Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine, and founder of draxe.com. In this video, I’m going to do an advanced
training on how to reverse cavities and how to heal tooth decay. I’ll talk about the best diet, talk about
supplements, as well as natural treatments for fighting cavities and tooth decay. And I’m going to tell you, this could make
a huge difference in your health or your family’s health if you want to save some money and
really help have incredible oral health. And I want to say, there are obviously, different,
varying types of cavities in terms of how severe they are. I know this will work with both mild and moderate
cavities. If you have a very, very severe cavity, it
may not work as well or completely, but still for pretty much everyone, this is going to
benefit your teeth in a major way. So there are really four main causes of tooth
decay. Excess sugar in your diet, too much phytic
acid, lack of minerals, and lack of fat-soluble vitamins. This is something that Weston A. Price and
other dentists figured out thousands of years ago, or hundreds of years ago about specifically
what actually causes cavities within your mouth. And so let’s start talking about number one,
excess sugar. We know excess sugar, when it sits in your
teeth, causes bad bacteria to build-up of all different types, which actually starts
to eat away at the enamel of your teeth, and actually has been linked to heart disease
and other issues. Actually your oral health can often times
be linked to the health of your entire body. So number one thing you’ve got to do if you
want to start to reverse cavities is remove all processed sugar from your diet. If you are going to consume something that
is sweet, I recommend stevia, I recommend a little bit of Manuka honey or raw local
honey, maximum a tablespoon a serving, or even fruit, something like a date. But I would get rid of all white sugar, all
corn syrup, and I’d even remove things like maple syrup and coconut sugar and that from
your diet in most cases for a period of time. And then again, doing maple syrup here and
there is fine, but for the most part you want to get sugar completely out of your diet because
that is a major cause of cavities. The second thing is something that a lot of
people have never heard of and don’t realize, but phytic acid, or too much phytic acid consumption,
can cause cavities. Now phytic acid is found mostly in grain products
or grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. And specifically it’s found in large amounts
in grains. And what phytic acid is, it’s sort of the
carrier, or it’s where most of the minerals and vitamins are bound into a food product. So let’s say, for instance, that you go out
and buy wheat bread today. And it says on the label, “Contains 20% your
daily value of folate, or vitamin B9, or vitamin b6, or iron,” some sort of mineral. Well remember this principle, “You aren’t
what you eat. You are what you digest.” Here’s the issue, phytic acid today is bound
to these minerals. You might consume it, but because of phytic
acid, you’re not absorbing it into your body. This is a huge thing to understand. Most of us are not getting minerals because
our foods aren’t properly prepared or cooked. This is why an Ezekiel bread or a sprouted-grain
bread is so much healthier than a regular bread, is when you soak a grain, or a nut,
or a seed, and then you let it sprout, that kills off phytic acid. So it unlocks the nutrients, so now you can
absorb all the vitamins and minerals. And so that’s big. So again, number one dietary cause, too much
sugar in your diet. Number two, you’re consuming too many grains
on a regular basis that aren’t sprouted or slow-cooked. And so if you’re going to buy brown rice,
or oatmeal, or oats, look for sprouted oats, or germinated rice. Only consume those types of whole-grains on
a regular basis. It’s going to go a long way in fighting cavities
and tooth decay. Step number three to beat cavities and tooth
decay is load up on minerals, especially not just calcium, but calcium, magnesium, also
selenium is great. But again, and iron, getting more minerals
in your diet, phosphorous, silica, you want minerals in your diet. You can take a mineral supplement, or also
start consuming foods that are mineral-dense such as vegetables, sprouted nuts and seeds,
meats, but really vegetables and sprouted seeds such as flaxseeds. Those are very, very dense in minerals, even
raw cheeses and dairy such as raw goat’s cheese or raw sheep’s yogurt. I don’t recommend cow dairy, but goat and
sheep milk, cheeses, and yogurts, and probiotic-rich foods are also fantastic for boosting up the
minerals in your diet. But I’d definitely recommend a multi-mineral
supplement that has magnesium. And last, but not least, consuming a diet
and supplements that are high in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, K, and E. We know vitamin K and D especially help build
strong bones and help build strong teeth and tooth enamel. So again, if you want to start to reverse
cavities and start to build up that tooth enamel, you’ve got to have minerals and you’ve
got to have fat-soluble vitamins. So what I would start doing, is I would look
for a supplement that contains vitamins D and K in it absolutely. So vitamin D and K. I’d also start consuming more foods that are
orange and green. Those orange and red color foods are high
in beta-carotene, which is going to help support vitamin A within the body, production. Also getting a lot of green, leafy vegetables
and dairy products such as fermented, raw cheese and kefir and things like that. Those are full of vitamin K and vitamin D.
And then getting sunshine for more vitamin D, but in addition, I would take a fat-vitamin
supplement that has vitamin D and vitamin K if you’re looking to naturally reverse cavities. I’d look for vitamin D-3, and vitamin K-2
are the most beneficial. And then just, in general, getting more healthy
fatty acids in your diets such as Omega-3 fatty acids are fantastic as well. And the last natural treatment I want to mention
is you want to brush your teeth, flossing is okay, but really you want to brush your
teeth. And you want to do something called oil-pulling. Oil-pulling, it’s where you mix coconut oil,
or just use coconut oil or sesame oil. You’re going to take a tablespoon of it, or
a half a tablespoon, and swish it around in your mouth between 5 and 20 minutes. What I typically do is I do oil-pulling when
I get in the shower. So I’ll do a tablespoon of coconut oil, I’ll
take a shower, when I get out I’ll spit it out. That’s how I do oil-pulling. But oil-pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique,
it was part of Indian medicine, that’s been shown to actually help in preventing cavities
and help heal tooth decay and have great healthy gums. It even helps with teeth whitening. So look up, you might even look up online. I’ve got an article on this, “Dr. Axe oil
pulling.” So look up “Dr. Axe oil pulling.” I have a YouTube video on it as well on how
to do oil pulling. But start using oil pulling. I also love using essential oils in that way. Myrrh essential oil is probably the most beneficial
oil for your dental health. So myrrh oil. Also oils such as clove, peppermint, cinnamon
are also beneficial. But again, myrrh oil is great to do with oil
pulling or even rubbing on your gums if you have gum inflammation is great as well, but
also great for cavities. So again, using some of those essential oils
are great and oil pulling. And you might also make a toothpaste that
helps re-mineralize your teeth. I’d recommend some baking soda, you can add
actually some minerals like a mineral powder supplement to that as well, as well as some
peppermint oil, make your own at home toothpaste. You can look it up. I’ve got a recipe. Look up “Dr. Axe tooth paste recipe.” I have one of those online as well. But guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this training. Here’s the truth. If it’s a mild or moderate cavity, it many
cases it can be reversed. And if you have gum disease, tooth decay,
these things can be healed to a certain point just like if you have an injury or a health
condition, your teeth can heal like many things can heal. Again, if it’s very severe, it may be to where
you do have to get a filling. Make sure they’re not a silver filling, might
have to be a white, like a porcelain filling. That can happen sometimes. But a lot of these things you can see great
and fantastic results with. If you want to learn more in depth information
on how to reverse cavities, just do a Google search for “Dr. Axe reverse cavities,” or
“Dr. Axe tooth decay,” and I’ve got a lot of great things on my website there. And also, if you want to learn more natural
remedies, I’ve got some great YouTube videos coming out. Hey, make sure you subscribe here to my YouTube
channel. Guys, I want to say thanks so much for watching. This has been me, Dr. Axe, talking about how
to naturally reverse cavities and heal tooth decay.

