Hey everyone! Right now I’m at ESUN, a 3D scanner manufacturer here in Shenzhen and they’re going to do a 3D body scan of me today. Let’s go! So this is their 3D body scanner and they
use structured light, kind of like the old one but they upgraded it and it only takes
about three seconds to get a body scan. And, let’s do it. This is a camera with some famous paintings as a filter. You can scan the QR code here and then you can select the paintings as a background filter. This is a USB camera, right? Yes. My hair is so messy, but whatever. Do you want to film other stuff here? Let’s do the 3D body scanning first. Just so you know, we have some special visitors today, they might come here in a little while. I will just leave my hair like this. I am not shy, maybe some people will find this awkward. Are you sure? You can change in the projector room if you want, I am scanning with only the bikini on anyway, so it is no big deal. Yes, we agree. The scanner is ready now. Do you need a chair? No, I don’t need one. Oh I can look at myself. The ESUN body scanner uses a technique called” structured light” it’s the same technique my smaller Creality scanner uses. Each column of the scanner contains several video projectors and several cameras. The projectors create moving bands of light across the subject being scanned. The precise distance between the projector and any point on the subject can be calculated by looking at the distance between bands of light. You can put the raw file data on my SSD drive. I am going to film an intro for you at the front door. The main drawback to this method is in the 2-3 seconds it takes for all the bands of light to move across the subject, there’s always some movement- this can introduce defects into the scan. But we can clean those up later. I think my jacket for the dress left marks, its sleeves were too tight. Ready? Go. How long does it take to render one? First, it takes a few seconds to scan you and then a minute for the scan to show up in the program. Ready? Go I hope you’re enjoying this video- remember not many channels can support themselves with YouTube ads anymore and I don’t have Patreon. So if you have any PCB related needs please take a minute to visit my sponsors at JLCPCB. PCB prototyping enables small creators around the world to bring their ideas to life cheaply, and easily. Hardware projects like my drone changing pad You can see, the green light is blinking, it means when the pogo pin touches the charging pad it’s working. HIC punch sensor, or LED pigtail rings are good enough to crowdfund or show potential investors. Custom PCBs are a great way to get started as an inventor and much of the engineering work can be outsourced. JLC can make your PCBs and with their PCBA services place all the components on them so you have a finished, ready to go hardware product you can crowdfund and ship. A lot of people don’t realize how much new digital fabrication technology has changed things in the past few years and how many doors it’s opened. Even if you don’t need a PCB right now, if
your co-worker, your child, your spouse if they have an idea for an invention, don’t
dismiss it out of hand because you think it will cost a fortune to prototype. Maybe not. If whatever it is can be done with a PCB there’s a pretty good chance you can get a low-cost prototype made that’s more than good enough for crowdfunding. It’s not a jetpack or flying car- but it’s
a start. And remember- when you manufacture with JLCPCB- you help support me, and this channel. I think I used to be skinny when I came here to get my first body scan, I gained a bit of weight now. Oh come on, you look good and healthy. Well, compared to the old me years ago I hope my scan comes out well. Let me adjust my bikini a bit, tell me when you are ready. Do you need to film the scanning process? Ok, then you can film it now. Now, look at the camera on the scanner. This awkward pose is called an A-pose, you might have heard of something related called a T-pose. Try not to move your face too much. So I don’t make any facial expression? Yes, no need to make any facial expression, because it might affect the scan result. The idea is that with this position as a reference 3D modelers can add joints so the model can move and pose realistically. If I make this awkward pose, I can then add joints on my arms and move them. My old scan was cleaned up. So you want to add points on your arms and then move them in the program later? Yes. We should scan this pose a couple more times. Yes. We can select a good one later and I will give you my SSD drive then you can put the raw data on. Remember don’t tense your facial muscles too much. Okay. Of course, this comes with a risk that my image might me used in ways I might find a little
