If I say u have to roll so many needles on your face Rolling Feared Don’t Fear!! This is not something from which u have to fear. Infact this is very helpful and effective product And this is DERMA ROLLER So from u’ll who have little bit of knowledge and want to know the pros and cons of Derma roller what are the benefits…… so be with me throughout the video u will get all the details But from u’ll who don’t know about Derma Roller So i will tell u’ll what is Derma Roller and how it can be used And what type of problem u can solve using Derma Roller Firstly they r scars!! Which are the pits which appears as the pimple disappears Mostly people call this as pores But that are not pores but acne scars So to treat this scars this is the no one solution If u can’t do laser, peeling etc .. Which are bit costly So this is the cheapest, effective and most trusted solution secondly If u have lines and wrinkles And the skin is loosened So to remove wrinkles from ur skin And make it youthful…This is the solution Third if u have hyper pigmentation (i.e) if u have U.V damage or sun damage Then this is the solution Fourth u have stretch marks on ur body or there are post surgery marks on body So to treat that Again this is the solution So if u have any problem among this Then u can use this But if u don’t have these kind of problem then also u can use this!!! How?? What ever serum or cream u r using and if u feel that ur not achieving the desired result use this First roll this on ur face and then apply cream. The cream will be able to penetrate deeply inside And u will get 10 to 100 time better results So from my point of view Everybody can use this…And i also use this So let us see What is this and how to use it And if u find this video helpful Plz hit the LIKE button Share with ur Friends And SUBSCRIBE to my channel So let us start This is Derma Roller…If u see the structure There is a handle where u can hold it and this is the head were u can see needles This is not a normal head It is a rolling head u can see many needles over here So with the help of these needles u have to roll it on ur face Why should these has to be done ?? As these is a painful process or it will lead to an extra marks or so…. As u have already marks out there on face and rolling the derma roller will boost them or so ….. so don’t worry lest us first understand the mechanism of this let me explain that first so for this i am taking an example of an acne scars And u can relate this with other problem also like stretch marks , wrinkles etc When the problem of acne arises then what happens is u will see a small pimple with puss inside it then it get’s bigger and bigger in size and lastly it explodes and the puss comes outside and our body heals that thing But what it does is leaves a hole after that This hole formation shows that in that area the collagen production is low so there we r our body has a healing system when any where in our body there is breakage of tissue blood comes out so our body healing system stops the flow of blood then it will make the cells and tissue then covering will come and slowly the dead cell covering goes out and skin becomes normal This takes certain time to happen the cells ans tissue formation is nothing but healing of the body and naturally body heal so for this u don’t have to go to doctor Right so on this natural mechanism Derma Roller works the skin which have holes means what the collagen production over there is low so what we r doing here with the help of derma roller is that we r trying to increase the collagen production over there so with the help of Derma Roller where ever u have scars (including all the above problems discussed earlier) Taking example of scars there u have to roll it how u have to do i will tell later So u can see that it has some needle which tries to penetrate in to the skin and u feel pain and it will try to create punctures into the skin that r very small Don’t assume as a hole there r too small Which will fell u little painful so where ever u will have this pain our body healing system will try to heal that so we have done it over scars and there are punctures so it will assume that there is some thing which has to be healed and it will start increasing the production of collagen and because of this the acne scars starts to reduce and disappear so this is the working mechanism of derma roller and i hope u understand why we roll this needle on our face So with this kind of a trick what we r doing is telling our healing system there is something wrong over there and u have to treat it and hence there is rise in collagen in that part and finally scars wrinkles stretch marks disappears and over skin becomes beautiful youthful and becomes back to normal hope u understand what is the mechanism behind that now we shall understand how to use this Derma roller comes in two types 192 needles and 540 needles i will recommend use 540 needles derma roller it has to titanium needles and size of the needles matters the most as problem decides the size of the needles it has many size like 0.25mm , 1mm, 1.5mm , 2mm etc But i have only 0.5mm and 1 mm and i will recommend that only as it covers all the benifits with 0.5mm u can see on the charts for what it can be used only use 0.5mm once in a week not more than that for 1mm u can see on the chart for what it can be used and it has to be used once in 15 days not more than that and with this the cream and serum absorption in skin is also better hence i recommend this both u can use any needle size as u want but make sure it is selected according to the desired problem u have now i m using 0.5mm needle size before using this The derma roller has to be clean and sanitized For sanitization i use rubbing alcohol called as iso propyl alcohol for that u have to dip roller in that solution for 5 to 10 minutes then make it completely dry then u can use it if u dont have rubbing alcohol u can use mineral water let it be dried out and u can use it before using this ur face has to be completely dry no make up u have to use roller into small small sections on ur face if u have scars on all over the face then to u will not use roller on all over the face take small small area stretch that and roll only in 3 directions vertical, horizontal and diagonal each direction 10 times now i taking a small section of my cheek with the help of fingers i m stretching it now in each direction roll 10 times vertical 10 times horizontal 10 times diagonal 10 times this way u have to cover ur whole face in small small sections for under eye the roller size is different don’t do with this roller not on lips also don’t be too slow or too fast while doing this do with medium pace this will try to get rid with all the problems discussed earlier and will make skin look good and beautiful it has many advantages follow all the instructions this way cover ur all face it will take 15 to 20 nminutes then u don’t have to wash ur face for 6 to 8 hrs and cannot apply makeup for 1 whole day after that what u can apply is vitamin c or e serum don’t apply home made serum as it is made with tablet it will irritate the skin so u have to use ready made vitamin c serum or vitamin e serum best is vitamin c because it penetrates deeply into the skin the pigmentation will go and skin will become youthful or else u can use moisturizer also home made alovera cream can also be used after this whole process don’t go out for 8 to 10 hrs avoid sunlight after that also plz apply sunscreen and go out so this are the simple instructions which u’ll have to follow and as the result is concern it is not like that u will get result in 1 or 2 days.. normally for a wound to heal it take 8 to 10 days so for scars and all after 1 or 2 months u will start to see results and it will take around 5 to 6 months don’t do this treatment by focusing on time u will not be able to start the process think another way that u will be doing it for once or twice in 15 days the results will be awesome after 2 to 3 months ur skin will become much more tighter don’t think about time while doing this treatment think as a task u have to do in 15 days and ur skin will repair from inside collagen is not formed in a day or so it takes time slowly and steadily collagen production will increase the holes will vanish steadily but it will take time but u will get result 100 percent so i hope i have given all the information if i have forgot something to convey i will put it in description box so plz take a look at description box this is effective for all the problems discussed earlier so if u want to use it follow the instructions and use it so this was the video if u find it helpful like it subscribe my channel and share with ur friends till then bye bye and take care

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  15. These dermaroller procedures should be done by dermatologist and plastic surgeons only. They will assess your skin and condition and decide the roller depth size and duration . Many patients returned to us with severe pigmentation after self use. Be careful. Consult your dermatologist and plastic surgeon(The only real cosmetologist with approved degrees) .Avoid beauticians and quacks. If you still want to save on your doctors bill, don't use rollers above 0.5 mm size for self usage.

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