100 thoughts on “How You Treat Your Parents VS Best Friend”

  1. Hey #TeamSuper! Sorry for the late upload! And double sorry for the echo in the video. I'm still trying to figure out the audio sitch in my new house. And also I've generally had a very stressful day. But you know what, that's okay. Because some days are stressful and some days are easy but ALL days are blessed. Thanks for being a part of my blessing. I hope you enjoy this video xo

  2. 3:12 if I said that to my Pakistani parents they would throw me out of the window slap me with the slipper and take away my phone for 4 weeks and give me a 4 hour lecture on respect but i love them they are amazing

  3. watches video
    Me: my mom wouldn't get mad at me for watching this..
    ponders watching it with them
    Me: nah imma play it safe

  4. Really? I don’t relate to the friend thing…we had to change for a school thing…I got into the bathroom…there was only 1 stall. I had to go in with my friend, I said “Ok,you turn around and I do too” like…100 times I TAKE PRIVACY SERIOUSLY not like those kids who go in groups of 4 or 6 just to pee in a stall…

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  6. Mom is sleeping
    Me: mom wake up
    Mom: why is there's something important
    Me: lilly Singh said to watch the video with me
    Mom slaps Me

  7. Whenever my parent brought me clothes I would ask them to leave to change but then they would rant about they own this house blah blah blah. So bathrooms I got to know a lot.

  8. Well that changing clothes in front of your parents(in front of my mum) is not correct in my case.I have changed with her many times

  9. When my parents have a go at me and I say OK they say why did u talk back to me but when I don't They say ARNET U GONNA SAY ANYTHING THEN

  10. For me, it's the exact opposite in the dress changing part!! I'm fine changing my shirt in front of my mom, but not in front of my BFF!!?

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