Happy Friday everybody, it’s Doctor Blake
Kalkstein from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your Towson area neck and back
pain specialist. And today we’ve got Heather in the office,
and you guys know Heather if you’ve been in the office. You love Heather, Heather’s amazing. Heather has a unique situation in her neck. Heather had, how many brain surgeries has
it been? Six total, five in the past year-and-a-half. Yeah so a lot of brain surgeries. And so she’s got a shunt in her head and going
to butcher this name, it’s called… Congenital obstructive hydrocephalus. Yeah so that’s a scary thing that happens
in your brain. So she’s got a shunt that helps drain some
of the fluid in her head, it comes down here. So we cannot adjust Heather like you seen
when we do the crack adjustment, so we do a different approach, and this is a great
approach for people like Heather who can’t get their neck cracked, but still have neck
pain and want to get neck relief we use a drop technique. So we’re going to show you that drop technique,
then we also like to just have her with that hands over head adjustment, because it helps
open up like this, it takes a lot of pressure off of her neck. Scar tissue. She’s got a lot of scar tissue, she’s got
a bunch of stuff going on. So, face down Heather. I got new pants from FootJoy. They’re nice. Sorry let’s focus. I feel like I’m, we’re doing a lot of live
videos on Facebook so if you’re not following us on Facebook, find our office on Facebook
or find me on Facebook, and follow me on Facebook. We’ve been doing a lot of live adjustments,
live exercises in the office. Some neat stuff going on. And so Facebook.com/towsonchiro, or you can
find blakeykalsteindc. The table has this built-in drop mechanism
that lift up, and I’m able to come in and adjust the joint. And the shunt’s right here and it comes down
this way and drains down the back of her neck here. So I can come off that shunt and of that treatment
area and just drop straight down. Let me give you a little more tension there. I can come right into their. And this is similar to that crack technique
you guys see all the video, but there’s no rotation involved so I don’t have to worry
about stretching that hinge joint. You’re not going to hear that loud crack noise
, you’re not going to have a quick twist motion. So if you’re afraid to get your neck adjusted
this is an amazing technique to provide neck pain relief. So we’re going to work our way up, we’re going
to hit the joints that are moving well. One right there, I like to do two to three
drops per location here. Good I’m going to come over on the other side
and get this higher one here. Will get your hair out of the way I just don’t
want you to get… Pull it. We’ll get that one higher up there. Good. So I’m going to get Heather right here too
in her thraco-lumbar junction. You guys seen this one a bunch of times. Let your arms hang forward Heather, take a
breath in, and out, lift your head a little bit for me, just like easy there. Perfect. Alright Heather let’s go over on the other
table and get your mid-back. So people who have a lot of neck pain, like
I had a guy and today he was complaining of upper back and neck tension, sitting in his
car, he’s a private eye, and he’s always in his car a lot and his neck is always tight. But you look at his neck range of motion,
he’s got great symmetrical range of motion. His main problem is muscle tension and his
mid back gets really tight from sitting so long. So all I do on him is I don’t even adjust
his neck, why do soft tissue on both sides of his neck and his trap his leveler scap,
and I just his mid back and he gets up and he feels like a million bucks. And so sometimes if you’re having neck pain
it’s not always and neck joint issue. Sometimes it’s your mid-back stuff. Hands up over your head. If you want to sneak back over there so you
can see the technique, and they’re off so they can hear that crack noise. They always like to hear the cracks. I’ll get it there you go. That was a loud one. That was a loud one. Head down, good open up for me, take a breath
in, and out, what does rollback, let that drop. There you go, big one there. Good, so that’s how you’re going to treat
Heather. We’re going to use that drop technique on
her neck , but because of the shunt there, and we’re going to do, we’re going to adjust
her mid-back and she’s going to feel great for another two, three more weeks until she
needs it again when she’s doing too much paperwork here in the office or if she’s helping a patient
move or she start exercising and she’s been on her Netflix at night watching all that
stuff. So do whatever bothers her neck is going to
aggravate her in a couple weeks, and we’ll come in and we’ll adjust her, and she’ll have
another 3-4 weeks of, and so thanks for watching. We’ll see everybody next week. Bye now.

22 thoughts on “Huge Back Crack Adjustment for Neck Pain Relief From Your Towson Chiropractor”

  1. Are you placing your knee in her back during that last adjustment. I've seen you do it several times on other videos but am having trouble seeing how it's done due to the camera angle.

  2. I NEED THIS MIDBACK ADJUSTMENT i feel like i never get the adjustment i need in my upper/midback because my chiropractic always does the traditional adjustment where your laying on your stomach i need more pressure!

  3. "We've been doin a lot of live videos on Facebook so if you're not following on Facebook find our office on Facebook or find me on Facebook and follow me on Facebook." HOW MANY TIMES YOU GOTTA SAY FACEBOOK!!!

  4. Classic stabilization technique in post for the camera. Nearly threw up looking at the anatomy picture and seeing the bendy/wavy image it produces. I'd invest in a 3 axis gimbal, then just film with your iPhone!

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