Oh man, I can see it in my eyebrow. Yeah when you look in your eye.
-Ahh! Hey Guys it’s Mi Anne and this is Beauty With Mi. If you haven’t noticed I do a lot of crazy facials on Beauty With Mi. A couple of you guys asked me to try facial acupuncture. For those of you who are new to acupuncture, it’s an ancient Chinese medicine practice that has been used for thousands of years. In fact in 2003, the World Health Organization officially backed acupuncture as a medical treatment. And it was proven to help with a host of different issues, from depression to rheumatoid arthritis. I finally did it earlier this month after reading all of your kind comments and got to say it was very rewarding. I headed over to see Sandra Lanshin Chu who is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and founder of this wellness center called “Treatment by Lanshin.” She specializes in facial acupuncture obviously. I did her facial acupuncture and gua sha treatment. Okay Mi, so we’re going to do facial acupuncture today. The first thing that I want to know is what your concerns are. Well I have combination oily skin to start. Okay. And I get occasional breakouts especially along my jawline. I’m prone to puffiness and a little bit of redness. Facial acupuncture can definitely help address a lot of the things you mentioned. Acupuncture can really move the circulation in the tissues. So with acne, often the issue is stagnation in the tissues. And for puffiness, same thing. It’s an issue of circulation, not being optimal. Basically we’re helping your tissues function better. Well should we start? Yeah let’s get started are you ready? Yes. So, we’ll actually start with your neck. We’re gonna open your neck, so you’re just going to feel a little, nothing probably. Did you feel that? No. Okay so your needle is in. Oh. What you’ll probably feel is a little achy sensation, kind of like a toothache. That’s perfectly normal. You also might experience a muscle jump, which is your muscle releasing if you feel that. Alright so we’re ready to flip you over now. We need to balance the energy, so that you don’t feel like, it’s all up here and get a headache or something. Many people consider acupuncture a really relaxing treatment, but I didn’t really think that it was. If you have any kind of aversion to needles, you probably won’t find it all that soothing. But Sandra did do a really good job of easing my nerves. Okay, you okay? Yeah that was fine. One of the great things about Chinese medicine is it’s catered always to the individual. So what I will do on you will be very different than what I do on my next client. When things circulate better, they function better. And when things function better, there’s more health and vitality available to you. And that’s really what people are looking for when they are looking for anti-aging. They’re looking for that glow that comes from health. In general, this type of work, requires repetition, kind of like going to the gym. Ideally we would see you for eight weeks once a week or as close to that as possible. We’re changing a pattern, and a pattern takes time and repetition to change. Sandra made a point to needle only half of my face so that we can really see a difference between the needled side and the non-needled side. On my right side of my face there was virtually no redness, the puffiness in my face had severely been diminished. It was like night and day between my left side and my right side. After Sandra finished needling the rest of my face, she moved on to facial massage. Sandra is known for this technique called facial gua sha. Which is basically a very deep form of facial massage using a jade tool. That combined with facial cupping helps improve circulation and increase lymphatic drainage. So, facial gua sha actually comes from a body work technique that we use in Chinese medicine – body gua sha – and it’s pretty intense on the body. Like it’s fast friction and lots of pressure. When we apply gua sha to the face it’s much gentler. So we’re applying less pressure, not trying to create friction. Using the tool will create more of like a fascial release. Fascia is basically a layer of tissue that wraps your muscles. It’s an important layer to work with to release tension. So it’s really effective for lifting, sculpting, and contouring. After the gua sha, Sandra employed a bit of cupping, so she used these silicone cups and glided them along my jaw just to remove any of the stagnation in this area. I have a lot of hormonal breakouts that occur here so she said that it would really help with that. After the treatment I could instantly tell there was a difference in my skin. My face looked a bit more contoured, it was brighter, it was a lot less redness. Still the treatment itself can get pretty pricey fast. It cost upward of $200. So Sandra and her team host a monthly class where they teach clients facial gau sha so they can maintain their results at home. I’ve been doing it for a few nights now and I really like it. It’s a very nice way to calm down after you put your skin care on. All in all I really enjoyed the experience I feel like I learned so much and I’m really excited to keep using facial gau sha in the future. Let me know what you want me to see next on Beauty With Mi by DMing me @mianne.chan on Instagram. See you next time. Bye! Thanks so much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this video, let me know what you guys want to see next on Beauty With Mi in the comments down below. And click here to subscribe to Refinery 29. And click here to watch more videos. Bye!

