We’re going to the Skin Inc. store. Right, Holly? Yep. Yep. Are you zooming in? No. Hey, guys, it’s Mi-Anne and
this is Beauty with Mi. A few weeks ago, I went
on an incredible trip to Singapore with a
brand called Skin Inc. Which was not only cool because
my mother is Singaporean, I’m half Singaporean, and the
brand is Singaporean, but because we got to learn
so much about like how skincare is created. That being said we were staying up super
late, we were dancing, we were eating, we were
drinking. At one point we went to
karaoke at like 2 in the morning. It was a lot of fun. I got to go with Holly,
who shoots all my videos, and we just had
the best time. It really showed on my
skin. I decided I should probably
get a facial. I went to the Skin Inc store
at Scott’s Square in Singapore. And got the Oxy Cryo Glow
Infusion facial. The first thing that you do
at Skin Inc before you get any treatment is do
their customization like skincare quiz. We pretty much figured out
that my skin is dehydrated, I break out a
little bit. Anyway… We took all that information,
they made me a custom serum, and then I went into
the treatment room. So we’ll start out using the
pure serum infused cleansing oil. It smells so good. The best part of a facial
is when you guys massage
my chin. That’s my favorite part. [ding] That was a bad wink. That was bad. [ding] To prep your skin, we’ll start
by using the bubble mask. It helps to gently exfoliate skin
and unclogs the pores. Here’s the bubble mask. Ooo. You can hear it popping! So we’ll be starting on the ozone
therapy. This helps unclogging pores,
detox skin of impurities, and kills acne causing
bacteria. So it helps to cleanse
the skin. Followed by the second step,
we are infusing your skin with negative ions and your
customized serum cocktail, which we chose based on
your skin identity quiz previously to nourish and
recharge. So now we’ll be doing the
oxygen mask therapy, which helps to heal, repair,
and revive. It will be delivering close to
100% medical grade oxygen to enhance collagen
formation to revive damaged skin
tissues. I think I fell asleep for a
little bit in there. We’ll be using the Tri-Light
device right now. We’ll be using the red light
to further stimulate collagen. Also helps to plump
up the skin. Blue light helps in soothing,
whereas yellow light helps in brightening. So there is two extra light
for the orange light is a combination of the red
and the yellow. So it actually helps the
anti-aging and brightening at the same time. Whereas the purple helps the
anti-aging and soothing at the same time. Now I’ll be applying the Get
Glowin’ Brightening Mask for you. This one helps to even out
the skin tone and also brighten the skin at
the same time. When it came off, I really
saw a difference in the overall like brightening,
the texture of my skin. It was pretty nice. So we’ll finish off the treatment
with these two skincare products which is the nanogel
and the UV protect. To protect the skin from the
sun. And yeah, you’re good to
go. Thank you! Welcome. I feel so relaxed. And that was it. Gotta say I really liked the
facial. It was a very relaxing one. I’ve done a lot of facials, as
you know, and there are some that are like very
intense, like Face Gym where they’re whipping your
face. There are some that are
very relaxing like CBD where they’re basically putting
you to sleep on the table. This one was a little bit in the
middle. It was kind of exactly what I
needed given that I had zero sleep and
was drinking copiously. Thank you guys so much
for watching and I will see you guys
next week. Thanks so much for watching,
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