Welcome to JustBu! So to start off
I’ve already gone ahead and installed quite a bit of the hair and I’m just
using a really small crocheting hook and I’m taking a little bit of the hair but
I’m making they’re not too small so I’m making them bigger at bigger insertion
at the back bigger pieces of hair at the back and then as I move up to the top
I’ll use smaller pieces as you can see right here So for the back part of the hair I’m
trying to space it out maybe a couple inches apart because his hair is really
thick and I don’t want it to be too much so as I come closer to the front because
I want this hair to look natural I’m using smaller pieces but instead of
doing it with two strands I’m using bigger strands and I’m just trying to do
the “knotless” method so that way won’t it take me like a decade to get it done there’s a guideline I went ahead and I
put some concealer at the front to make that you know middle part but I didn’t
make the part small enough so now the space is a bit too big so I’m just going
in and I’m going to fill in that to make it look a bit more natural we’ll see how
that goes so this is what she looks like oh my
gosh because it’s my first wig I’m going to call her flora flora is so beautiful
guys oh my gosh so I kind of went in I don’t know if you can see the front
there the curls are a bit different at the back at the front and that’s because
I try to put some perm rods in it and put it in hot water didn’t work out I
didn’t like it so I went in and razor down the front a little bit to give it
you know that look and this is what it looks like guys yeah oh guys if you
learned something from this video go ahead and hit that subscribe button if
you’d like to see more videos like this and I will see you my next video God
willing and bye for now..


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