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  1. You are very brave, this woman didn’t do any hygiene cleaning or use alcohol rub your skin before needling, and she touched your skin right away after taking out needles, which are totally unprofessional and dangerous of spreading blood pathogenic diseases. She will never pass the Acupuncture exam and get her license in my province by doing what she did in this video.
    And to clarify about cupping, silicon cup does not work. so you don’t need to expect too much from it. Only fire cupping does efforts on improving circulation. Silicon cups did suck your skin surface only and have no efforts on anything.
    What made your skin different is Acupuncture and GuaSha. And if you do GuaSha at home everyday, you can see the big improvement too.

  2. I use to get accupunture done but it made me worse. Like I'm talking migraines, spasms, just overall body ache and made me so nauseated.

  3. I'm a little nervous around needles and I tried acupuncture to help with my mental health and some period pain. I don't think I've ever had such an immediate and positive response to a medical procedure before! I am so glad that I tried it out!
    If you're on the edge of trying it, go for it! It was INCREDIBLE for pain relief and the effects are so long-lasting!

    (also you don't really see/feel the needles cause it's out of your sight-line so I didn't find it scary once we started!) 🙂

  4. As a korean, Acupunture charge of usa is so expensive. in south korea, it costed me just 5 dollars in south korea per visit. and i think the effect of it was too much overgrade in america.

  5. Please do a Russian banya experience followed (with a salt scrub followed by a honey and egg yolk mask, after to through your face with an eye cube-let us know about your experience please).

    also one of the treatments I do is called Green Peel (kinda like chem peel but it is made of herbs) by Dr
    Schrammek, I'm sure you'll find a trained prof in US (I live in London UK). It does wonders for your skin!

  6. This is going to sound unbearably shallow.
    If I walked into an incredibly pricey skincare establishment and saw that the owner did not care enough about her own appearance to have a huge black mole removed from her upper lip? I would make my excuses and leave. That would have been an easy fix years ago. Now it has grown to wart size and is the undeniable, disfiguring focus of her face. For a skincare maven that is simply ridiculous. To me.

  7. By the way, the other viewers comments are on point. She should absolutely be wearing sterile, non latex gloves during the acupuncture facial. Numerous times she touched the skin and needle to push it in further and did not maintain a sterile field for an invasive procedure. The health department should monitor her and make changes.

  8. The needles look like they would be uncomfortable after a certain amount of them are placed, I would probably haft to be asleep to do this without panicking and trying to get the needles out myself..

  9. Omg your makeup and your face looks so glowly and fresh! The maintenance care that you been doing at home definitely looks like it’s been working I want to get into that as well

  10. I've been watching her skincare journey on refinery all day & i must say she has beautiful skin but she always mentions puffiness no offense but you hve a beautiful chubby face theres no way around tht.. half of ppl wake up w puffiness theres over the counter products for that after the fact but puffiness will always be there you're beautiful your face is to. Js an opinion.

  11. That looks SOOOOOOO painful!!!! I hate vaccinations but that is just like vaccinations over and over again but in your face!!!!

  12. Watching this I’m like “wow it’s so cool!”

    But then I’m like “oh yeah i hate needles and stuff nvm lol”

    I wish I wasn’t…I’d definitely try this treatment otherwise!

  13. For people who don’t know, acupuncture is also great for all sorts of muscle related treatments. Korea, where “Chinese medicine” is one of the official medical branch along “Western medicine”, a lot of people, athletes visit for intense treatment on injuries and clinical care.

  14. Mi anne i have a question, does the acupuncture hurt like having an injection at the hospital? And can it really make you grow taller?? me so curious

  15. I’ve been really really wanting to try facial acupuncture, for my breakouts and fine lines. This video gave me such bad anxiety I don’t know if I can handle it. 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  16. Can you please provide the information of the spa for us. Name of the location, phone number, address etc is much appreciated.

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    Me: After commenting goes and watches the rest of the video

  18. Needles don't scare me. It's the extreme redness that would bother me. My skin is extremely sensitive. I've broken out in a matter on minutes just because I stepped outside in the extreme heat or extreme cold and it takes days to get my face clear and white again.

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