Don’t because it makes me panic
Oh god no I’m serious too get scissors, get scissors alright just a little heads up
I did actually upload this very video yesterday but YouTube had a problem with it and stuff went wrong
so I mean not too many people had seen it So I actually deleted it and I’m re-uploading it today So I’m just letting you know that you may have already seen this video but a lot of you did not see this one so with YouTube being a complete mess recently
and especially it has affected my channel it’s kind of inspired me to start a second channel I’ve already made the channel
and there’s already a video on there so if you want to go check that out, go subscribe
the link is in the top line of the description below the channel is going to be anything that is not challenge related so anything that doesn’t fit the content on this channel
I will be throwing it up on there if you enjoy me and moon and how we interact
and our humour you’re definitely going to like this channel so I’d really appreciate it if you could go over there
drop a subscribe, watch that video and like I said top line of the description below, and… I’m going to put a link to it at the end of the video as well
just to make sure you don’t forget I’m going to let you get on with this video
I hope you enjoy it so make sure you drop a thumbs up if you did enjoy it
and I will see you soon Okay, so we’re back. We are back in England,
we’re back in the UK. It’s raining. We’re going to
have to do something indoors. – [Moon] Do a little I’m
Singing in the Rain dance. Your mum said you went to stepping class when you were little. – I’ve got this like, stay there… – [Moon] I’m not staying
here, I’m going over there. There’s nothing he can do
about it. I’m just going. He can’t just — he can show it you later. He does not have to show it you right now. He just lets me stand around
here, I’ve got an umbrella. You know, as camera woman.
Which makes it a bit nicer. I was just talking to them
’cause we waited for a long time. – I bet they’re bored to death. I got this stuff called Plaster of Paris. When you break your arm,
that’s the stuff that they wrap around it to keep that it
goes solid when it dries. I got this big bag of them.
Oh, there, there, there. I’ve had this stuff
since August last year — – [Moon] It’s still good? – I hope so. I bought this stuff. I thought, you know, we could
make a really good video out of this, and then never used it. – [Moon] In the toilet. – Well what I want to do
is I want to put this, like all around me, so I’m just
going to be completely set. What do you think? – [Moon] I think it’s cool. (childish cheering) Cause I can just go. (serious music) I can just go, and I’m going to leave you. – You’re going to put it
around me, but then — you’ve got to stay with me, you can’t leave me. – [Moon] We got tripods. If,
obviously, I know the toilet– – Alight, so we’re going to go set my — – [Moon] Go on, keep talking. – Alright, so we’re gonna go put myself in this Plaster of Paris. We need to go to the shop,
I mean, I need my supplies. We’ve not done this for so long. – [Moon] Oh, yay. Supplies, I love it. – So we’re gonna go supply
shopping in the shop right now. So, if you’re new — (laughs) (upbeat music) So if you’re new here, press
subscribe down below, really. (upbeat music) Moon, you’ve got a rip
in your trouser leg. I keep looking at it. (laughter) So if you’re new here,
subscribe down below. But if you’ve already
subscribed, why don’t press that little bell icon right
next to subscribe button. You’ll be notified every time
I upload it’s as easy as that. – [Moon] Wee! You need to do it, it lands behind the bush there. – This one? – [Moon] Yeah. – Or this one? – [Moon] Back. – That bush? – [Moon] Yeah. Get it out, get it out. – Oh it’s here, look. – [Moon] Look! Now do it again. (swooshing) That’s it, it’s gone. (cartoonish falling effects) – Come on then, Moon.
I’m getting wet through. Let’s go supply shopping. – [Moon] (laughs) Let’s go. Oh! (rhythmic electronic music) – [Moon] You don’t have a baby. – It’s the only one that was left. There’s all sticky stuff all over it. – [Moon] (laughs) Why? – It smells like — – [Moon] Baby food. Baby food.
What you doing here Thomas? – We got baby seats, it’s weird if we don’t have a baby in it now. – [Moon] I can’t help you quick
with that. Oh, she’s cute. – Shall we take that one? – [Moon] Yeah. (intense screeching) That’s it. It’s like papa.
