(slow electronic music)
– Oh, so you’re clearly still mad about that? – Yeah, you’re a baby. – Oh, thanks, babe. – I’m gonna start blushing. Hey, everybody, welcome
back to our channel! I’m Shawn!
– I’m Andrew! – And we are in the middle
of a cringy, cheesy, love–
– Cringy? – Yeah, yeah.
– Cringy? – Love story.
– It’s romantic. – Story time, storytelling. If you’ve missed the first two episodes, we’re kind of telling
you guys and walking you through how we met, our dating story, our engagement story, our proposal story, which is the same thing.
– Pretty much how we got to where we are today. – Yeah, which was very rough. – It’s still rough, it’s still rough. – Is it, yeah? We’re arguing about stupid things. – To stay on tone and stay
on script, I had to wear some unique outfit.
– Another ridiculous outfit. If there are any stylist
that watch our videos, we would love to work with you. – For your style or mine? – More so yours. – This was the most expensive
piece of clothing I have and I’m wearing it right
now because, and I got it, because it makes me feel cool, and I don’t have any
other piece of clothing that makes me do that. I kinda feel like a greaser
from the 1970s, but. – It’s just weird, the
backwards hat, the combo of how you’re styling it.
– I feel cool. – You look ridiculous.
– And I feel like that’s the point of fashion. – Stylists, anybody who has fashion staff, if you wanna do a collab
with us, let’s do it. Reach out, reach out. Anyways, the first episode that we filmed for this series was how we first met. We were kind of set up on a blind date by Andrew’s oldest brother
that I met at the Olympics. Please go back and watch it
because it’ll give you context as to what we’re talking
about in this video. – The second video was
my favorite, though. It was us reading our
first DM conversation that we ever had as a dialogue, which is pretty cool.
– So awkward. If you watch the first video, we told you that it
took Andrew nine months to convince me to go on
a second date with him. – You guys have been anxiously awaiting why it took that long and we’re here to answer your question. – So before we get started, before we jump into our story time storytelling, please press that Subscribe button,
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Also, question of the day. – Have you started putting up
Christmas holiday decorations? – Second question of the day. We’re going into the holidays, Thanksgiving is almost
here, Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever you guys
celebrate is almost here. What is your favorite holiday meal? Comment down below, we’ll do a holiday cooking
episode for you guys. – Well, if I may, tell you mine. – What is yours? – Okay, you guys are gonna be grossed out. Fried turkey with mayonnaise, just like a slab of
turkey with mayonnaise. I love mayonnaise and turkey. – Disgusting. – Mac and cheese, some sweet
potatoes with the brown sugar, you guys know what I’m talking about. And then some potato casserole. And maybe you can throw in
some veggies if you want. – You just named
everything at Thanksgiving. – I can name that.
– Blend it up. – What’s your favorite? – Pumpkin pie. – That’s your favorite meal? – Done. – Your favorite meal is a pumpkin pie? – Yeah.
(Andrew sighing) – I don’t know if that’s a meal. – It is. Without further ado, let’s
jump into the story time. – Okay, so, you guys
know I went out to LA, met Shawn for the first time. I thought that the date went really well. Shawn didn’t have that same perspective. Anyway, when I got back from
LA, I was like texting her, I was trying to set up
another call, right? You were stringing me along. And it got to the point where– – I was in the middle of
Dancing with the Stars. – Yeah, I guess she was busy. And I wore my Vanderbilt shirt because that’s where I was when we met. It’s symbolic. I put thought into it.
– Okay, okay. – So I texted her once, no response. I texted her twice, no response. Following up on our awesome first date. And I texted her three times,
I was like, you know what? I have to have some self-respect, dang it. And this is the last text I’m gonna send if she doesn’t respond. So I send the text. At first I was trying to have a real conversation over text, the second one was kind
of a follow up on that, and then the third one was just trying to get something out of her. So I was like, what’s
your favorite candy bar? And she replied. (Shawn laughing) You replied. – I replied 3 Musketeers.
(bell dinging) – First of all, I’m really
disappointed that that’s your favorite candy bar.
