Hi this is Megan with Beadaholique.com and
shouldn’t houdini’s Henriettas Gum Arabic Beading Glue to
make a self thread needle, a self needle, a third needle, a glue needle. They call it a
lot of things. Basically what it means is that you are hardening the end of your thread so that you don’t need to add a little
onto it So this is really useful for if you’re going to put beads onto some silk thread for pearl knotting if you’re going to put it onto some pearl cotton for bead crochet, if you’re
going to put it onto some nylon thread for kumihimo, any of those applications. This is another really quick and easy
way to string your beads without using a needle what you do I’ve doing this on all three types because they’re made out of different
things so that will help to show what kind of reaction it has on a
different type of material so we have silk cotton and nylon This is water soluble so when you get it on your
hand or your tools, you can wash it off with
water. So you’re going to when you’re done using the self needle, you’re going to
just cut it off. So it doesn’t matter that it’s not waterproof Dip the end of your cord into the jar go ahead and give it a second to let the
access to let the excess come off and then take your fingers and smooth it down. That’s gonna take the
excess off and spread it down a little further on your cord You want to give yourself at least about an
inch and a half so you are gonna probably going to cut it off
afterwards, so make sure that you factor that in to what your doing to how much thread the cutting in the beginning set these somewhere where they won’t stick down, a piece of
plastic or parchment or something like that and then you’re gonna go ahead and let
us dry all the way through so once your threads are dry all the way through you’re going to take a pair of
scissors you’re going to cut diagonally across the
tip that is pretty hard it’s going to make your tip pointed by cutting diagonally. It’s going to help it go through your beads more easily so we can see here now that it’s all the
way dry that this Super-Lon here is already pretty stiff and it actually doesn’t it harden it up as
much. It does help and you can very easily now put that through the hole of the bead
without a needle on it On the cotton, this one got a little less body to it. It’s a
little harder to put beads on, on its own This is really pretty rigid now so that’s gonna
make it a lot easier to use and the silk which is the one that’s
actually recommended on the product is also usually pretty soft and now nice and rigid so you can
quickly put the pearls or the beads on there so if you’re gonna do a lot of stringing you can save you a whole bunch of a
headache you don’t need to use a needle if your using this

13 thoughts on “How to Use Gum Arabic Beading Glue to Create a Self Needle”

  1. It should last unless it gets "broken" by being bent, or gets wet, since it's water soluble. Otherwise, it will stay until you cut it off.

  2. What a clever idea! Is Henrietta's Gum Arabic Beading Glue any different to the Gum Arabic used by watercolour painters? I have some of that but might find difficulty in buying Henrietta's in the UK.

  3. I'm not familiar with the painting supply variety of gum arabic, unfortunately. But I can tell you that Beadaholique ships to the UK!

  4. VERY INTERESTING !!!! I do a lot of beading with 4lb – 8lb & 12 lb. Fishing line – Will this product also work to stiffen them, so a beading needle would no longer be required? Thank you for your help. Have a Terrific Day!!!!

  5. I haven't actually worked with fishing line. I'm not sure that this would work, because it wouldn't soak into the fishing line like it does with thread.

  6. Is there a product or something I could use or do to seal the the ends of silk threads to keep them from fraying or unraveling without making them stiff like gum Arabic which also happens to be water soluble.

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