Hey! I’m Tori and this summer I am
overcoming my absolute biggest fears. I have an irrational fear around needles
and blood. There’s just something about this red deep dark purple liquid just gushing
around that just makes me queasy that just makes me want to be sick and
it just makes me lose all the feeling in my legs and my arms and I just wanna
like fall over. I can’t even watch Grey’s Anatomy. I decided there was no better
fear to overcome this week than to donate blood but something happened that
I really wasn’t expecting to happen this week and yeah it actually sucked. So we
are finally here at the Blood Donor clinic
this very nice hotel/building and we’re gonna go up and donate blood for the first time. And we just missed our elevator. Let’s try that again. OMG! It’s busy! So I got my badge it’s my first time
donating. I’d like to say I’m super excited but I’m not but I’m excited. Right? What you must know before you donate blood. Well, apparently it starts with pretzels which I’m totally okay with. They’re at 66. I’m 67!! This is my first time, I’m just a little not sure what to do. Can you tell I laugh when I’m nervous? Like a lot? How much are you donating? I don’t want to know. Just let it be. I need to stay focused. It’s going well, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. I was told I should feel
the exact same as I felt when I walked Well I was not feeling the exact same as
when I walked in. I’m finding it hard. You are? Yeah. Can I have like a glass of water? Not on
the bed. Are you starting to feel unwell? Yeah a bit. Yeah okay that’s what I thought. Keep your eyes open. I just asked if I could redo it but that’s not a thing. I didn’t even make it halfway. But I was not feeling well. I was pretty down at first but after I
started to think about it I was like failures happen. I mean if I’m gonna sign
up to do something I absolutely fear and something that has the potential for me
to succeed there is also a potential for me to fail but that’s the beauty of
trying something new. I failed but I’m learning and I’m learning that I have to
calm down I have to start breathing and not overthinking it.
So moving forward I am stronger I learned a lesson I know what to expect
going into the next time I do it and hell yeah I’m gonna do this again. Stick
around because next week I’m actually bungee jumping I am so excited I have been
waking up in the middle of the night sweating just falling off of things in
my mind but I actually feel like I am ready to do this I’m going to raise my
arms and jump at least that’s what I hope.

5 thoughts on “I Attempted to Conquer My Fear of Blood & Needles”

  1. You got this girl!!! What helped me the first time was drinking a TON of juice the day before and day of.

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