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  1. My heart always breaks for this girl. I hope life gives you a break someday because you certainly deserve one.

  2. My mom gets migraines and facial paralysis but what worked for her actually acupuncture it actually has helped her a lot before she couldn't even chew on both sides for years after a lot of sessions she actually can. I'm kinda iffy about Botox over time.



  4. It's hard to hear the audio when there's music that is giving me a headache. Or how about this buzzfeed no music. This music doesn't match this content.

  5. I have really bad migraines. Had them my whole life and the older I get. The worse they get. I also have problems with pregnancy due to my migraines. I had my daughter 8 years ago and waited 7 years to have another child because my pregnancy was so bad. During those 7 years I forgot how bad my migraines were. Sure enough having my son was even worse than my pregnancy with my daughter. They diagnosed me with Hyperemesis gravidarum. Anyways, after having my son I have more of an urge to have more children but I can't have another bad pregnancy. I was told about botox but once you start botox you are basically stuck for life. Also can't have botox done while pregnant. Here is another option besides just botox. I'm considering getting Daith piercings in both of my ears. They say get it on the side that usually starts migraines. Well I get them often from both sides and I don't want to chance it.

  6. Your insurance will sometimes cover it if you suffer from migraines. I've had migraines for years and say absolutely get Botox if you can! It does help some. It doesn't get rid of my migraines but it can help the intensity. I'm glad you are bringing information like this to us. Keep it up buzzfeed!

  7. Try the daith piercing. My sister has it and she don't get migraines not that much unless I annoy her like always but she said it works and you only have to do it in one ear and I got a headache from this video

  8. Might be worth trying a daith piercing in your ear for migraines. It think it's meant to hit an acupuncture point to relieve the pain.

  9. These are not the injections I'm used to knowing for migraines. I get the 32 injections that are on the face, temples, back of the head, back of the neck and on the shoulders. Those are the ones I've been getting for the last 2 years. But then again I go to Stanford for my injections and she went to someone else completely. Also Dr. Robert Cowan said, forgive me for how wrong I am because this is going from my memory from two years ago, when migraines and headaches happen or get worse the capillaries and veins constrict causing blood flow to slow and build up pressure. Botox helps freeze them and keep them from shrinking as much as possible.

  10. I also suffer from migraines & headaches, mostly from clenching my teeth & raising my eyebrows, I believe. I clench my teeth when I'm stressed & wiggle my eyebrows to raise my glasses back up when they're falling & I'm doing something like writing. maybe the boots would get me to stop doing those things. any suggestions ?¿?

  11. Neurotoxins literally kill your nerve endings…. You're literally putting the most toxic thing into your body.

  12. " i cut my hair so i can stop getting needles stabbed in my head, im gonna go try more needles in my head" she sounds like me

  13. I have botox for fibro and it is amazing for my migraines. I'm hoping to get approved for TMJ as well. Though I don't understand why she says it's a middle ground for her – 2 weeks in is when the botox has taken effect and she hasn't had a migraine since. So for a pretty painless, short, non invasive procedure, that will last three months (& this will get longer with continued use), and has very few side effects. I'd say it's pretty amazing!

  14. I've been doing migraine Botox for years and I have 0 migraines now. I also get Botox in the left side of my body for stroke spasticity to loosen the tendons and muscles that spasm constantly.

  15. I've lost more than half of my hair because of taking Toma pax for my migraines. I thought about shaving my hair off. I doubt I could look as nice as you bald.

  16. I've been getting botox treatments for migraines for almost two years now, and it's basically saved my life.

  17. I have hemiplegic migraines, I've gone through just about every drug available to me, the next step is botox and I'm not so sure about it. I typically get the most pain in my shoulder and neck and just about every other symptom elsewhere. My head feels like a pressure cooker.

  18. Yes I've struggled with migraines my whole life. Been in and out of hospital for it and would loveeeee to try anything that might help. Anyone else relate?

  19. I've had this treatment for migraines. It's been life changing. I can't say it would work for all of us, but it has for me.

  20. Botox works for about 80% who has chronic migraine, but it usualyl takes a couple of treatments to get full effect

  21. My aunt suffers from chronic migraines. She has to take tablets for them constantly, and she even has a piercing in a specific place to make the migraines less painful. Not sure how it works, but it helps her apparently.

  22. I've tired almost every medication that my insurance will cover and my doctor wants me to get botox. Do you have to shave your head?

