– We’re in a public park. I’ve got a little girl on my pull-up bars, so I’m gonna have to wait an extra second. (rock music) – So, a little while ago, I
reached out to Alden Mills, former Navy Seal and author and presented Joshua with a challenge. – The Navy Seal Water Challenge. – Yes.
(water bubbling) I decided to reach out again to Alden, and now I have even a
better challenge for Josh. – The “Murph” Challenge
is inspired by a Navy Seal platoon commander, Michael P. Murphy. We called him “Murph”. He received our nation’s
highest decoration, the Medal of Honor for
actions while serving in Afghanistan saving
his teammates’ lives. The Murph Challenge is what he called his favorite workout, otherwise
known as the Body Armor. This is not an easy exercise. It consists of five parts: a one mile run, a hundred
pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats followed
by one more one mile run. So, Josh, what do you say,
are you up for the challenge? – You know what, Alden, after hearing all that, I’m in, let’s do this. – And this is timed, mind you. (upbeat music) – So first mile done. – There’s 30, 20, 10, so
I’m actually gonna start with my pull-ups first at
10, then I’m gonna do squats, then I’m gonna do push-ups, so that the upper body has at least a little bit of a break in between so I can get this ‘cuz it’s gonna be a
lot of reps, here we go. We’re doing it on a jungle gym, son! (Rock music) – If you’re doing this challenge, please do this responsibly. This is a very intense physical exercise. If you have an injury
or not sure you’ve done anything close to this
kind of work-load before, modify these exercises, take your time. The “Murph” Challenge
isn’t going anywhere. – Us three, we all coulda done
it with him, but we decided to not take his thunder. (Rock music) – So what’s the point of
the “Murph” Challenge, and how do you pace yourself through it? The point’s a really important one. It’s the one that you learn first thing in Seal training, is
understanding your weapon’s platform, and your weapon’s platform is the connection between
your body and your brain. Your brain’s in charge. It’s up to you to make it
through, not your body. It’s up to you to
decide, and just remember pain is weakness leaving the body. Get after this! – We are half-way.
– Half-way through. – How are you feelin’? – Yeah it’s, I’m exhuasted.
– Yeah. (upbeat music) (bell rings) (bell rings) (bell rings)
(panting) – [Alden] You kind of
feel like you’re running on tree stumps at the end. – The “Murph” workout is widely
popular at CrossFit gyms, but it’s also an annual challenge used to help raise money and awareness for the Michael Patrick Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation, and in the past few
years, it has helped raise over 800,000 dollars for scholarships. (upbeat music) – Alright, here he comes,
here he comes, let’s move! I’m really proud of us, yeah! Get over here! – Hope we made you proud, Alden. – Smell me. – I’m in pain, have a little
sore, try to catch the breath. – But we persevered. – Murph, that workout,
everything it stands for, that was really really cool. Man, get out there and try it. It will kick you ass, I promise. – Or watch somebody do it. – I need some food.
– Okay. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “I Tried The Navy Seal Body of Armor Workout”

  1. That certainly looked tough but it would have been a lot more impressive if his reps were better quality, especially the pull-ups, they were shocking 😖.

    You may as well do things properly if you're going to do them at all, and earn full credit, even just for the sake of your own satisfaction. 👍

  2. Well since this is a best time event.. you should have taken your time and did the exercises correctly. Full pull up.. all the way down and all the way up, same with the push ups. Sure you can say you completed the event.. but not really.

  3. I can barely do 2 pull-ups and yet that's still more than what this guy did in this entire video. Not trying to be rude or nuffin' since this guy could totally beat me in a physical competition but if you aren't doing it right why do it at all?

  4. How about call these challenges by their names in the title. The “water challenge” is not a navy seal thing. It’s called a SOCOM screener and used by all us military dive schools. The “body armor challenge” is the Murph…

  5. The thumbnail on the right was a real soldier and have a movie about their journey called “Lone Wolf”

  6. Not one pull up done correctly; also the Murph is s’posed to be done in sequential order before you move to each discipline; 1 mi run, then 100 pull ups, then 200 push ups, etc. By switching up the pull ups, push and air squats that is making the event easier; thus making for a much faster time.

  7. So before the work out, you need to read Mikey’s MOH citation. You also aren’t supposed to split up the exercises. It’s 100 pull-ups, followed by 200 push ups, and then the 300 squats. Also, do complete reps.

  8. Much respect for taking up that horrendous challenge but why did is no one asking how much does the weight vest weigh?

  9. I did This workout in college not long after Operation Red Wings (When Murphy and many other soldiers were killed.) I was in great shape and it killed me. I'm 34 now and after a shoulder and knee surgery could not complete it. After reading Lone Survivor and the hell they went through, I'm convinced that those men had strength/heart no Crossfitter will ever get from a workout.

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