– Hi. I am currently back home in Arizona. I’m actually waiting
outside of the hair salon for my hair appointment time slot, so I figured I would go ahead and film the intro and outro of this video. Just raw, honest style. I’m kind of tired of
the studio lights thing, I just feel like it’s
another wall between us, I just feel like sitting
here talking to you. You’re gonna hear birds, you’re gonna hear cars, maybe we’re gonna hear a rattlesnake, I don’t know, we’re back in Arizona, anything could happen. But you guys, something that I feel like I need to talk more about on my channel, and get a little bit more honest about, is the struggle with my mental health. (motorcycle roars) Hello motorcycle, I’m trying to have an
honest conversation here. I’m gonna be perfectly honest, I have been feeling like
shit about myself recently. I’ve not been in a great place with my body confidence journey. I’ve definitely regressed a bit. There are days where I feel really amazing and empowered and confident, and then there are other days where I feel like I’m back at square one. And, that is okay, that’s
just something that happens. But lately, I’m gonna be perfectly honest, I’ve been feeling like crap
about myself and my body, so I decided as a little experiment, this is something I filmed over
the course of this past week in the spirit of being honest and raw and real and authentic, I decided to try and
peel myself off the couch and out of bed and do a little bit of tender loving care to myself baby! That’s something I am not good at, I’ll be the first to admit. And, “self care” has become
sort of a buzz word phrase type of thing as of late, and I think it’s something that I think people can misconstrue a lot, but it can also mean different
things for different people. Sometimes it might mean doing a face mask, taking a bubble bath, but it can also mean saying no to things. Setting boundaries. Something that I’m not really great at is treating myself to something
nice every once in awhile. Like, I think I so freely
do that for others, but for myself I’m kind of like, “Nah, I’d rather not spend the money, “I’d rather not waste my time.” I think I get a little caught up into what “self care” actually is and it can mean many different things for many different people. It’s very personal, it varies from person to person. It does not always have
to be super indulgent, like this video, hint hint. But, since working full time from home for the last almost three full years now, every day, self care
has, I’m not gonna lie, been something that I
actually really struggle with. Most days I spend arguing with myself, on whether or not I should shower, because, what’s the
point, I’m just gonna be sitting on the couch, or at
a desk, or in my bed editing. And, although there’s nothing
inherently wrong with that I do think that there’s
something to be said for the fact that putting a
little extra love into yourself actually makes you feel
good from the inside out, like I was talking about. I’ve done variations of
this type of video before, but I just really wanted
to spoil myself, that’s it! I literally never treat myself, ever. Why? Prioritizing myself in
2020 is a big goal of mine, it’s something I’m continually working on, and so with that in mind,
I’m hoping that this video will inspire someone to just take a day, or a week, or whatever,
however long you want and just treat yourself. Absolutely lather on the self care, because you deserve it. You, right there, you deserve it! Don’t mind my unpolished nails. We’ll get to them. Just
promise me that you will do one kind thing for yourself today. That is all I ask, okay? Whoa, I feel a lot better, I’m
ready to get into this video so let’s see what I got up
to for the past week or so. I dated myself on Valentines Day week, and it was fantastic! – [Computer Voice] Flashback – All right guys, so, before we get started, just
wanna give you a little glimpse into what I look
like on any given day, my hair is quite dirty, I have zero makeup on obviously. I’ve worn this sweatshirt, I think this is the third day in a row? I’m starting to wonder if my neighbors know if I have another sweatshirt? I’m also wearing, you know,
just pajamas at all times. I think I’ve worn these two
going on three days in a row? Pretty sure I have cereal in my teeth, because I just ate breakfast. Nails are absolutely not
done at all whatsoever. Toes. We’re not even gonna go there. I have absolutely
nothing wrong at all with “looking this way” whatsoever. I know a lot of Mom’s experience this, you know, you put a lot
of people before yourself. Folks who work from home, all sorts of different reasons
and factors go into it. Mine is partially the fact that
I don’t have to be anywhere so it doesn’t matter, and then partially depression. I’m just gonna be perfectly honest. So, putting a little bit
of care towards myself is definitely what is
my goal for this video. But I wanted to start it