  23. My Neurologist told me that all headaches are migraines, they are all just different severities. Scientists and Neurologists have been doing studies for quite some time now and they can officially, definitively say that there is no such thing as a tension headache or a sinus headache or things like that. Everything is just a certain form of a migraine. I have suffered from Migraines since I was 10-11 and I have tried every medication under the sun to help alleviate them. I am now on a cocktail of meds that includes 3 different meds in the morning and 2 at night with an abortive medicine when I feel a migraine coming on. On top of that, since those meds only cut my migraines down from 20-25 a month to 16-18 a month, I shaved my head. Since shaving my head, I now only get between 9-12 a month and they are pretty mild and manageable. I have heard about getting a specific spot called the daith (sp) in the ear pierced and that is supposed to cut down migraines as well. My dr wanted me to get Botox but I just couldn't see myself getting so many shots of a toxic paralytic in my head so frequently and then think about what would happen if for some reason I was no longer able to get them anymore. I feel like it might be one of those things like the chiropractor or massage therapy where your body gets used to it and you forget what the pain was before you started going but then once you stop for a week for vacation or something, your body goes on strike and refuses to cooperate and completely hates you. Or if you decide to stop going all together for one reason or another, it takes months for you to get used to the pain again and you have to white knuckle it all the way through until you finally get a handle on the pain.

  24. I did Botox for my migraines and it did NOT help whatsoever. It was so painful and i bawled my eyes out every treatment. I had migraines every single day still and it was horrible. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't do the treatment.

  25. Personally, I tried crack for migraines. Worked amazingly well. You should try it.Its cheap too. You just have to buy one of those glass tube things, and a lighter. Then you're in the cool kids club, or as they say in California, the Buzzfeed Editorial Board.

  26. Number one why the hell would you blast that horrible obnoxious music during a video about MIGRAINES????? OMG! That gave me a headache!

  27. There are other types of injections for migraines as well. Instead of Botox, I had a type of steroid injected in the back of my head just above the occipital nerves for my chronic daily headaches and migraine issues. It helped and didn't really hurt at all? Just made my neck stiff for a few days. If things start destabilizing again, I'd much rather get another set of those than have to go back on preventative meds (which all had hellish side effects).

  28. I had three rounds of Botox for my chronic migraine, I have one every single day that lasts all day and night. Since having the Botox treatment my pain intensified greatly after having an adverse effect. Now my headache is debilitating and I cannot live any kind of normal life, in fact I can't even walk due to the excruciating throbbing pain on movement which has forced me to use a wheelchair. Just a heads up, Botox doesn't work for everyone.

  29. Just got my Botox injections done today. Really wasn’t as bad as it looks. Some of the pokes I didn’t even feel. I don’t feel any different but it’s only day 1.

  30. I have had a migraine for 2 1/2 weeks now. Never had one last this long. My Dr is sending me to do Botox. I am extremely nervous but need this pain to stop.

  31. Given my luck, I’d probably get the droopy eyelids and still get my daily migraine. I wake up with migraines.

  32. Hello I have SLE and so many more health problems. I was looking into this but wasn't sure if you could with an autoimmune disease ? How are you doing thus far and any side effects?Thank you

  33. I’m not a doctor but anyone coming to this video for help then here is my experience:

    – I suffered with severe daily Chronic migraines since December 2015. Tried loads of medications and some worked for a few months or some just didn’t work at all. Some made me spaced out. Some were great but because I was under 16 and they were unlicensed for my age I couldn’t get large enough packets of the medication to last me a week.

    – long story short, I tried a lot and the only thing that had worked for me and I still currently get is occipital nerve blockers with methylprednisolone acetate (steroids). Works wonders cause before these I would be basically paralysed for days in pain, not being able to even move from one end of my room to the other.
    – Been getting these injections less than a year but they work for about 10 weeks and then I get more.

    So hope this helps for anyone looking for an option.

  34. What was your frequency before the botox and was there any significant change? Also did you kust do one round, or were there others? And the results from those?

  35. Dose it ever get’s better I wish people talked more about migraines and it just not a simple headache

  36. I've had very bad migraines and would do botox if it really helps get rid of them. You said you had not had a migraine in three weeks. Before, how many migraine would you normally have in a three week period of time? Or would you sometimes go for three weeks without any migraines before? I would really appreciate it if you could answer and thank you in advance if you can. I'm really desperate to get rid of these because they are really painful. Sometimes I can't even open my eyes at all because the light causes me to have even more pain …. so thank you, thank you, thank you if you – or any other people have gotten the Botox (or know of someone that has gotten it for migraines) can let me know if they've had relief from the pain. Thanks.

  37. I suffer from unbearable migraine headaches and seizures, I am about to try botox too- thank you for filming such a helpful video!

  38. I'm trying this tomorrow for my New daily persistent headache. I'm getting 30+ needles and am quite anxious for it. Hoping it will lessen my headache.

  39. My sister has a Migraine Condition and has a migraine (not a bad headache like she thought) every. Day. Finally got approved for Botox and is getting it today!

  40. I used this as prep for my own migraine Botox appointment, and it’s so not accurate!!!!! Migraine Botox is 31 injections into the forehead, scalp, AND neck!!!!! Wasn’t expecting that

  41. I get migraines from EMF from wireless technology… ever since I have stopped using a cell phone and wire my internet I am better but when I leave the house you can guess it I get migraines.

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