– It’s a great candy bar. What’s your favorite candy bar? Comment down below. Anyways, I just remember
he was texting me a lot. Like a lot. – Not an inappropriate amount. – And you were texting a lot. Like text me quite a bit and finally I’d be like, I’ll respond. But again, I wasn’t in a place in my life where I was ready to date serious. – Really? – I was going on dates but I wasn’t really interested in anyone. – Really?
– Really. – Okay, well, you need to expand on that a little bit because
you weren’t just going on dates with average Joes. – Okay, guys, I’m gonna start blushing. Really awkward situation
that I found myself in. We had gone on one date, this was in 2012. But I didn’t really consider it a date. Like early September, 2012.
– And we weren’t– We weren’t dating by any means. Like we weren’t– – No, I agree.
– No. We went on a date and you were pursuing me for a second date. So in between, like
during the nine months, I went on dates with other guys. I just so happen to go
on a couple of dates with one of Andrew’s closest friends. – And I didn’t find that out.
– Fresh teammates, he was one. – I didn’t find that out until a year after we were dating.
– Two years. – We were dating.
– Two years. (solemn piano music) – With closest friend, maybe not, that’s not fair.
– Two, okay hold on! – ‘Cause that makes it sound,
that makes you sound sketchy. – I know, not a close friend.
– And it wasn’t like that. – Just like a friend, a teammate. It was still very awkward
because I didn’t think I was every gonna see you again, and so to me it was kinda like, I met this guy, he asked
me on a date, whatever. But then when we started dating again, I was kinda like, oh shoot. And your teammate didn’t tell you and I didn’t tell you.
– No, nobody told me. Shawn was just breaking
my heart, like constantly. I would like text her
three times and be like, this is it, I’m not texting her anymore because that’s sabotage and you can’t. Like everybody knows, there’s a limit. Mine was three texts before– – It might have been like six. – If she didn’t respond
after three texts, I’m out. – What the maximum number
of texts you can send one way before someone responds? – I feel like for me it was three. So, but then, you would
always respond, okay? So there’s just like a glimmer of hope. She texted me saying that
she was coming to Nashville. She came for the CMA Awards,
you were presenting an award? – With Mark Ballas, no. – No, you weren’t with
Mark, she could have brought me along.
– No, actually. – And she didn’t.
– It was in the middle of Dancing with the Stars with Derek. And I came to CMA Fest to present an award.
– Alone. – Alone, to present an award. – And she could have
brought me, but she didn’t! So she said–
– I didn’t know you well enough! – She said, hey, I’m in Nashville, and then that’s it. And so I’d literally left class, I didn’t tell you.
– I stayed at the Hutton Hotel right next to Vandy. – And she ran the football stairs and I remember she texted me like, hey, I’m running the stairs. I left class to go meet you at the stairs and I was like, we gotta
meet up again, second date. She wasn’t there, she ditched me. So you kept throwing out
these little balls of hope and I kept swinging at ’em. – I was also nervous, guys. I’m not, I was not a smooth dater. – I could flirt.
– That’s clear. – I could go on a first date, but then when it got to
be like, not serious, but like going on a second
date meant you were interested. That made me so nervous just because, like I said–
– And she didn’t go on a second date, so therefore
she wasn’t interested. – I, well, I was. (upbeat pop music)
Wait. One of my favorite stories. Jumping back to when I went on a date with one of your friends. – Teammates.
– Teammates, he was a friend. – Yeah.
– But like not, I wasn’t dating his best
friend, it was, whatever. It took me almost two
years to tell Andrew. I was so nervous what you would say because when we started
dating and got interested into each other, like in each other, the teammate didn’t mean anything and he wasn’t even at Vanderbilt
anymore, like whatever. Whatever. But I was really nervous.
– Baggage, bro. – And so I told him, and
you took it like a champ. You were like, okay. You almost did it too well. And then I specifically
remember that night, he had gone to practice
and stuff, and he text me, he’s like, hey, do you
wanna go paintballing? It’d be so much fun. I was like, sure, that sounds great. I’m like, he’s in too good of a mood. He’s like, I’ll meet you there. So you didn’t pick me up, you didn’t offer to take me for a ride. I pull up to the paintball and it’s the entire
Vanderbilt football team with the guy I when on a date with, and they were separated into teams. The guy that I went on
a date with, his friend, was the captain of one team and Andrew was the captain of another. And I walk up and I’m like,
oh, this is really awkward. And Andrew’s like, hey, Shawn! So you’re on the opposing team. So I’m with his teammate.