off with a real honest look. Your girl has got to take a shower before we do anything else. Because, it’s been (clock ticking) more days that I’d like to admit. Okay, let’s do it. All right, so I had to throw on a hat and do my five minute makeup routine because you guys, I could not
leave the house like that, I just couldn’t, I’m sorry. I aint got it in me. And the first of three things that I’m gonna be doing for this video is getting my nails done. Now, getting my nails done is
something that’s definitely like a luxury thing for me. I would say I probably get my nails done once every three months or so, and then the rest of the
time I just do it at home. Honestly, three months is even a stretch. It’s basically just, if it comes up in conversation with a friend or my Mom or something, we will go and get our
nails done together. But it’s not a regular
thing that I plan out. I don’t know why I feel this kind of a little bit of guilt about it, but I’m trying to just
let myself enjoy today, pamper myself. Let’s go get our nails did! (gentle music) I’m throwin up the peace
sign but you can’t see it (laughs) living my best life. My eyes are rolling back into my head. (gentle music) And just like that I’m back home with fresh nails, I already feel so much better. It’s so weird how much more confident I am when I have polish on my nails. It’s pretty crazy. But, I’m already feeling so good already, I’m just kinda taking these baby steps and doing them one by one. I’m very much enjoying it so far. So, step one, we are done. Let’s move onto step two. Good morning everybody, I’m coming to you fresh faced this morning because today is another
pamper myself day. So, for the agenda today,
I am going to be — (loud car engine roars) It is not that serious. I am going to be getting a massage today as well as a facial. I’ve had one massage before in my life, and I almost had a panic attack during it. So, (laughs) we’ll see how this goes! The point is to try to
destress, not add stress. So, hopefully it works out okay. And a facial is something
I’ve never done before. I have never felt comfortable enough to let someone in the nooks
and crannies of my face. My skin is something I am
extremely insecure about. I do have quite a bit of acne scarring, and I’ve got texture and pores — (car engine roars) What is up with all these
drivers this morning? So I am on my way to my first appointment which is the massage, it’s at ten o’clock. I only booked a 30
minute massage this time because I just wasn’t
sure with like my anxiety how that was gonna go. I didn’t wanna be trapped
in there for an hour in case I didn’t like it, I just thought it was a
good introduction time slot, and then after that
I’m gonna head straight to my facial at 11. I’m a little nervous because it’s just two places I’ve never been before, it’s like I don’t know how
trendy they’re gonna be, if they’re gonna look
down on me, I don’t know. My imposter syndrome. But you know what? It is okay, it’s gonna be great and everything’s gonna be wonderful. This day is about me dammit, so you know what? That’s the number one priority and that’s all I’m focussing on. So, let’s go get a massage! Let’s get pampered. (gentle music) (drums beating) Oh my gosh, that was so incredible. I’m gonna link the place that I went to in the description box below because if any of you are in the LA area you should go. It was amazing. I really enjoyed it so much. I was sitting there like, I can’t believe this is how
I’m spending my morning. I am so used to just having a to-do list, being like, I’ve gotta get this done, I’ve gotta get this done,
it’s all work stuff. And I was like, I can’t
believe I’m just sitting here getting a massage, that’s wild. I don’t know why, it was just crazy to me. I did struggle a little
bit with my anxiety. I get a little bit of claustrophobia, especially when I have to put
my head through that thing. I’m almost at my next appointment. I’m about 10 minutes early which is great. I was running late this morning. Okay, I’ve just parked,
and now I have arrived at my next location which
is called “Skin Camp”. It’s not as much of a spa type
of facial that you would get, it’s open concept, so
it’s kind of like going to a hair salon but then you’re getting your face
worked on with everyone else, and I just thought that was a cool idea, less pressure I don’t know. I couldn’t really figure out
where I wanted to get a facial that wasn’t like $300 in LA. So, this place seemed
like a good introduction. I have gotten something I think called the detox facial is
what I’ve signed up for. I have very problematic
skin if you couldn’t tell. Lots of acne scarring right here. Got a few active breakouts. So, hopefully they will
fix me up here today. So let’s head on into our next appointment and just I’m, I’ve got
the ball rolling today. I’ve got the self care ball rolling, and we’re gonna keep it going. (gentle music) And just like that I