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  1. Sea vegetables like nori seaweed for example are some of the greatest sources of minerals you can take on earth.

  2. How about if you have an infection in your gums and have a small bump in it, how can it heal if without going to Dentist, please I need help

  3. 2:15 too much phytic acid found in grains. 2:55 you are what you digest. due to phytic acid, we dont absorb the minerals. azekiel/sprouted grains, oats, germinated rice kill off phytic acid so we can absorb its minerals. 4:00 load up on minerals, magnesium/selenium/iron/phosphorus/silica, veggies, sprouted seeds, raw goat/sheep cheese/milk. diet high in fat-soluble vitamins ADKE build strong teeth. 6:25 coconut/sesame oil swish during shower, aryuvedic.

  4. The enamel is off my teeth and my gums are receding. There is also transparency. Would coconut oil pulling benefit me?

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  7. I enjoyed video however I question the use of animal products. I myself am not vegan however I do understand the benefits .So I question the goat cheese etc. If you're going to use dairy anyway you might as well use DAIRY.

  8. *1. Distilled water
    2. MSM powder
    3. Celtic Seasalt
    4. Baking Soda
    5. (option) Crushed Garlic Water soak for 24-hrs than strained thru cheesecloth, using only the liquid and adding it to the UPPER 4 – Ingredients and mix into paste.
    Use paste to brush with after each meal andor apply on gums, extracted teeth holes, abscess, let sit 5-minutes and rinse!!*

  9. You can't reverse a cavity. A cavity is a hole in the outer layer of your tooth called enamel. Enamel is not a living tissue and cannot regrow. Once your ameloblasts form enamel, they then die off. Once your enamel is gone, it's gone despite whatever crazy diet you put yourself on. Improving your diet can help prevent cavities, but once they're there, they're not going away. Get the cavity filled, then see a dental hygienist about ways to improve your oral hygiene to prevent them from coming back.