– This is not (laughs) true. – This is true. – If it happened, it didn’t
happen intentionally. – Okay, it totally happened intentionally. So then I was like, oh,
this is really awkward, he’s testing me. So the game starts and for the entire game Andrew was like a frickin’
sniper, and he’s like shootin’ me up.
– I’m really good at paintball, I’m really
good at paintball. – And I was like, you know
what, touche, man, touche. This is how you get out your
aggression and I like it. It was hysterical. – I didn’t do it on purpose. – You did it on purpose. – I didn’t do it on purpose.
– It was amazing. – I found out that she
also might have also been dating another
college football player at the University of South Alabama. She was tweeting with him. It makes me sound like a stalker. – It does.
– It really does. – It does sound like a stalker. – And I wasn’t. But I saw his tweet and I was like, oh, she got a thing for this guy. But the tweet was regarding
Florida Georgia Line which is one of Shawn’s favorite bands. – Yes.
– And she was like, oh, I love them. (mellow country music)
At that point I knew she liked country music. – Yes.
– Which was big, because the next time I saw her was not until the end of May in 2013. – I got offered to be the grand marshal in the Indianapolis 500 Race Parade, which is a huge deal. And I was doing it for USA Gymnastics, and I went, ended up going to the race, and I’m in the parade sitting on the back of a convertible with my cousin Tori, and I get a text from Andrew,
who is from Indianapolis, saying my dad is watching
you in the parade right now. He’s at the parade. – Which also sounds weird. – It sounds so creepy. – It’s not.
(Shawn laughing) I dunno, I’m– – And so, I didn’t know Andrew was in town but he goes to the
Indianapolis 500 every year, and which has been a tradition of ours ever since we started dating. So he’s texting me and he’s like, my dad saw you in the parade. If you have any free time,
do you wanna go to a movie? And I was like, okay, okay,
I can do this, I can do this. And I was like, yes, I
will go to the movies with you tonight.
– Typical Shawn. – And so, I’m there with my cousin, Tori, who’s like my best friend. We get through all the work and stuff that we’re supposed to do that day, and that night comes
around where I’m supposed to go to the movies with Andrew. And I’m in the room
getting ready with Tori, and I’m just like, I’m getting so nervous. I feel like I’m gonna vomit, I’m sweating, I’m just like, I can’t do this, I can’t go on a date.
– What? – Again, I had gone on dates but I had just gotten out of a serious relationship. I didn’t know how to do it again. I didn’t know how to go on a second date, I was just like, oh my gosh. – You were like 19 years old. – I know, I was nervous. – You act like you were
a middle-aged woman. – I was nervous, okay. – Okay, okay, okay. – I was shy, Andrew. – Not Shawn. – And so I ended up
texting him and I canceled. – She bailed! And I’m in the middle of the woods. We have this kind of campground
that my family goes to, and I was getting ready to
drive an hour to meet her, ’cause I was like, gotta make this happen, which again, sounds weird. – (laughs) So then, okay. So then I canceled which
I feel bad about, but– – Just broke my little heart. – Tori and I just went to dinner. – Very next time, Shawn
wasn’t the only one dating. This was probably the most stressful time in my life.
– Andrew was juggling the ladies. – I was not, but was hanging out with more girls than
I ever had in my life, and it was like–
– Juggling the ladies. – In a short amount of
a time I had hung out, I don’t want to say officially dated, but been on dates with at least four different people.
– Juggling the ladies. – And as we agreed to go–
– What a player! – So, anyway, so I was
still kind of hanging out, Shawn was just, you know,
seemed like a friend. And a hopeless romantic.
(Shawn laughing) I was hopeless as far
as that prospect went. But, she says she’s
gonna be at the Indy 500, so I’m like, sweet, maybe I can see her. Caveat, I regret mistreating
any girls that I may have. (Shawn laughs)
I treated people well, but I think I always led people on more. – Yeah, you’re a flirt. – So I apologize, so save me, atone me for my sins.
