Hi Domenica here from easy sewing for
beginners . com. In this video I’m going to be showing you a quick way to thread
your needle so. I’ve got my needle and it’s slightly larger than what I’d
usually use but for demonstration purposes I’ve got a bigger one. You’ll
need your thread and to do this you’ll quite simply need to place your thread
over the palm of your hand like so and then put the eye of the needle over the
thread and then you quite simply just with a little bit of downward
pressure just rub that needle back and forth. It doesn’t need to be fast and
you’ll see that the thread slowly starts to come through the eye of the needle. So
you can grab that, pull it through and then your needle is threaded. How simple
is that! Now to show you with a smaller needle hopefully you can see that and
the thread. So just place the thread over the palm of your hand and with the eye
of the needle flat on your palm and the eye over the thread just slowly roll it
backwards and forwards and you’ll see the thread has come through the eye of
the needle there. So you grab that thread and pull it through and there you have
it. A really easy way to thread your needle. It’s fantastic. If you like that
little hack then be sure to check out my video for how to tie a knot in thread. If
you’ve liked this video or found it useful be sure to subscribe, share, hit
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the near future. Thanks for watching. Bye

10 thoughts on “How to Thread a Needle! Different, but amazing!”

  1. New subscriber and hand sewer here! And I have a question. When you thread the needle to hand sew, are you using a single thread, and threading it like with cross stitch? Or are you "doubling over" the thread, to keep the needle from unthreading.
    It all adds up to the fact that when i sew with a single thread, my needle keeps unthreading, yet obviously when I double thread, it doesn't. Which is more correct for hand sewing?

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