>>Matthew is a 16 year old who learned self hypnosis to manage his migraine headaches.>>My twin brother and I, we both had migraines around the same time when we were about 10 years old. And they were basically the same. They would be preceded by flashes of light, like you would look into a lightbulb, and relatively quickly, about a half hour afterwards you know, you get the big pounding throbbing headaches. You lay down, you have to puke a lot. And he grew out of it when he was about 12, but mine kept getting steadily more intense. And I would get them just about any time of day, I got them in school, I’d get them at home, I’d get them at night, and they were murder.>>Matthew described his technique and how he has expanded using self hypnosis in other areas of his life.>>Well, what I do first is get my breathing down. Usually it’s big heavy breaths, and basically kind of concentrate and focus my attention on that. And when I’m nice and relaxed, I imagine the safest place I can, and it’s always a drawing table in the middle of nowhere, I’m all alone. And what I do is I imagine my problems as something that I can draw or has already been drawn, and I evaluate how bad it is with a number scale at the top of the desk. What I do is either through erasing it or painting over it or something like that I can get rid of the problem. I’ve used it for many different reasons. I’ve used it to concentrate in school, to kind of refocus my anger and calm down, I’ve used it to fall asleep at night, of course I’ve used it to get rid of my headaches. I think of different things every time I use it. I mean, I just started playing soccer again a couple of weeks ago, after taking a break for refereeing and I was just laying there taking a nap one day before my first game and I thought, we’ll see what happens if I draw myself scoring a goal, and sure enough that game I scored so I thought well, this is a good thing. So I tried it again the next week and it worked, and tried it again the next week and it worked, and I do it before every game now. I sincerely think it puts into my mind that I’m gonna score a goal no matter what. And that’s what I think the hypnosis did for me.

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