It looks like papa, that. Fit him in. What’s his
name? It looks like a Carl. – [Kill’em] No. (soft screeching music) – Judy. – [Moon] Judy? – Judy. – [Moon] Alright, Baby Judy. How you feel, like a father
now? You getting it some toys? – I’ve changed. – [Moon] Are you a proud papa? – I’m a changed man. – [Moon] Look how proud he is. (laughs) – I’m gonna need a pillow. It’s gonna take a while
for you to wrap me in it. – [Moon] A lot of time, yeah. Cause you can’t move when I
wrap you in. (mumbling) please. Judy. – Leave Judy. Ah Moon, they got really,
really hot noodles. I feel like I’m gonna be freezing in that thing, out in the garage. – [Moon] At your own risk, I don’t know if I should recommend it. – It’ll warm me up though. (Kill’em cooing) – [Moon] Thomas, it’s
getting ridiculous now. Hello, Thomas. (rhythmic music) – We have to get skinny popcorn, too. If I’m in there and I’m eating, if I get a bit chubbier
and then the cast — – [Moon] It gets a bit tighter. – Get me tight. So, skinny popcorn. Oh, and Reese’s. I love Reese’s. – [Moon] Yum, you can’t
get them anymore though. – Why? – [Moon] You’re vegan now,
it’s got chocolate around it. I can eat the chocolate around, and you get the peanut butter inside. – We need to stop
thinking of ourselves now, we have a child. We get baby-dry nappies?
Soft and Gentle shampoo? – [Moon] This is so stupid. – [Kill’em] Moon, moon — – [Moon] No, that’s ridiculous.
I’m not doing this anymore. When do I get my soothing
bedtime bath? I never get it. (punch effect) Dummy. – Did you just punch a baby? – [Moon] It’s not a real one. – You (laughs) punched a baby. – [Moon] I got you.
You’re getting that one. Ugly, cause you know your face is ugly. You’re getting ugly lemonade. – Massive five litres. – [Moon] That’s good. – Five litres. (squishing sound) – [Moon] Thomas! Judy! Quick! You’re a bad father, Thomas. – She’s okay. (laughs) – [Moon] Piñata! – Stupid Judy. I don’t want you. (sombre violin music) – [Moon] You can’t just throw Judy. – [Kill’em] Judy’s stupid now. Oh, it’s raining so bad. – [Moon] There’s no other
way, Thomas. We need to go. (intense orchestral music) – This is insane. (squeak) – [Moon] Ow! – Alright, so we’re ready. We’ve got all this Plaster of Paris. And we’ve got this big bowl of water here. – [Moon] (laughs) That’s a big bowl. (laughs) Such a big bowl!
Look at the big bowl! – You filled it — you’ve
seen the bowl before, why are you laughing? – [Moon] Thomas, ’cause you
look like a dwarf next to it. Look, look — (laughs) look at that bowl. – This is it, the moment of truth. Moon is just going to wrap me up. (laughs) Stop it! Merch available, – [Moon] There’s new designs, new designs. – New designs coming soon. They look — – [Moon] Really cool ones. – For real, I’m not even
joking. They look so cool. (upbeat music) We’re not very good salesmen. (laughs) – [Moon] Buy or die. – Buy now. – [Moon] Buy or die. – Buy, go buy. Please
buy. Digby needs food. I mean, he eats a lot around here. All profits go to Digby eating. I’m ready. – [Moon] No, you have to stand up Thomas. – But it’s really comfy. – [Moon] I just thought on it, how does it work when you lay down? – Why did you let me buy the pillows? – [Moon] I don’t know,
I just thought on it when you laid down. – They were expensive pillows. – [Moon] They were two pound, Thomas. This is Thomas, before he lost 10 pound. – Okay, so here we go. Moon’s just about to put
the first layer around me. I’m not looking forward to
this. It’s disgusting. No, whoa! (giggling) – [Moon] Thomas, no! – It tickles, stop it. (laughter) – [Moon] You can’t even see it. – It feels crazy. It took two hours. – [Moon] It looks a bit like — how do you zoom in that camera here? – I think the zoom– – [Moon] Whoa, really slow. – Are you zooming in yet? – [Moon] Yeah, but like really
slow. But it got a good zoom. How’s it feel? – Cold, wet, soggy, stiff, solid. Some good words to describe it. – [Moon] Spin around, try it. (laughter) Why did you want to have
the hands in this position? And now back. – [Kill’em] No! – [Moon] You need to spin around. – [Kill’em] You come ’round here now. – [Moon] I need toilet, Thomas. – No, Moon! – [Moon] Alright, I need going. (door opens) – No! – [Moon] I need toilet. I’m coming back. (door shuts) – [Moon] A couple things
coming off, Thomas. – [Kill’em] What? – [Moon] May as well just take it off, your little trousy bit. – [Kill’em] What you doing? No! – [Moon] I can’t take it.