am done with my facial oops, there was a tree there. How do I look? Very red actually, because there were a lot of
extractions done apparently. There’s a car coming, that’s awkward. The girl that I had, she was super sweet. I told her it was my first time anyone had ever touched my face and she was so gentle. She did some extractions, she did a peel, she did a masque, she did a cleanse. She gave me a lip balm. There was some kind of
high frequency electricity thing that was on my face. I had to wear like a cheese cloth over my face to protect it. It was really really cool and
I definitely will be back. It felt really good to just, you know, take the morning and do stuff for myself. Like, what the heck? A foreign concept honestly, but I’m really happy I did it. So, we are going to head home. Get some work done, it was
a great way to start my day. I’ll check in with you guys for the last and final pamper sesh
first thing in the morning. Also, just quickly wanna add that getting in my car and inspecting
my skin after my facial I realized I had one single chin hair sticking out that entire time, so she definitely saw that. That’s embarrassing! Bye! Good morning and thank God
for this appointment today. What the heck. Oh God, this freakin’ sun! Just before eight A.M
and I am on my way to my very first blow out. I’ve never gotten a blow
dry appointment done before. I feel like it’s a very
common thing in LA. And, even in Arizona where I’m from people get them all the time. Even in Nashville when I lived there, it was a normal thing. Something that I’ve never really thought was necessary? I feel like I do a pretty decent job at doing my hair on my own. But there’s something to be said for having someone else pamper you. It just feels good man. I’m like, on a high from this week. Over the last few days
it’s been so enjoyable. Obviously a very expensive
thing if you make it an every week routine, but every once in awhile
it’s nice to spoil yourself. So, because I got that massage yesterday, and I have a bunch of
essential oils up in my hair, and then I got a facial right after that, and then I had a bunch
of lotions and masques and creams and stuff,
my hair is a hot mess. I just took it out of a
messy bun this morning. We’re struggling. On my way to my very first
blow dry appointment. It’s actually Valentine’s Day today, which I thought was really nice, you know? Valentine’s Day is a day about love. It does not have to be romantic love, it can be family love, pet love, platonic love, self love! So, even though I have an amazing partner who I’m gonna be celebrating with tonight and am very lucky to be doing so, I’m gonna spend the day,
or at least the morning, giving myself a little self-love. I don’t think I’ve ever
gone to a hair salon this early in the morning before? But, we’re trying new things in 2020. So let’s head into Dry Bar, see what this hype is all about. And hopefully they can fix this
situation that’s happening. Good luck to them! (gentle music) (drums beating) And there you have it. My hair has been blown out. My pores have been extracted. My muscles have been rubbed. Why do I do the things I do? My gel polish has been peeled off, but you know what? That’s because I have a
little thing called anxiety. We’re gonna skip past that. In all seriousness, it was actually so incredible
to take time for myself, and literally do these
self care steps and things, and have a full day of
stuff that was just for me. Like, there was no other person
that was benefiting from it I mean, besides the people I was paying. It was so incredible. I enjoyed it so, so much. I definitely won’t make
this any kind of like, every week habit or anything like that, but, every once in awhile I really wanna start doing this for myself. Not all of these things
in a row obviously, but taking time out of
my day and just like, running a bubble bath with
a book and a glass of wine. Or booking a massage, or
booking a therapy session. Or listening to a podcast
that makes me feel good, or reading a self-help book, or whatever it may be. Just taking time out of my
busy busy schedule for myself. Obviously it’s one of the most
cliche sayings in the book, but if you were pouring from an empty cup, aint nothing gonna come out girlfriend. And, by the end of this I really just felt so much better about
myself inside and out. I felt pampered. I felt treated. I felt loved. I felt important. I felt so much better
than when I first began, not just because I looked better, but because I took time to give myself a little bit of care. And it just made the world of difference. I love you guys so much, I really appreciate you
watching this video, and me kind of trying
out new things, you know? I hope that you will do
something for yourself today, that is just for you, and only you, because you deserve it. I will see you guys in the next video. Bye. (upbeat music)

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