Now in this clip we are going to talk about
ways to massage and certain ways to increase the circulation of the lower legs to decrease
the chances of getting the Restless Leg Syndrome or decrease the duration of the creepy crawly
sensations that you experience traveling down the whole of your legs. So here we have a
pair of legs from our patient and so one of the exercises you could do is to raise one
leg and to wiggle your toes. If you have been sitting at this angle for long hours on end,
you could just raise your legs up and wiggle your toes. Wiggle your toes and stretch your
feet, see stretch it out, and then also use circular motions with your ankles and like
you see here in both directions, inwards and outwards in circular motions. Do this throughout
the day as well, not just one time and it is so easy to do this, you don’t even have
to leave your desk although I do recommend that you actually get up and walk around rather
than sit for hours on end behind a desk. Another way of course, is to do a massage on the lower
calf area and here we have some nice body lotion and it relieves a lot of the tension
that is here and you get Charlie horses too but for the creepy crawly sensation it usually
moves down this area here so what you can do is just periodically rub the gastrocnemius
or calf muscle and you just give it a nice massage all over and do it with both legs.
Massage it for ten to fifteen minutes if you have the time but if not do it for five minutes
and do it throughout the day and what you could do is to do this on the calf but you
could also do it on the feet as well and on the thigh as well. One of the good methods
is that between the big toe and the right toe you can press the tendons there and that
also is kind of like acupressure and it has been shown that it helps to alleviate some
of the stress with the Restless Leg Syndrome and you can massage your toes throughout the
day but of course if you’re at the office you have on shoes but do it at lunch time.
Now these are some of the ways that you can help yourself and do it yourself to relieve
the Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms and the creepy crawly sensations.

24 thoughts on “How to Treat Restless Legs Syndrome : Massage Treatments for Restless Leg Syndrome”

  1. Yeah, it does. It makes me real sleepy, but does nothing to stop the twitching and itching. Oh, and to the idiots saying it was invented by the pharmaceutical industry, that's bull because there's no pharmaceutical cure, and to the numbskulls suggesting it doesn't exist, try being completely unable to sleep because your legs are jerking and twitching every 5 seconds.

  2. Yup, it sucks! SO with you on that one! No numbness for me, just intense itching, like the worse, most blistering sunburn, you know when it itches SO much, and they twitch around like crazy! Movies are always a tricky one!

  3. he just told you, no dopamine getting to you brain, which causes an effect on your nerves, I only get it in one leg, and walking won't help, except you don't feel it as much!

  4. Yeah, had it 2 1/2 years now, and people think I'm nuts when I try to explain it! I've changed my diet too, but still, every other day, it's still there!

  5. Yeah, I have, dvb2k, anything is worth getting rid of this…whatever it is, good luck to all that have it and want to get rid of it without BIG PHARMA!

  6. just got married and my wife has told me my 1 of my legs moves while i am sound asleep i just laughed it sounds silly i wander is it because i don,t get as much exercise as my work is driving everyday?

  7. i have this problem, but mostly right now because i'm pregnant I used to have it sometimes before but now it's almost everyday! even just laying down or sitting in bed using my lap top. UGH! I get these sudden feeling like i have to twitch my legs.

  8. @RuneFinity44 Maybe if you explain what the real problem is they will be more understanding. If you have a medical problem they cannot refuse when you tell them you need a break. They probably think the bathroom breaks are a way of skipping lessons…

  9. what a crock of shit.. legs feeling restless?? wank yourself to orgasm, and fall right a sleep.. unless you can not physically stop moving your legs, you are being lied to.

  10. @xCarxMellax EXACTLY the same with me, I used to have it mildly now and then before pregnancy, but now I have it every single day, and more than once a day and my sleep pattern is a total mess.

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