Welcome to Nifty Notions from SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. Sometimes we just need a little help threading a needle. It could be because the thread just seems to be a little bit bigger than the eye of that needle, or it could be poor lighting, or maybe poor eyes. That’s when we need a needle threader. This one’s not quite like the traditional ones. The traditional ones have little wires. This uses a beak which looks like a tiny little hook. This little bird Has a covering and under that covering you will see a very thin, flat piece of metal. On the very very tip there’s a little hook, and that hook will help thread the needle. it also has a little thread cutter so we don’t have to worry about looking for our scissors, and a handy hole so that we can hang it up to know where it is. Here’s a whole assortment of different-size needles, and this is the smallest one on the card, That little hook Is going to fit right into that hole. I know if it fits into this small needle, it’s going to fit into all of the needles. Once you have his beak inside the needle, the thread is going to hook right on to that little end. So as you pull the needle out, it will thread your needle. We can protect that little end by closing the beak. The beak really stays on quite firm. It’s not hard to move, but it has a little lock so that it’s not going to come undone. With that thread cutter we can cut the thread. With that little hole in the end I’m going to be able to add it onto my necklace, so as I’m stitching I will always know where it is. It’ll be my little bluebird of happiness. It’s strong, small, and convenient. Thank you for joining me today on Nifty Notions. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

57 thoughts on “Hummingbird Needle Threader”

  1. Laura, this is EVERYTHING……. and my 60 year old eyes is going to love it…. thank you, yet again…. Jon aka Kiss, Mr. P

  2. Thank you Laura, you are a great orator, I so enjoy watching your videos and I learn so much from you. I love hummingbirds, who doesn't right.

  3. The information on who distributes this hummingbird only takes wholesale orders of $300 or more. Do you know of a retail place where this can be purchased? I believe this will be a great assist for me. Thank you for showing. I can try to get a local store to look into it, but generally I am not successful with this approach.

  4. I am so glad you explained this tool. I have it at home and was trying to use it to thread my sewing machine. Needless to say didn't really work. Thanks again. love your tutorials

  5. I always enjoy your videos, but have to disagree with you on this one. Yes, the needle is easy to get in the beak, but the thread? Forget about it! It doesn’t stay on there TO wrap into your needle. I had high hopes for this cute bird, but he squatted out on me.

  6. I have one but haven’t used it yet. Now that I see how easy it is to thread a needle . I will be using it a lot. Thank you so much.

  7. Do you publish your business address? . I had two visitors, from Ft Erie and Niagara Falls Ontario visit and I told them about you; but I didn't know the name of your shop or the address. I do love your tutorials.

  8. Or it could be like my grandbabies say. Mimi you getting old but we love you. You still purty and we don't mind finding thangs for you.

  9. Wish I had one today lol. Rough day in the sewing room 🙁 I do need something, and really like the idea of wearing it as a necklace.

  10. Thank you for your reply. I'll tell the girls when they return to Ontario. I enjoy your tutorials
    So very much.

  11. Oh wow, where can I get this?! There are two different makes on Amazon uk, Dritz and Hemline…they look the same? What is this? Thanks! Elizabeth….just bought the hemline one!

  12. Thanks so much for this review. I've been looking at all kinds of needle threaders, and your VERY clear example is an excellent endorsement! I also know I can trust your recommendations!!!

  13. I received one of these in my quilting subscription box and haven't used it yet, I think I should get it out of it's package! Thank you so much for showing me how useful it is!

  14. I have to update my previous comment. Laura, I introduced this little hummingbird threader to my favorite vacation home quilt store. The owner was sure it wouldn’t work with her very fine binding needles but when she tried mine she was surprised. She’s subsequently ordered them for the store and she said today she can’t keep them in stock. People buy them in multiples.

    Hint for those Featherweight owners out there. This works beautifully for threading the machine needle. I’ve got old eyes and with the Featherweights needle going sideways it’s a challenge. Bless the little hummingbird!!!

    I always check to see if you’ve tried notions before I make an investment. Thank you very much for being a reliable source for trustworthy tips and product information. You’re great!

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