– I’m a flirt too, it’s okay. So, it’s the day of the Indianapolis 500. I’m there on behalf of the USA Gymnastics. I’m an ambassador for the race. So I have duties for the entire day. – Which in my mind, for her to be the grand marshal
of the Indianapolis 500, I grew up in Indianapolis, Indy 500 is the biggest
thing that happens all year. It was like she was the belle, like she was the biggest thing in the Midwest.
– Belle of the ball. So during the day of the race,
I’m doing media interviews, I’m bouncing from the Pagoda,
which is the media center. It’s in the center of the
Indianapolis 500 Raceway. And we’re kind of just like–
– Track. – The track.
(Andrew laughs) We’re bouncing all over doing media. So I am super, super
busy, like super busy. And when we’re not
busy,we’re in the Pagoda, (folksy indie music)
we’re supposed to sit with all the VIPs of
the race, the sponsors, and kind of schmooze, and talk and stuff, and we’re supposed to be there. So I’ve bounced around the race all day and Andrew is texting me saying like, let’s meet up just for a second. I just wanna say hi. I wanna come, you know, whatever. I wanted that too but I was nervous. I wasn’t sure how I was
going to make that happen. I had bosses to please, I
had duties to take care of, and I kept telling Andrew like,
I’m here, and now I’m here, and now I’m here, and now I’m here. So I was finally in the center
of the raceway, the track. What Andrew doesn’t know is
there’s was this big conference and the only way I can sneak
out is if I tell the people that I have to go to the bathroom. And there’s a bathroom
on that floor. (laughs) Like you didn’t see any of
the stuff that’s going on. But Andrew texted me and he’s
like, I’m outside the Pagoda. And I was like, okay,
how do I make this happen without being super sketchy? So I tell my boss, I’m like, I have to use the restroom,
I’ll be right back. Instead of going to the
restroom on that floor I went down to the main
floor to go to the restroom. I don’t know, this is
way too much information. But I run outside with Tori and I see Andrew and I was just giddy. I thought you looked adorable. I was so nervous. I felt bad for standing you up. – So my side of the story is we always go to breakfast with the family, and Shawn, I texted Shawn, and said, hey, maybe we can meet up today. She said, sure. Again, she’s not texting
me except for random times, so I don’t know when she’s gonna respond and when she’s not. I was actually supposed to go to the race with another girl that
day, but she didn’t go. – I’m glad she didn’t. – So I text Shawn and
said maybe we can meet up. She said, sure. And so I leave the family breakfast and my brother goes with me, JD. His best man speech he included it, he just wanted to include that, but. I ditched the family breakfast and I go meet outside the Pagoda. It’s like a mile walk to get there. And I’m standing there,
anxious to see her, and she like leaves me standing
out there for 20 minutes. And I’m telling JD, I’m like,
this is a waste of our time. She’s gonna ditch us, like she
did for the past nine months! She walks out the door and
she’s wearing this beautiful, was like coral, like red,
red dress with a jean jacket, looking like an angel. And we hung out for three minutes? – Yeah, maybe.
– Briefly– – But again, I was in the
middle of a press conference. So that’s why it took me
20 minutes to come down was I was trying to find any free minute where I can be like, I have to use the restroom,
I’ll be right back. And sprint downstairs to see you, and then sprint back up to continue with the press conference. – Right, so we see each
other for three minutes, had a brief conversation. – I don’t even remember his brother and sister-in-law being with him. All I remember is him. – There’s me, my brother,
JD, my sister-in-law, Katie, and my sister, Christine. The first date I saw Shawn smile, and I was like, angel. (Shawn chuckling)
That’s the girl. She smiled again and I was hooking in. We took probably the worst picture I’ve ever taken in my life. Hugged and said good bye. And then, and then, and then she posted the
picture on Instagram which absolutely was a tease. – Wait, so I was really excited. Unlike the first date where I
just wasn’t in the right space and I just didn’t have
the best first impression. It wasn’t you, it was
just the space I was in. When I saw you that day.