distasteful, either cartoon like animations or hyper realistic deep fakes. But in the past people who have done that have been very respectful and kept their work private for their personal enjoyment. By providing the data needed to create deep fakes that are indistinguishable from reality, I can better counter any attempts to blackmail or smear me with fake videos by fabricating my own videos showing just how easy it is to do. It’s a counterintuitive strategy, but it’s one of the ways this kind of emerging tech can be countered. If you make it easy to produce fakes and show how it’s done, people will be more skeptical of video that shows uncharacteristic behavior. Like if you see a video of me running, or eating a big salad- guaranteed that’s a deep fake. How do you want me to take the picture? A full body length? Yeah, sure. Remember to send me those pictures later. Sure, thank you for your time. While the scans were processed and the files copied to my drive, ESUN showed me their VR room. Oh, an automated door. Inside he will use a remote to control the scenario. Wow. Why don’t you introduce this immersive emulator to the audience? Yes, he is going to explain how this works. I feel like I am actually there. So this is for VR immersive experience. This scenario timeline is between Ming and Qing dynasties. I am shaking. Maybe because I have
a motion sickness problem. Sorry, maybe we need to adjust the frame carefully. I feel like I can feel the boat moving. This is actually a virtual museum. Wow, there are so many projectors on the ceiling. Yes, 8 in total. So first, on the menu, it will show the museum When I click it it will show you a map. In general, it is an immersive VR museum. A VR museum. I wish I could have this at home. Then I can create my own immersive space. I really like how the picture moves towards me, I quite enjoy it. It just makes you a bit dizzy. This is the only scenario we have now. What about that sword? What will happen if you click it? This is Sword of Goujian. So it only shows its background story, but you can’t swing it in the air, right? If you want to move it, we have a touchscreen on the wall outside can show you 360 degree of this sword. Where is it? On the wall outside, I will show you later. In here, we mainly show people this Lingnan scenario, if you pay close attention to the picture, you will notice that the people inside the frame is moving. I can tell they are moving. What we are trying to do is bring this scenario to life and let people have an enjoyable immersive experience. So that you can have a general idea of people’s life in Lingnan back then. So on this map it shows some well-know places back then. So the one I just showed you is one of the immersive experience the developer created. I am feeling quite dizzy. Sorry, we are still testing this, we will adjust the angle later so people can be more comfortable around it. But you also have motion sickness so it would be tough for you. I’m sure a lot of you want a copy of this model right? Well, all raw 3D scanner images need to be cleaned up a bit, and these certainly did, so I gave the raw files to a computer artist
from the Philippines I know- Megs Empinado. He did an amazing job as you can see and we’re going to be seeing more of his work in the future. When it came time to pay- Megs refused to charge, but as you know I always pay artists who do work for me. If they ask I will promote their channel- but paying cash is always best. Megs suggested I donate the proceeds to a charity in the Philippines. After some research I found a reputable one, it’s called Virlanie and they help feed, house and educate children living on the street in Manila. While we all want to promote tech education, sometimes we have to take care of more fundamental problems while we also use new technology to hopefully create long term solutions. I reached out to my friends at MyMiniFactory, and they kindly agreed to host the STL. After PayPal takes it’s cut- sorry, they’re
PayPal, that’s what they do, all proceed go directly to Virlanie to help the children there. It’s just $11, it’s a really cool model that’s
printable on a DLP or FDM printer, and you are helping a really good cause. Just do me a favor and don’t share the file, those kids need a meal more than anyone needs a free model of me in a bikini. Next time I’m going to show you how this print turns out on Creality 3D’s new SLA printer the LD-002R. Until then- please subscribe, higher numbers really help me get more sponsors and review units, you can click notify but we all know YouTube won’t notify you so please check back every week. If you’d like to help out, sponsors see my
videos a week before everyone else, links to ko-fi and subscribestar are in the description box. The absolute best thing you can do for me is word of mouth- post about me where you can tell your friends. YouTube won’t suggest my videos so this really, really helps more than anything. Until next time remember if I can do it- anyone can do it!

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