  10. I wish I knew more about oil pulling and this when I had braces when I was younger. I would brush my teeth twice a day but I also had problelms with dry mouth and the food I ate. Now they make act products for dry mouth. Is flouride safe? I heard it messes with the gland in the brain. I've tried oil pulling, mouth wash, drinking almond milk and fluoride treatments to try help tooth decay.

  11. Thank you Dr Axe, most informative and very helpful. I have a gum infection just over one tooth. What's the best way to quickly heal the gum so I can wear my partial dentures? Would love to hear from you! Thank you so much!

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  13. Price has been dead less then 100 years ago……………..Weston Price


    DescriptionWeston Andrew Valleau Price was a Canadian dentist known primarily for his theories on the relationship between nutrition, dental health, and physical health. Wikipedia

    Born: September 6, 1870, Canada

    Died: January 23, 1948, Santa Monica, CA…………..it is inaccurate to talk about hundreds of years

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  21. Agree. But wasn't sure if you mentioned a basic daily vitamin? What seems to be really helping my teeth is beef bone broth. Lots of amino acids I seem to need.
    Lived in Penang, poor dental services, lots of oil pulling, very little processed sugar, though lots of fruit.
    Also, be careful with medications. Put on one for 5 months, destroyed most of my formerly healthy teeth. A common medication prescribed in the U.S. Get a PDR!

  22. If you oil pull it helps to add a couple drops of oregano oil to your coconut oil… I’ve cured an abscess and two cavities this way. I trust and use this one : Oil of Oregano – https://amzn.to/2Y8uq9B

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  27. Best mouth wash that stopped my tooth decay was 100% pure "Virgin Coconut Oil ", a five minute mouth wash twice a day was enough to kill off bad bacteria in the mouth living off sugar! The first time you might feel your mouth creating a bad cotton like accumulation within a minute, this is the killing off and cleaning out of a complex group of bacterial colonies living in your mouth since child hood! Just spit it out and repeat the process! Now if we can work out how to recreate tooth enamel !

  28. Reverse small cavities, keep your teeth and gums healthy by flossing and brushing¡ It works. All the healthy mouths in my practice have this in common. Everything else is snake oil.

  29. You have helped me so much ! Thank you Dr Axe. So thankful for all of your advise that has always made me feel better.
    Getting healthy with Dr AWESOME AXE 💕🙏

  30. Talk all you want "Dr", but I find it difficult to take you seriously when all you do is talk while showing no pictures.
    Seriously, how does this video have so many likes?
    This is why we have anti-vaxxers.

  31. Doctor, thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you're doing and talking about. People, this is a REAL thing. It's possible to reverse cavities and decay (Yes,there is a difference between the two). My story is very long but searching for a cure was worthwhile. My 2 lovely daughters developed tooth decay and cavities and, in short, we started a war. We're currently using Ayurvedic fluoride free toothpaste and mouthwash, we tongue scrape, floss, we do oil pulling (organic pure coconut), we are using a special mouthwash recommended by a wonderful man called Tony who's from Canada (You can find his video on Youtube "Regenerating your teeth") – please don't judge him by his appearance as he suffers from Morgellons but he's helped hundreds of people heal their teeth. Amazing person, I'm telling you. Ramiel Nagel's books can be beneficial too. Anyway, back to the topic: my younger daughter (she's 9 years of age) developed a deep cavity (and 5 decayed teeth!) a year ago and she was threatened with a root canal "treatment". After doing everything above she REBUILT her tooth and has 4 decayed teeth left to heal. We changed our diet too and don't consume white or brown sugar (xylitol instead or manuka honey), white flour (organic spelt sourdough bread, spelt pasta), brown rice, goats milk, cheddar cheese, spirulina sometimes, cod liver oil and that's all. I'm writing this to help other people heal their teeth and please remember, never give up in life. Love you all!

  32. P E R F E C T A D V I C E : Whenever I get a tooth ache I use minerals plus magnesium, silica, and especially clove 'bud' oil plus all the above of what you've already mentioned. Record healing time, assuming I'm not strong about eradicating sugars from my diet, is roughly about 1.5 weeks. No more extractions like I used to in the past.

  33. Is it the sugar we eat that stays on the teeth and decays or is it when the sugar is your digestive system and goes through the blood stream and affects our teeth?

  34. I've been using fluoride free toothpaste and have been filtering it out of my drinking water for almost 20 years now. Still haven't had a single cavity.

  35. 6 table spoons baking sofa
    2 tea spoons trisodium phosphate
    1 gallon water
    Rinse and pull through your teeth for couple mins couple times a day. In ten days teeth will be brighter tighter and in process of remineralising stopping and repairing decay
    If your in pain it will act as a pain killer. Kills for maybe 3 seconds but worth it. It works

  36. Surgical Dental Assistant here…..water pik is your friend on low settings with the rubber tip. If you us on high your pushing back your gums. Trace your gum line with the rubber tip. This helps a lot!

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