    I'm a trans female though I have no breast nor any hormone replacement therapy yet,
    However my body measurements are
    Height 181cm 5'11ft
    Shoulder width 41.25cm16.24inches
    Bust 73cm 28.74inches
    Waist 63cm 24.8inches
    Hip 90cm 35.4inches

  74. Bonjour Justine! Merci pour cette video! Je suis Irlandaise. J'ai le corps "hourglass" et je ce trouvé trés diffcile achater les vetements bonne pour ma corps. J'adore les robes "bodycon" et les jeans mince avec les chemises et "tank top", ou poloneck. J'adore ton YouTube! Desolé pour mon francais mais je dois practice avec les personnes francais!

  75. I am a hour glass shape, hips and bigger breast. When it comes to clothing I try to keep it in balance. If I wear skinny jeans or leggings, I’ll try pairing it with a looser top. Or if I wear baggy pants like oversized mom jeans or sweats, I pair it with a tighter T-shirt or tank top. And if you don’t wanna show off anything, over sized sweaters and like the video said skater skirts and dresses that are loose on top and loose on bottom with slightly synched waist is your best friend. Hopefully this is any help to you girls.❤️

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