Noses can bleed for various reasons. They can be hit in the nose. It could be really dry. You could be hit in the head and your nose
could bleed. If you suspect any kind of head trauma you
need to call a doctor right away. If the bleeding is thin or yellow colored
you need to call someone right away. Call 911 and be seen right away. It could be head trauma. Something bigger and worse could be going
on. If you don’t suspect head trauma and it’s
a run of the mill nosebleed you want to pinch your nose. You’re going to pinch with your thumb and
your forefinger the soft part of your nose right here. You’re going want to lean forward. I know the old wives tale is to lean back. If you’re leaning back any blood will drain
down your throat and can gag you and make you feel uncomfortable. You’ll cough. It can irritate your nose even more. Lean forward and pinch. Pinch for a good ten minutes, and then let
go and see what happens. If it’s still bleeding go ahead and do the
same thing. Pinch your nose and lean forward. Pinch and hold. You may want to look at a clock, because ten
minutes seems like a very long time. Just wait it out. Pinch it and lean forward. If after two two times of ten minutes it’s
still going, if your nose is bleeding for more than thirty minutes, you really need
to see somebody about that because something’s going on. If you suspect that your nose has been broken,
if it’s misshapen, if it looks different than it did before, you’re going to want to get
it checked out to see if it is broken. Then the doctor can take care of that. Afterwards you can put ice to your nose and
to your cheeks to help with the swelling and to help with the pain. You could take over the counter medicines
to help. Stay away from aspirin, because that’s a blood
thinner and that can make the bleeding worse. If you start to notice other things going
on, confusion, dizziness, slurred speech, people just not acting like themselves especially
after a head trauma, after being hit in the head, then call your doctor. They are happy to help you. There is no question that’s too little or
too small. They are there to help because that’s what
they do.

100 thoughts on “How to Treat a Nosebleed | First Aid Training”

  1. uhh couple months ago around 1am i had 2 nose bleeds in the same week for more than an 1 and i just come across this were she says to go somewhere like wtf

  2. When I was just cleaning before I watch this when I was younger and first grade I had a nosebleed over 20 minutes and I had to go home

  3. Ive been bleeding for the past few days on both side a few times a day idk if its cause by lsck of sleep from school

  4. Sucks so much when you have 4 blood noses on one plane trip, especially when you have to wait for the lavatory because someone is in there, it’s not a nice feeling wearing a white top with blood all down the front either and not having a spare top and walking out of the plane and through customs all the way home until I can change my top ugh worst plane ride ever!! I’ll invest in some nasal spray next time so my nose isn’t so dry

  5. My first nosebleed was in fourth grade, and I just started screaming and yelling and I think I was just running everywhere, and I was so scared, but the worst part is… I WAS AT SCHOOL

  6. 4 bloody noses yester.. 1 today.. Smh so annoying and i feel like the mucus or fudge how its called when u blow ur nose and the stuff comes out which feels like its going down ur nose but aint smh i always check for it justin case.

  7. If you want to stop it instantly put a wad of wet toilet paper in between your lip and gum…. Your welcome

  8. One thing, everyday my nose bleeds 1-3 times a day, the first one is always a lot but the last is alright. Do I need to go to the doctor? I have been getting nosebleeds for probably a week or so. I had one right now, hopefully it doesn't come again I also feel a tiny ache in the left side of my head, that's head trauma right? (I hope not…)

  9. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh got hit in the face but I'm okay, got a bumbtho. It's gone down now, checked for a concussion I'm good just wanted to know how to fix if I got a nose bleed

  10. Yesterday I slipped hit my head on floor and hit my tail bone and I have a cold and my nose is dry it’s been bleeding like 10 times in a rooow

  11. my nouis bleeds all the time so then the doctors gave me spray for it and after that it was a year then more bleeds

  12. I'll just admit why i'm here, basically when i was a kid, i scratched and picked my nose way too much, i would bleed and so on. That means one of my nostrils are very sensetive to scratching, and yknow since it was itchy, i decided to scratch. Big mistake, so now i'm sitting in the shower with water running and blood

  13. I work construction and I know there's going to be cuts bruises bumps and also bleeding but the way to do this if you are to get cut and you bleed take care of the issue right away don't sit there or standing there and bleed like you're not bleeding and starting to pick up other tools using them like you're not bleeding getting blood on the tools you use everyday and then after you stop bleeding you don't even clean the blood up that you have dropped or he you have guy on other tools this had to happen to me to the point I don't want to work at my job anymore someone got cut instead of going to fix the issue like I said to fix they are steady working in the blood getting blood everywhere I have a right to work in a safe environment everyone has the right to work in a safe environment there's one blood I do not mind getting on me and ask the blood of Jesus Christ all other blood stay away maybe I'm over exaggerating but I cannot focus on touching anything on this job site that this guy was around when he was bleeding

  14. I need some help because winter is around like 3 months away and I get nosebleeds every day in winter but my family members don't….I think I have a disease…..hallppp

  15. Pro tip :
    If you pinch your nose and apply ice between your eyebrows, it will stop the bleeding much , much quicker .

  16. My little brother jerked his head really hard into my nose and it started bleeding on the inside. It hurt sooo bad 😞

  17. When my nose is bleeding… i grab toilet paper make a little tampon of it and put it in my nose and wait until it stop bleeding

  18. i never got like yellow nosebleed but some time i got nosebleed wan im small i start tp nose bleed and couple of years a start it again and again and now it still nosebleed but my parent dont know why and me neeter then i……..and a start to nosebleed more thought

  19. Why is this woman wearing a surgical outfit? Is this like those makeup people in the dept stores who wear lab coats to try and convince they are experts at something?

  20. I hate nose bleeds

    It won't stop coming so I just keep using water and tissue and it finally stop I think this happen because a boy kicked soccer ball to my face hurt a lot it happened in s cu oil the noise bleed

  21. I remember i was swimming and i got a bloody nose because my friend accidently hit me in tthe face and then I went to first aid with blood on my hands and on my face. They gave me a cloth and washed off the blood off my face. I had to wait there for ten mins because waiting for it to stop bleeding. We wasted time swimming.

  22. My friend got her first bloody nose ever! because she got hit in the face with a basketball at 12 years old. She never had a bloody nose before and she got one that day. 🙁

  23. Madom, my friend have nose bleeded 3days per once she used medications for skin glowing tell us good suggestion to cure plzz madommm plzzzz

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