(laughs) It’s just hanging there. Know what time it is? – Piñata time. (laughter) – [Moon] How’d you know? Get the stick. Should I help you? – No, no. Got it. – [Moon] Oh, look, look how cool. He looks like that Fortnite llama. You need to be blindfolded, so
you need to close your eyes. – I’m at enough of a
disadvantage right now without being blindfolded. (silly music) – [Moon] Oh, yeah! Keep
smacking him! (laughs) It looks like you’re doing
the least amount of — – That’s with all my power. – [Moon] You’re just literally
doing it with your wrist. – That’s everything I got. – [Moon] (laughs) How do kids do it? – [Kill’em] Oh, no! – [Moon] I get the candy.
Ha ha, I get the candy! – Moon, it’s cold in here.
Shall we go in the house? Watch some TV — – [Moon] (laughs) You’re not
going in the house like this. What you’re gonna have to do is just drop, should I help you? – No, I’ve got this. (thud) (gasp) Jesus Christ, gah! – [Moon] Did our couch just break? – No, my head. I hit a wall,
Jesus Christ. I can see stars. – [Moon] There’s a hole in
the wall. I’m not even joking. – Oh, (bleep). (laughter) – [Moon] Thomas — – I’ve put me head
through a wall. (laughs) Check my head, check my head. – [Moon] How can I check your head? – Flip me over. – [Moon] (laughs) I can’t get you up. – [Kill’em] Go! – [Moon] How can I get you up? – [Kill’em] Ah, Moon!
Put me down, put me down. Is it bleeding? – [Moon] No. – I can’t get up. I’m stuck. Put Fortnite on then. – [Moon] No, I’m not. – That didn’t work, so you’re gonna have to try and get behind me. – [Moon] I can’t, Thomas. – I can’t bend my legs — – [Moon] No, I can’t get you up. – I can’t bend my arms,
I can’t bend my hips. Try to lift me. – [Moon] I put a rope
around here and pull you up. – Yeah, yeah, yeah go get rope. (laughter) – [Moon] (mumbling) No, it’s not funny. People always think, ah weird that always bad stuff happens to him. – Go, go, go. – [Moon] Yeah, just got you — I can’t get you up, that’s it now. – This is my life now. – [Moon] Just roll. Try to roll. – I can’t roll. – [Moon] Try to. – You’ve got to be round to
roll, and I’m a star shape. I’ll try to move. – [Moon] Try to move your legs. – So really, try to crack my way out? – [Moon] Yeah, you have
to. There, the legs. I didn’t do them good. Try to
bend them. Can you bend them? (grunting) That’s good. – I can’t do the left. Don’t,
of course it makes me panic. – [Moon] Alright, okay. Shh. Calm. Calm. There’s nothing I can do right now. – It makes me panic when
I know I can’t do it. Oh no, I’m serious. Agh. – [Moon] Thomas, there’s nothing I can do. – It’s in me eye! Get
it (mumbling) quick — – [Moon] Breathe. Breathe. Just lay, like you’re laying in bed. – I’m serious. I’m actual serious. – [Moon] Yeah, I am serious too. – Get scissors, get scissors. Oh. I don’t like this. – [Moon] Don’t panic. (heavy breathing) – [Moon] Thomas, calm down. – [Kill’em] No, no, no,
no, I don’t like it. Please, Moon. – [Moon] I need to show
them how thick it is. Got your hips out. – [Kill’em] Oh, God.
Oh, I feel better now. We got me cut out enough
to get me stood up. We’ve completely ruined the living room. The couch, the hole in the wall. I can have seriously a
little panic down there. Don’t do this. It was stupid.

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