– Should have been wearing my leather jacket. – I was super giddy. I was like, he is super cute. You had a great smile. – I looked like a scrub. – Even the way you went about everything, you were just super sweet and charming. – Oh, thanks, babe. – You’re welcome, baby. And so that night I wanted to
post a picture on Instagram, and I had a collage. And I had the picture of you and I, and I wanted to post it almost as like that little snippet of, I enjoyed today type thing, but then–
– I mean, this is so millennial of us to be talking about reading into Instagram posts.
– I know, I know. But then I didn’t want
to post just the picture of you and I ’cause that is very forward. So there was another guy that was at the press conference
with us who was a friend. I posted a picture with him too just to make it seem like, hey. – We have that post, we’ll show you guys. But I was like, who is this jabroni? This Jerry over here that
she’s hanging out with. – He was very nice. – But when she posted that
picture and she’s texting me, she said, hey, it was
really good to see you. And then I knew it, I was
like, alright, this is it. (lighthearted pop music)
– Door’s open! – And so I text her back
and then she strings me out and she doesn’t respond for
another three or four times. And so I had to go back
to Nashville for football, and there’s a big event
going on, the CMA Fest, which the whole next video
will kinda be this process, but the last message I
was gonna send to Shawn. – The cheesiest message you could ever imagine.
– Aw, it was just absolute beautiful piece of poetry. – Cheese, cheese city. – It said something like this. I don’t have the verbatim,
I’m trying to find it. (emotional piano music)
But it says, hey, Shawn, it was really good to see
you this past weekend. I’ve enjoyed both times that
we’ve bumped into each other and I would love to see you again. I know you’ve been busy, but you haven’t been responding to me. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my years in
football, it’s to persevere. It’s to persevere when things are tough, – (laughs) Va-nay!
– But you keep pushing until you ultimately get what you want. It was cheesy and I sent it
like that, it was a joke. – And then at the very end of
this text message, he says, so with that, would you humor me and accompany me to the CMA Fest? – And I was just like.
– Like a true gentleman. – I was like, okay, okay. (cheerful pop music)
– That was the thing that sold her.
– It was literally the cheesiest, dumbest.
– It was really cheesy. – Not smooth text message ever, but I was like, that was really cute. One, I love country music. I’m a sucker for country music. – The CMA Fest is a Super
Bowl for country music. – And two, I was still pretty giddy. So I literally just agreed on the spot to fly out to Nashville to
go to the CMA Fest with him. And that’s how he landed
the second date, guys. The first official date. – Yeah, so the CMA Fest and everything that followed is actually
also pretty comical. And it makes me, this all makes me sound like an absolute crazy. – You weren’t smooth, baby, it’s okay. – No, but it makes me
sound like a stalker. – No, I will say this. And this is gonna sound really strange, and it’s probably gonna
make me sound terrible, but I had gone on a lot of dates with guys of all ages and walks of life. Some were so smooth and so calculated that it just wasn’t fun. You couldn’t feel any sincerity
through their actions. And I remember– – Authenticity. – Remember the couple of
times that I did bump into you and the things that you said, and the text messages you sent. You were so rough around the
edges that it was comical, but the sincerity, that authenticity, it was so genuine, I just trusted you. And I loved it. And it was because of
that that I was like, fine, I’ll give this guy a shot. – Do you think these videos have been good or bad for our relationship? – (laughs) I think they’ve been good. They’ve caused some arguments,
just bringing things back up. So there it is. That’s why it took nine months. I dated one of his friends,
he was juggling the ladies, I wasn’t responding to his sex messages, he was sending me really
rough, cheesy ones. – She said text messages,
not sex messages. – Sex messages. – (laughs) (mumbles) messages. – But the next week we’re gonna talk about how I invited Shawn, pretty much right out the gate, to my brother’s wedding. Not too long after Shawn and I got things going.
– Yeah, and our first date in Nashville. Like our first official date. Everything that we did, our first kiss. Oh, boy.
– Hey, guys, thanks for watching, though. If you have any questions or
comments about weird I am, go ahead and include those
in the comments down below. – The very last video
we’re doing of this series is a question and answer of
all of the best questions that are related to these videos. So comment down below if
you do have any questions about all this drama
and chaos that went on. (bell dinging)
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we’ll see you next time. (lighthearted pop music)

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